Power XL Air Fryer Troubleshooting

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Is your air fryer misbehaving? As an air fryer lover, it’s common to conquer the culinary world by unlocking your appliance’s full potential. However, just like many other electrical appliances, this unit is not new to being mischievous. You try air-frying broccoli to french fries, but when you are having a bad day, this fella is bound to make it worse by either not turning on or leaving a substantial culinary mess. But worry not! We’ve got you covered. 

In our blog, we will explore potential culprits for your air fryer frenzy and the quick power xl air fryer troubleshooting tips to get your fryer back into running!

Power XL Air Fryer Troubleshooting:

Power xl fryer troubleshooting steps include securing a stable power supply, replacing the power socket; if it has gone bad, and repairing or replacing the power cord if it’s physically damaged. Replacing thermal fuse, motherboard, control panel, touch screen, heating element, and fryer fan if defective or malfunctioning. It also includes giving your appliance a deep clean-up, securely positioning its fryer basket and rebooting it for smooth operation.

    Power Xl Air Fryer Troubleshooting

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    Power Xl Air Fryer Stopped Working: 

    Whether you are planning on air-frying meatballs or air-frying broccoli for your meal, sometimes the air fryer starts acting out and stops working. Possible causes include:

    Power Issue: Maybe your residential area had a power outage due to which your appliance had zero power to work, or there, due to a sudden power spike, your appliance got damaged and, hence stopped working. 

    Power Cord: Mishandling the power xl cord can tear the cord cover or make its internal cord wiring lose. This will prevent the cord from transmitting stable power to the appliance. Inadequate power can make your appliance stop working. To deal with this, wrap the damaged cord with electrical tape or replace the cord with a new one.

    Faulty outlet: Sometimes, your house outlet may deteriorate due to faulty electrical wiring or overload. To deal with it, use a multimeter to check your outlet’s operation. If not working, plug your appliance into another socket. 

    Blown fuse: An power xl air fryer, like other electrical appliances, come with a thermal fuse that blows up due to a power surge. This cts of the power supply to the appliance main control board; hence it does not work. To deal with this issue, replace the blown-out fuse with a new one. 

    Faulty Power button: Your Powerxl stopped working due to a defective power button. Replace the button for smooth operation.

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    Power Xl Air Fryer Not Turning On: 

    Your power xl air fryer won’t turn on due to the following:

    Power Instability: Unstable or inadequate power may cause the air fryer shut off.

    Multiple causes of power instability include:

    • Faulty power outlet
    • Overloaded power outlet
    • Worn-out power cable
    • Power outage
    • Power spike 
    • Incompatible voltage


    Power outlet:

    Check the power out for electricity flow, and if it’s not working, use another power outlet in your house.

    Power cable:

    If it’s bent, then strengthen out the bends; if worn out, replace it with a new one

    Power outage:

    Wait for power to come back.

    Power spike:

    Inspect the appliance parts for power surge-inflicted damage and repair or replace them as required. 


    Provide the specific voltage range your appliance requires for smooth working.  

    Burnt Fuse:

    The thermal fuse is like your appliance guardian angle that protects your appliance from power surges. It cuts off the appliance’s electrical circuit and prevents power flow into the appliance-all to safeguard the internal components. Often during this tough duty, the fuse sacrifices itself by blowing out. 


    The only way to keep the appliance running is by replacing the blown-out thermal fuse with a new one. You shouldn’t open the appliance yourself and let an expert handle it. 

    Malfunctioning motherboard:

    Motherboard is a critical component communicating with various cooking programs, and this board controls the software and varying cooking programs. Sometimes, the motherboard may malfunction due to power surges or moisture exposure; hence its touchpad buttons become unresponsive. 


    The only solution is to replace the motherboard.

    Wrong basket Positioning:

    The air fryer is installed with a safety feature where the basket has to be appropriately positioned inside the appliance. The fryer door should close entirely for the unit to function. Correctly placing the fryer basket will initiate a click sound, confirming the basket is in place. If the basket is placed incorrectly, then as a safety measure, the power xl air fryer keeps turning off.


    place the air-fry basket properly inside the fryer unit. 

    Software Glitches:

    Power XL Vortex Air Fryer operates on software. Sometimes, the software starts facing issues, and it often glitches. For instance, the buttons on the touchpad may freeze for a second. 


    To deal with software glitches, try rebooting the appliance. Unplug the air fryer, let it rest for a few seconds, and then replug it. This will reset the software and flush out the software bugs. 

    Water Damage:

    The air fryer body is not waterproof, except for some of its removable accessories. Exposure to moisture can cause it to be non-operational. 


    immediately unplug the appliance; and dry out the water to minimize water damage. 

