Power XL Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working

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Your PowerxL air fryer touchpad is misbehaving?  It’s not uncommon for smart-touch appliances to go bad. With technological advancements, the new air fryers come with touch-sensitive displays with intuitive technology like Alexa. These intelligent features let you connect your cooking appliance with your smartphone and operate via your smart device!The touch screens have rapidly replaced the knob designs; however, unlike the previous durable designs, the intelligent touch feature quickly operates and gets broken!

In our blog, we will explore the possible causes of the power xl air fryer touch screen not working and troubleshooting ideas that you can opt for smooth operation!

So let’s get into it!

Power XL Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working:

There could be multiple reasons for a power xl’s unresponsive touch screen. For instance, low power supply, no electricity, damaged cable, defective touch screen, faulty mother plate, damaged membrane switch, or software glitches. To address the issue, you first need to first uproot the issue for an effective countermeasure. Possible fixes include securing a stable power supply to your air fryer, replacing a faulty mother plate or membrane switch, or resetting the appliance to deal with software glitches.

    Power XL Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working

    Why Is The Touch Screen Air Fryer Not Working? – 10 Causes & Fixes

    Cause#1: No Power

    If your Power Xl air fryer isn’t getting any power, the unit won’t power up. Moreover, there would be no LED light blinking or responsive touch display. There could be multiple reasons for the zero power supply to power xl. These include:

    • Power loss in the area
    • Bad outlet
    • Broken thermal fuse
    • Broken power cord

    When the power supply to the air fryer gets cut off, none of its components would have sufficient power to work, making the fryer non-operational. Often, the main culprit is a bad outlet, as it’s unable to supply adequate voltage to the unit adequately. Similarly, sometimes, the power surge and prolonged use cause the thermal fuse ( a safety device that regulates power to safer / consumable levels) to blow out, hence cutting off the power circuit in the unit. 

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    Bad Outlet: Firstly, use a multimeter and check the resistance of the socket. If the resistance is infinite, then the socket isn’t working. You can plug your air fryer into another socket in the house.

    Thermal Fuse: If your projective capacitive touch-screen air fryer is not operational due to a blown-out fuse, all you need to do is open up the air fryer and replace the thermal fuse. It’s best that you hire an expert for it!

    Power cord: Inspect the fryer cord for wear, tear, cracks, or cuts; if present, immediately replace it with a new one for a consistent power supply. 

    Cause#2: Defective Mother Plate

    The mother plate, a.k.a. control board, is the main executory component that controls all your fryer operations. The mother plate receives messages from the touch screen and translates and informs the internal components/ programs to execute the function. Usually, when you press the power xl switch touchscreen, your air fryer doesn’t work. You assume maybe the fryer display may be broken. The non-execution is basically due to a faulty control board.Additionally, the mother plate acts as a voltage regulator, and its primary function is to regulate the voltage to safer levels for the membrane switch to function. When the control plate gets faulty, it fails to regulate power; hence the membrane switch stops functioning. 

    Fix: Contact an expert to either repair or replace the control board. If you are a DIY enthusiast, then you can replace the motherboard by following the steps.

    1. Unplug the fryer unit and unscrew its plastic body
    2. Get access to the back of the touchscreen
    3. Beneath the touchscreen display, you will find the motherboard. 
    4. Carefully remove the wires connecting it and replace them with a  new mother plate of similar specifications.
    5. Reassemble everything

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    Cause#3: Faulty Membrane Switch

    Like a control plate, the membrane switch is also essential. This switch interlinks the touch panel with the mother plate. This connection is established via touch wires and Myler Plastic. If you want to bake, dehydrate or roast, you press the touch screen; the information is communicated via the touch wires of the membrane switch to the mother plate, where it further commands the programs to operate. This relay center is susceptible to high voltage and becomes unresponsive. Moreover, the touchscreen and the unit won’t operate if the touch wires get loose. 

    Fix: The only way to deal with this issue is to replace or repair the membrane switch. Repairing will cost you a lot; therefore, it’s recommended that you contact a professional and replace the membrane switch

    Cause#4: Dirty Control Panel

    If you don’t give your fryer regular clean-ups, the grease will accumulate on the insides and outsides of the appliance. The grease and oil will jam the touch display buttons, making them insensitive to the touch.

    Fix:  The only way out is to clean the appliance after use. This will make your screen touch work again! 


    • Don’t use water to clean the touch display. 
    • Use a lint-free microfiber cloth and wipe out the touch display. The grease would easily be cleaned.

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    Cause#5: Software Glitch

    Sometimes, there are minor software glitches. This means that the touch screen will momentarily get frozen. This could be due to excessive stress over the machine or due to overheating. 

    Fix: The best way is to hard reset the appliance. 

    • Unplug the power xl
    • Press its power button for 10-15 seconds; you will hear a beep sound. Release the power button. 
    • After waiting for a few minutes, replug the device. All the fryer system settings will be restored to default.
    Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working || Not Responding || Quick Fixed


    The power xl touch screen may get unresponsive or glitchy due to a lack of power supply, defective mother plate, or switch membrane. The touch panel can also get damaged due to moisture exposure. The best way to deal with the switch touch screen not working is to secure a stable power supply or reset the appliance to deal with minor glitches. If the issue is significant, like a defective mother plate or switch membrane, it’s best to hire a professional for such a complex task; they know better regarding the Power XL air fryer touch screen not working issue!

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