Power Xl Air Fryer Stopped Working

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Have you been passionately preparing food in an air fryer, only to find that your power xl air fryer stopped working, leaving your stomach full of disappointment? Fret not! You are not alone. Like any other appliance, power Xl air fryers could also face some issues that may stop them from working properly. However, to every problem, there is always a solution.

In this article, we will delve into the various issues that may lead to your power xl air fryer not working and all possible troubleshooting tricks to back up its functionality. Let’s get ready to save your meal from going to the trash!

Power Xl Air Fryer Stopped Working:

If your Power Xl air fryer has stopped working or won’t turn on; you can follow a few practical steps to troubleshoot the problem. Firstly, look out for any potential damage to the cable. If found, immediately replace it. Sometimes, a blown fuse may cause problems, therefore, ensure that the fuse is intact and fully functional. Lastly, ensure that the circuit board and the heating element are providing optimal functioning. If none of the fixes work, then you should seek professional help.

    Power Xl Air Fryer Stopped Working

    10 Reasons  PowerXl Air Fryer Won’t Turn On:

    Improper Positioning of Fryer Basket: 

    This is a common mistake that we all make; and surprisingly whenever any issue arises, we seem to overlook this simple problem and dive into the technical aspects of the issue. As silly as it may sound, we all make this mistake. Maybe when we are too frustrated or in a hurry! The Power Xl air fryer comes with a safety measure where if you don’t accurately place your fryer basket into the air fryer; then the fryer door won’t close and the appliance won’t turn on.

    The appliance features safety latches for hooks. When the airy fryer basket is accurately positioned, you will hear a clicking sound. The fryer door will properly close down and then the appliance will resume its functionality 

    Fix: If your air fryer isn’t working, then instead of going into the technical issues, double-check the positioning of the fryer basket. 

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    Damaged Cable:

    If your power outlet is working fine; however your air fryer is still not working, then there could be an issue with your power cable. Simple habits like keeping the cable tangled or twisted,  or squashed against heavy objects at very odd angles; then there are chances of potential damage.

    Moreover, exposure to high temperatures can melt the outer covering of the wire. The damaged power cable then won’t be able to properly turn on the air fryer; hence resulting in its internal circuit frying up or tripping its power breakers. Moreover, it increases electrical shock risk!

    Fix: A simple fix to this potential issue is to replace the power cable. If you own a spare power cable; then try powering up your appliance by connecting to it. If not, then you can easily search online according to your fryer’s model. You can easily find a spare one for under $25. 

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    Defective Socket:

    Sometimes, the issue isn’t in the air fryer. The socket is causing trouble. Many times the socket gets defective. Hence, a malfunctioning socket won’t be able to properly deliver the required power to the air fryer, resulting in the unit stopping working. But, how can you identify that the issue lies in the socket and not in the air fryer?

    To check it out, do a simple test!

    Plug into the socket another electrical component. Try plugging your phone charger into the socket and see whether your phone charges or not. If yes, then the socket is working just fine. If not! Then the socket needs to be replaced. 

    Fix: Consult an electrician and have him replace the socket. Or you can just plug your air fryer into another socket!

    Blown Fuse:

    If neither of the power cable, outlet, or basket fitting is causing the problem, then maybe the issue lies within the appliance hence powerxl air fryer not turning on. The most internal issue is the thermal fuse. This fuse acts as a sensor. It senses the power surges and blows up to disconnect the electrical route towards the circuit board. The fuse regulates power and prevents damage to the internal components. 

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    Fix: Whenever the thermal fuse blows up; it will require replacement. To replace the thermal fuse; follow the steps below:

    Step#1: Let the appliance body cool down before disassembly.

    Step#2: Unscrew the appliance body via a screwdriver.

    Step#3: Remove the plastic covering and search for power xl air fryer fuse location. Look for a blackened glass body with a broken filament inside. It’s the thermal fuse.

    Step#4: Replace the air fryer blowing fuse with a new one and assemble the appliance.

    Defective Heating Element:

    One of the reasons for your device not working properly could be its malfunctioned heating element. This problem is the hardest to diagnose. The major diagnostic feature is when your Power Xl will turn on and light up as it should, but it won’t be able to reach the required set temperature or will either overheat.

    These two factors are the main diagnostic features underlying faulty heating elements. This element is critical as it converts the appliance power into heat energy which alters the fryer fan circulates for even heat distribution and food cooking. However, if the element (the metal spiral/coil) itself is defective, then don’t expect your food to turn out well.

    Fix: The best way to fix this issue is to replace the heating element with a new, functional one. According to your fryer model; look up online. It would cost a few bucks. Contact a professional and ask him to replace the heating element. It’s best that you leave it to a professional because it’s difficult and requires great expertise. If you feel you lack, then instead of doing more harm to the device due to your clumsiness; seek professional help. You can use a multimeter to check the heating element.

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    Defective Circuit Board:

    The circuit board is the most fundamental component of your air fryer and if it gets damaged; repairing it will cost a fortune. The circuit board receives the input and then uses the information to control other internal components of your device. It’s like the heart of your machine. It usually gets damaged due to power spikes. Although the circuit breaker or thermal fuse is installed to prevent damages; however if your fuse was previously damaged due to the power spike; then there are chances that your circuit board is fried. 