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    How To Fix An Air Fryer That Won’t Turn On?

    If your air fryer doesn’t turn on, then you can try multiple fixes to deal with the issue:

    Fix#1: Check The Power Connection

    You may be in a hurry and made the silly mistake of not firmly connecting your power xl to the socket. Therefore, we often need to pay more attention to our minor mistakes when considering significant issues. Hence, unplug and firmly your air fryer into the power socket. 

    Fix#2: Keep Healthy Socket & Power Cord

    Test your power outlet with a multimeter tester to check if it works. A bad outlet will give infinite resistance to a tester. Hire an electrician to replace the lousy outlet. Alternatively, you can connect your air fryer to another socket in your house. The power cord is highly sensitive to mishandling and high temperatures, and it can get worn out, crack, break, bend, squeeze, tangle, or melt due to exposure to high temperatures. Just purchase a spare one from an online store and replace the power cord

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    Fix#3: Attach Healthy Control Board

    The control board controls your appliance programs and operation. You must replace it with a healthy control board if it’s damaged or burnt due to power surges. In this scenario, you would have to open the appliance, unscrew its body, and replace the damaged one with a new one. But you should allow professionals to deal with this challenging task. 

    Fix#4: Replace the Fuse

    If the fuse is blown out, then replace it.

    Fix#5: Replace membrane switch

    The membrane switch controls button functions. If it’s damaged, then your fryer won’t operate. A possible fix is to replace the membrane switch with a new one.

    Fix#6: Check thermal sensor:

    A faulty thermal sensor cannot accurately guide the heating element regarding adjusting its temperature, and this could result in overheating. You need to replace the thermal sensor.

    Power Xl Air Fryer Rotisserie Not Turning: 

    Rotisserie ensures even food cooking; however, sometimes, it stops turning on. 

    Possible causes and solutions include:

    Improper Fryer Basket Placement:

    Rotisserie has special hooks and latches that click when the air fryer basket is firmly secured in its correct place. If improperly positioned, the fryer door won’t close; hence, the appliance won’t turn on as a safety feature. Therefore, you should ensure that the fryer basket is secured firmly in its place.

    Accidental Damages:

    Sometimes, mishandling while storing the unit occurs. Accidental drops can physically disable the unit. Similarly, accidental water spills can deteriorate the internal components. To deal with this, you must store the air fryer unit carefully and securely. Keep all the liquid stuff away from its main unit. If physically damaged, hire a professional for help.


    Rotisserie safety feature includes auto-shutoff, which protects the appliance from overheating. With this, your device wont be able to overheat, and it protects the internal components from melting due to excessive heat.

    Bad Power Switch or Power Cable:

    Sometimes, the power supply to the unit isn’t normal due to a bad power switch or cable; the best fix is to replace th power cable and switch with a new one for power stability. 

    Blown-out thermal fuse:

    If the power fuse has burnt due to a power surge, then replace the thermal fuse

    Defective controls:

    Sometimes, the air fryer controls stop working, and this could be either due to a lousy touchpad, a defective membrane switch, or a control board. If anything goes bad, instead of repairing it, replace the bad component. 

    Defective heating element:

    A faulty heating element may also cause the fryer not to turn on. In this case, you need to replace the whole heating coil.

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    Power Xl Air Fryer Buttons Not Working:

    The power xl switches often freeze or glitch, disturbing your device’s smooth operation. Possible causes include:

    Damaged Motherboard:

    The air fryer motherboard communicates with the membrane switch, which then transmits messages to the control panel buttons cooperate. Sometimes, the motherboard gets damaged due to power spikes, overheating, or moisture exposure, and the unit buttons become unresponsive to your touch. 


    You need to unscrew the fryer’s main body and get access to the mother plate, present just behind the control panel. Disconnect its wiring and other connections and replace it with a new one. Repairing the motherboard is a time and money waste. 

    Faulty Membrane Switch:

    The membrane switch communicates between the motherboard and the control panel. It operates only when a safe voltage is provided. The motherboard is assigned to provide safe-level voltages to the membrane switch. Otherwise, it will not function. If the motherboard fails to do this, the membrane switch won’t work or get damaged; hence the control buttons won’t respond. Moisture, dirt, and debris can also make the membrane switch defective. 


    You should replace the membrane switch.

    Defective control panel:

    Sometimes, we touch the control panel without dirty, greasy, food-crumb-laden hands. With no proper cleaning sessions, the oil, grease, and food grains accumulate and clog the control panel switches/ buttons. Hence, the buttons become irresponsive. 

    Another cause could be a software glitch; that makes the control panel unresponding.


