Where Are Ninja Air Fryers Made?

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Ninja air fryers have become exceedingly popular around the globe. Considering the increase in ninja air fryers’ demands, its accelerating audience has begun to question its origin. Where are ninja air fryers made? This is the question that’s frequently popping up in its user’s mind.Some believe it to be an American company, however, only a few know about its origin. 

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In our blog, we will go into detail about ninja air fryers and their origin.

Where Are Ninja Air Fryers Made?

Ninja air fryers are made in China. It’s not a US-based company. The ninja air fryers are offered by ninja kitchen, a subsidiary of Sharkninja Operating LLC.

Where Are Ninja Air Fryers Made

Origin Of Ninja Kitchen:

Ninja kitchen products are very popular, especially their blenders.The ninja kitchen is a subsidiary of Sharkninja Operating LLC, a company that manufactures plenty of house-cleaning appliances like vacuums.The company was founded in Montreal, Canada in 1944, however now it has switched towards Needham, Massachusetts.

The shark cleaning products and the ninja kitchen are both subsidiaries run by ninja sharks.The ninja kitchen covers all the kitchen appliances like air fryers, blenders, juicers, cutlery, pressure cookers etc.

Today, it’s a multi-billion dollar brand. However, the question is where do they manufacture their kitchen appliances?Well, to your surprise it isn’t the USA. Most of their products are manufactured in China.Most of the top brands usually manufacture their products in China, mainly because of cheap manufacturing costs.Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this brand manufactures products in China. 

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Their popularity is solely based on their cheap price. They are top-quality products that are versatile, offer optimal functionality and are completely affordable. Most of their products offer multiple functions and come in varying sizes ranging from small, medium to big size air fryers, however, they are all cost-effective. This makes the ninja air fryers an amazing catch.

Who Owns Ninja Air Fryer?

Ninja air fryer is owned by Shark Ninja brand that’s based in Needham, Massachusetts. The company makes plenty of kitchen appliances including blenders, cutlery and air fryers. The ninja kitchen is the subsidiary that deals with making these kitchen appliances. Most of the appliances are made in China. This is because China offers cheap manufacturing costs. Hence, their manufacturing house is located in China.Apart from Ninja Kitchen, the shark ninja company also owns the shark cleaning brand that was known to first create its upright vacuum cleaners

Who Makes Ninja Air Fryer:

Ninja air fryers are made in Beijing, China. Sharkninja is a reputable company that has ownership of the Ninja Kitchen, a subsidiary that creates ninja air fryers. The ninja kitchen air fryers are versatile and provide optimal functioning. Moreover, the brand provides users with top-quality air fryers varying in size, capacity and functionality. Most of the ninja models provide multiple cooking presets, some even provide dual accessories and heating systems like Ninja DZ201 Foodi for even cooking.

Are Ninja Air Fryers Made In The Usa? 

No, the Ninja air fryers aren’t made in the USA. Since the headquarters is located in Massachusetts, one would certainly believe its manufacturing unit to be in the USA. However, most multi-billion companies try to save money, by manufacturing in China. The ninja shark is following in the footsteps of its competitors. It also makes ninja air fryers in China, as their manufacturing cost is less.

Is Ninja A Good Brand:

Ninja Air Fryer is certainly a good brand. The air fryers are made by Ninja Kitchen, a subsidiary of Shark Ninja. The Ninja kitchen products range from blenders, air fryers, and juicers to cutlery and other gadgets. The ninja kitchen’s motto is to provide its users with good products of top quality and at a reduced price. The brand is well known for its cost-effective products. You can certainly trust this brand as it finds innovative ways to keep cooking fun and easy with its gadgets.

Where To Buy A Ninja Air Fryer:

You can buy Ninja air fryers from a retail store. There are plenty of online websites like Ali Baba, ebay, best buy amazon or walmart, from where you can purchase ninja kitchen appliances. The ninja kitchen has shops in every corner of the US. Therefore, as a US citizen, you can purchase their products from their shop. If you are not a US citizen, then you can use the Ninja Kitchen website to purchase the appliance online.

Where Are Ninja Products Made:

Ninja products are owned by Shark Ninja, a company based in Massachusetts. Originally,  the company was located in Canada.The Shark Ninja company is involved in making both kitchen appliances and home cleaning products. However, their manufacturing unit isn’t based in the USA. It’s located in China. The main reason for this shift is low production costs in China. The country is known for providing all types of quality products depending on the price. You can get top-quality, medium and low-quality products. The Ninja Kitchen manufactures its blenders, air fryers, cutlery and other gadgets in China. The enterprise provides great quality products that are certainly worth your buck.

What Appliances Does Ninja Make? 

NinjaShark is well known for creating both home cleaning appliances and kitchen appliances. Its kitchen appliances include pressure cookers, air fryers, pans, pots, juicers, blenders, and cutlery. On the contrary, its home cleaning appliances include vacuums, brooms, mops, etc.

Ninja Air Fryer Review and Demo

Ninja Air Fryer Review and Demo


Although ninja air fryer is a USA brand, its products are made in China. The Ninja kitchen appliances are well known for their versatility, dual functionality and optimal cooking performance. The gadgets have been designed to make cooking easy and fun for novices and professionals. Hope you now know where are ninja air fryers made.

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