    Fix: To effectively deal with this issue; you should purchase a new air fryer; because fixing it will cost you a lot more. 

    Tip: If your device has a warranty, then do repair the circuit board as it would be covered by the company. You won’t have to spend a penny.

    Faulty Fan:

    Sometimes, your air fryer fan isn’t functioning properly. Its malfunction causes interference in the overall functioning of the appliance. Heat won’t be circulated evenly through the gadget and hence your food would either be undercooked, would have burnt spots, or even come out soggy. 

    Top Reasons & Fixes For Faulty Fan:

    Interlocked Button:The interlocked switch is located at the fryer drawer’s base. Sometimes, this switch gets defective or stuck when trying to place the fryer tray back into the air fryer. This then prevents the air fryer fan from working properly.

    Fix: The switch often gets stuck due to electrical issues. Therefore, consult a technician to properly fix the issue.

    Food Residue:If you don’t regularly clean your power xl air fryer after every use, then the food particles from each cooking session can accumulate and jam your fan and its blades. Therefore, it won’t be able to rotate and circulate heat properly. 

    Fix: Use non-abrasive cleaning solutions and tools to clean up the air fryer. Regular clean-ups can reduce food residue from accumulating. 

    Motor Malfunction: The air fryer fan is powered by a motor. If the motor malfunctions then your power xl fan won’t work or make some unusual noises.

    Fix: The best way to deal with this issue is to show the device to the electrician. He will properly inspect the motor and replace it if it’s damaged. You should seek professional help in this matter. 

    Overheating: The Power Xl air fryer comes forth with an auto-shut-off feature. When the appliance gets too hot, it automatically shuts off the whole device to prevent further damage. 

    Fix: Keep your appliance in a well-ventilated place, avoid prolonged use, and cool it down after use to prevent device overheating. 

    Faulty Fan Blades: Prolonged or frequent usage, can cause the air fryer fan blades to either get loose, or even bent or damaged. This can result in the fan making unusual noises.

    Fix: Show the power xl to a professional so that the fan blades can be fixed.

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    Water Damage:

    The PowerXl air fryer isn’t water-proof; therefore, water contact can greatly damage its functionality. 

    Fix: If you have accidentally spilled water over the device; then follow the step below to minimize the damage.

    Step#1: Immediately unplug your Power XL from the power source

    Step#2: Use a dry microfiber cloth and dry the exterior and interior of the air fryer. Try to remove the excessive water. Ensure that you dry the fan, heating element, and the interior part of the fryer. 

    Warning! Don’t use lint cloth as the lint can clog the internal components.

    Step#3: If the water has penetrated deeply into the removable parts; then remove the fryer basket, drip tray, and other accessories, and properly dry the appliance.

    Step#4: Now; let the device air dry. Keep the appliance open and let it dry out for 24-48 hrs. This will evaporate the moisture residue and properly dry the appliance.

    Step#5: After the device is completely dried; visually inspect for signs of water damage like rust or corrosion; if found; immediately consult a professional for help. 

    Buttons Not Working:

    PowerXl buttons may stop working; hence hindering your appliance’s functioning. This could be due to multiple reasons. To name a few; it could be due to a bad outlet; as it has power surges or provides low power; inadequate for properly functioning the appliance.

    Secondly, it could be due to a defective control board; whose primary function is to provide power to the membrane switch; so that the fryer buttons can work. If the control board is faulty; then obviously the buttons won’t work. Lastly; it could be either due to the faulty membrane switch or the control panel. 


    Stable Power Source: Plug your air fryer into a functional outlet. 

    Reset the Air Fryer: To resolve any underlying software issue; restart the appliance. Unplug it from the power source. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then plug it in again. 

    Clean The buttons: Debris or food particles could have clogged the buttons interfering with their working; give the panel a thorough clean-up

    Go for Firmware Updates: The company occasionally launches firmware updates addressing air fryer issues. Check the website for updates to resolve the issue

    Manufacturer Defect: 

    The manufacturer company has to mass-produce the devices and there is always room for a defect. Moreover; even if the device turns out fully functional; there are chances that during the shipping and delivery of the object to your address; due to unforeseen external factors; the device can get scratched, damaged, or defective. 

    Fix: If the issue is due to a manufacturing defect; then; immediately contact the company and request for a new appliance.  

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    When To Seek Professional Help:

    There is no simple answer to this question. This all depends on the type of issue and whether you have the required skills to fix the problem by yourself. Manufacturers often provide you with free repairs if the issue is due to some underlying factory defects or normal operations.

    If your device has a warranty then go for the manufacturer. If your appliance is over the warranty period, and the problem is outside your area of expertise; then let the professional handle it. 


    In conclusion; a malfunctioning powerxl air fryer could be a frustrating and inconvenient experience. Although, there are plenty of reasons power xl air fryer stopped working; ranging from a defective power outlet to a faulty circuit board to water damage; with the help of some troubleshooting tricks you can deal with the issue. However, you must keep the appliance clean and follow the instruction manual warnings by heart. By promptly addressing your fryer problems, you can enjoy tasty delicacies in no time!

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