    Use a microfibre cloth (not wet) and wipe the control panel gently to remove accumulated food debris. 

    To deal with a software glitch, reset the power xl by unplugging and replugging after a 10-minute delay. 

    Power Xl Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working: 

    Plenty of power xl air fryer models now come with touch-sensitive control panels. Sometimes, they become less sensitive or require more pressure in registering inputs. Its potential reasons include:

    Physical Damage:

    If you accidentally drop or mishandle the unit. The physical damage can make the touchscreen unresponsive; therefore, the only solution is to replace the touchscreen with a new one. 

    Water or Liquid Exposure:

    If water or other liquid comes in contact with your touchscreen, it may cause electrical malfunction, making the touchpad unresponsive. 

    High Heat exposure:

    Since the air fryer deals with high-temperature cooking, it’s immensely exposed to high temperatures. This can cause the touchpad’s electrical wiring to melt or cause electrical dysfunction.

    Food debris:

    Not correctly cleaning the touchscreen of your air fryer; can clog its function. Therefore, properly clean the air fryer.

    Cleaning Tips:
    • Use soft non-abrasive sponge to clean the touchpad
    • Don’t use harsh chemicals.
    • Dont scrub roughly
    • Don’t use water to clean the touch panel. It’s not water-proof.

    Software Freezing:

    The power xl software may glitch or freeze, making the touch screen irresponsive to touch. This issue can be resolved by rebooting the appliance. The software hitches can be solved by unplugging and replugging the central unit.

    Non-functional Motherboard:

    The motherboard channels its electrical power to the membrane switch, which communicates with control buttons to function. The fryer will send error codes and messages if the motherboard is defective and the touchscreen will not respond. The motherboard has to be replaced for uninterrupted function.

    Membrane Switch Issue:

    The membrane switch interlinks the touch panel with the motherboard; if it becomes defective, the signal transmission pathway gets interrupted, and the touchpad won’t function. The membrane switch then needs to be replaced.

    Electrical issue:

    Your air fryer power cable may be physically damaged, interrupting the normal electricity flow to the appliance. Due to inadequate power flow, the touchscreen may stop working. As a fix, you need to replace the power cord. 

      Power Xl Air Fryer Light On But Not Working: 

      Something is wrong if the power xl lights are on, but the unit isn’t working. You can try following troubleshooting steps: 

      Check Power:

      First, check whether the power socket is fully-functional. Connect another device to it to check its functioning. If the device doesn’t work, the power outlet has gone bad and needs replacement. 

      Double-check Settings:

      Maybe you forgot to initiate the cooking process by pressing the start button. Double-check your control panel temperature and time settings and press the start button.

      Safety Mechanism Activated:

      Maybe you improperly placed the fryer basket, which is not starting. Firmly secure the basket in place for your unit to work. 

      Try resetting:

      Your air fryer may have software bugs. Try restarting your power xl. Unplug it, and after 10-15 minutes, replug it again. This step will help you in clearing some software glitches.

      Contact Customer Service:

      If none of the methods work, contact customer support for help.

      Why Is My Air Fryer Not Lighting Up? 

      Your air fryer may not light up due to the following reasons:

      Irregular Power:

      An interrupted power supply due to a bad power socket may disrupt the normal power flow to the unit, causing the fryer not to light up. 


      Fuse protects your appliance from power surges. It often gets burnt when encountering a power spike, breaking the normal power pathway of the appliance.

      Burnt circuit board:

      The circuit board controls your fryer’s primary functions. If it’s defective due to a power spike or moisture exposure, it can cause the fryer not to light up.

      Basket Not Securely Placed:

      If the air fryer basket is improperly positioned in the fryer chamber, the lights won’t work.

      Power Xl Air Fryer Lights Flashing: 

      Typically; when fryer lights start flashing, it indicates a faulty appliance. This usually happens due to the following reasons:

      Error Code:

      If your fryer lights start flashing, it could be relevant to a specific error code. To deal with this refer to power xl user manual and follow the instructions to deal with the error code issues


      Sometimes, when your air fryer overheats, your appliance starts flashing lights as a safety measure. For this, unplug the appliance, and let it cool down, and the flashing lights will subside. Ensure that you keep the appliance in a well-ventilated area. 

      Power interruption:

      Momentary power disturbance can trigger the fryer lights to flash. Once the power becomes stable, the lights stop flashing. 

      Bad bulb:

      The lights could start flashing non-stop due to the bad bulb. You need to replace the bulb to stop unexpected light flashes. 

      Power Xl Air Fryer Not Heating Up:

      Sometimes, your power xl air fryer fails to provide adequate heating for processing food, leaving your food uncooked or cold. 

