Where Are Cosori Air Fryers Made?

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If you are going through our page, then it means that you too are looking for a cost-effective, and power-efficient air fryer like other individuals. Philips was the first to introduce its egg-shaped air fryer in Berlin, however, this trend was then later on followed by plenty of other kitchen brands. The Cosori air fryer took the lead with its cost-effective and energy-efficient air fryer models. 

The brand has offered a kitchen gadget that provides you with exotic tastes-similar to a deep fryer however with reduced fat and oil.The cosori increased in popularity, and the audience started questioning its origin. In our article, we will highlight where are cosori air fryers made.

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Where Are Cosori Air Fryers Made?

Are you curious cosori air fryer made in which country? Cosori enterprise is owned by Vesync, a Chinese company. All the air fryer models are designed in America however, they are manufactured in China. 
Plenty of recognizable brands have their manufacturing houses located in China. Only Ninja, powerxl, cosori and Philips have disclosed their manufacturing location whereas others haven’t.

Where Are Cosori Air Fryers Made

Why Brands Manufacture Products In China?

You might probably be wondering why most of the brands manufacture their products in China. Well, this has nothing to do with which country has the highest demand etc. The main reason is cheap manufacturing costs in China-hence making China the world leader in electronics manufacturing.Even brands that can afford initial production expenditures like Apple, also manufacture their products in China.

Who Owns The Cosori Air Fryer?

Cosori air fryer is owned by Vesync company, located in Shenzhen China. The company has launched plenty of air fryer models, all brimming with unique technology and providing optimal functionality.The cosori air fryers are known to reduce oil intake and let you enjoy oil-free air-fried foods.

Where Is Cosori Brand From?

The cosori brand is an innovative and creative company that is owned by Veysnc, a Chinese company located in Shenzhen China. The air fryer models are particularly designed in America, however, when it comes to manufacturing the products, there is no better place than China. This is mainly because production costs in China are very cheap and let you mass produce products at low cost.

Who Makes Cosori Air Fryer?

Cosori air fryer made in Shenzen China. The company’s manufacturing units are located in China mainly because China offers cheap production costs. This makes China the best electronic leader. The air fryer models are designed in America, however, their mass production is done in China. 


Last year in 2022, a total of 2 million cosori air fryer models were recalled mainly because of issues in their manufacturing. This resulted in fire hazards and property damage. This was due to an internal wiring issue.Around 205 reports were made by the users. The cosori air fryer took responsibility for the faulty air fryers.

Where Are Cosori Products Made?

Cosori products are made in China. China is an electronically advanced country that is known to create a wide range of products. The quality of the products will depend on the amount of money you invest. Many billionaire companies approach Chima for manufacturing their products, not because it has advance technology but because the manufacturing cost in China is cheaper compared to the United States, Europe or any other country around the globe. This is the reason why plenty of infamous companies approach China for producing their products. The same is the case withCosori air fryer models.

Is Cosori A Good Brand?

Cosori air fryer is indeed a good air fryer brand. This brand is best known for creating multiple creative and innovative technology air fryer models.The cosori air fryers are coupled with smart technology that lets you operate the unit through your mobile phone. You can download the Vesync app through the Play Store and then sync the smart air fryer model with it. You can then control the unit through your phone. Another way is through voice commands. This creative and smart approach has made the cosori air fryer a reputable brand.To top it off, the brand claims to provide 70% reduced fat and lets you cook oil-free air-fried foods.

Cosori Air Fryer Models:

Cosori air fryer models are known for their generous capacity. The models vary in their design. Some are rectangular shaped and some are egg-shaped air fryers. They all vary in their capacity and cooking functions. Most of the cosori air fryers like COSORI Air Fryer Dual Blaze, COSORI Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo are now Teflon and Bpa free. They have a ceramic coating and dishwasher-safe accessories.

Another interesting feature is their smart control. Now, the latest cosori air fryers can be controlled through your smartphone. You can sync the model via the Vesync application.  This application lets you control the model. It will notify you when the cooking is complete. This smart feature has further made cooking a fun and easy process. You can even voice control the model. Depending on your family’s cooking needs, you can select from the various cosori air fryer sizes to meet your meal requirements.

Where To Buy Cosori Air Fryer? 

Cosori air fryer isn’t something that can be found at only particular shops. It’s a global brand and hence has products everywhere around the globe. You can purchase the model from the cosori air fryer website or you can go to your retail shop and purchase your selected model.For online purchases, you can even access the e-commerce shops like ebay, best buy amazon or Ali Baba for purchasing your cosori air fryer model. For online, you might have to give a shipping fee as well.

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In our blog, we have discussed in detail where are cosori air fryers made. They are made in China. The brand provides a wide variety of products having generous capacity, unique model design and enhanced functionality. Some even offer smart control features. The cosori air fryer is a good brand that offers creative technology models. For cheaper manufacturing costs, its production houses are located in Shenzhen China.

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