      Problem With Heating Element:

      The main culprit for this issue could be the heating element. It’s a metal spiral coil inside the air fryer that primarily produces heat. This heat is then transmitted to the fryer fan, which circulates this hot air around the food for even cooking. Due to poor cleaning, food debris, grains, and grease often accumulate over the heating element, rendering it impossible to work.

      Moreover, the heating element starts generating a burning smell as the food crumbs start burning. They clog the heating element to work. Similarly, using liquid-solid cleaning agents could rust or corrode the heating coil, damaging its functioning. This leaves the food undercooked and cold as the fan continues to blow cold air on the food.

      The only way to deal with this issue; is to ask a professional to replace the eating coil. 

      Incorrect temperature settings:

      You may have set low-temperature settings. The incorrect temperature settings may hinder your fryer from heating up. Simply crank up the temperature to reach the desired level. 

      Broken Heat Sensor:

      The temperature sensor keeps the internal temperature in check; if it’s broken, your air fryer won’t heat up. It needs to be replaced for food to warm up properly.

      Power Xl Air Fryer Fan Not Working: 

      The power xl fan circulates hot air for cooking; if it fails to work, it will cause uneven heat distribution leading to uneven cooking and food burning from some spots. The fryer fan may fail to work due to the following:

      Electrical issues:

      Inadequate power supply to the main unit due to damaged power cable, bad socket outlet, or power surge. These can physically damage the fan, and you would need to replace the fan.

      Faulty Motor:

      The fan is powered by an electric motor. If the motor fails to get a regular power supply or is exposed to moisture, it may corrode and stop functioning. You would have to replace the fan motor. 

      Food Clog:

      Food debris, crumbs, grease, or oil may accumulate over the fan over time; they can then jam the fan blades, stopping it from blowing air. This would require you to disassemble the air fryer and give its fan a thorough clean-up. 

      Power Xl Air Fryer Not Blowing Air:

      Powerxl air fryer needs its fan to blow air for even heat distribution and proper cooking; if your air fryer isn’t blowing air, the fryer fan is not working. For this:

      Check the Power:

      Closely inspect the power cable for damage, as it can disrupt the regular electricity supply to the unit. The fan would run with inadequate power. If the power cable is damaged, you must repair or replace it.

      Check Motor:

      The fan may stop working due to a motor issue. The fan is driven by a motor requiring a specific voltage range. Moreover, it isn’t water-proof, so exposure to liquids can deteriorate its function. In this case, you would have to replace the fan motor. 

      Clean the Fan:

      Improper cleaning routines can cause food debris to accumulate, obstructing the fan’s function. Therefore, regularly clean the fan after cooking to prevent food gunk from buildup.

      Power Air Fryer Pro Troubleshooting:

      If your power air fryer pro is causing trouble, then you can try the following troubleshooting steps:

      • Clean up your appliance; to prevent grease and debris accumulation.
      • Ensure proper power supply. If the power outlet goes bad, switch to a functional one.
      • If your air fryer cord is damaged, then replace it.
      • If the heating element isn’t working, then replace it.
      • Refrain from overloading the air fryer with food, leading to uneven cooking.
      • Correctly place the fryer basket; so that your appliance works smoothly.
      • To avoid uneven cooking, always preheat the appliance.
      • If the circuit board has gone bad; then replace it
      • If something obstructs your fryer airflow, properly inspect it and remove it. 
      • Try resetting/ rebooting your appliance to deal with minor glitches.

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      Power air fryer oven not working? Quick fix.


      There are plenty of power xl air fryer troubleshooting steps. Power xl may start acting out due to damage to its touchscreen, fan, fan motor, thermal fuse, thermal sensor, or heating element. Improper usage, cleaning, and power supply may also trigger the fryer to act out. You must ensure a stable power connection and replace the defective components to deal with this. Moreover, instead of opening the appliance by yourself, if the fryer has a warranty content, the Powerxl help center for cost-free repair!

      Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs):

      How To Reset Power Xl Air Fryer? 

      • To reset power xl, unplug the appliance. After 10-15 minutes, replug it. This will reset the appliance settings to default. 
      • Another method is by using the reset button. At the bottom of the air fryer, you will find a pea-sized reset button. Press it by using a toothpick. This will factory reset your air fryer cooking times to default.
      • Resetting your appliance will deal with your appliance’s minor glitches and freezes.

      How To Turn On Power Xl Air Fryer?

      • Connect the fryer unit to a stable power source to turn on power xl. 
      • Then press the power button to light up the power xl control panel. 
      • Select the desired cooking time and temperature.
      • Repress the power button to initiate cooking.
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