Power XL Air Fryer Smoking

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Does your power air fryer xl smoke? Often, while cooking, the air fryer gives off smoke. The first action in this urgent situation should be to stay calm and immediately plug off the air fryer from the socket to turn off power xl. Now, the air fryer smoking can be due to multiple reasons; obviously, it’s a distress signal given by the machine that it’s in danger. The smoke may result from improper cleaning or cooking high-fat content food. 

Our blog will explore the power xl air fryer smoking and some troubleshooting steps to deal with this problem. Let’s dive into it!

Power XL Air Fryer Smoking:

Smoke coming out of air fryer power xl may be due to overloading of the food basket, poor air fryer ventilation, cooking high-fat food, using excessive oil in the air fryer, or improper cleanup. The smoke color is the best indicator of the issue and provides a good hint on how to deal with the smoke problem. You can use bread slices to absorb the excessive oil or dilute the oil build-up by adding water. 

Power XL Air Fryer Smoking

Does The Power Xl Air Fryer Smoke?

Yes, the power xl air fryer smoke. The smoke coming out usually results from the way you use your appliance. The air fryer smoke color is important as it immediately tells you where the problem lies. For instance, if the smoke color is black, then this indicates that the food residue and oil splatters on the heating element have burnt and are now emitting black smoke and a burnt smell. The best way to deal with this problem is to properly clean the air fryer to eliminate the food residue and bad smell. If an air fryer gives off white smoke, it’s due to smoke frying greasy food such as bacon, chicken thighs, hamburgers, french fries etc. If blue smoke comes out of the air fryer, a red alert indicates that the fryer’s internal components are melting. 

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Why Does My Power Xl Air Fryer Smoke? 

There are multiple reasons for “my air fryer is smoking.” These include:

Grease Build-up: When the greasy food is cooked at high temperatures (360F), then the grease melts at high temperatures. The method fat content of the food then starts emitting smoke.

Food On Heating Coil: The oil may splatter over the heating coil while cooking fatty foods. The food residues may be circulated and stuck on the heating coil during the cooking session. The excessive heat from the coil will then burn the food particles and emit smoke.

Overcrowded Basket: If you don’t properly space the food items inside the cooking chamber and overcrowd the fryer basket. The heat won’t properly circulate and cause the food to burn, resulting in smoke.

Too Much Sauce: Sauce-like BBQ sauce has high sugar content, and the sugar starts melting at high temperatures and giving off smoke. 

Cook Times: Long cook times may also cause the food to burn and the air fryer to emit smoke.

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How Do I Stop My Power Xl Air Fryer From Smoking?

You can stop the air fryer to smoke from cooking by using two methods:

Method# 1: Use Bread Slices

Immediately after the cooking session, tilt the air fryer’s cooking chamber to check the grease or oil content inside the chamber. If you immediately remove the oil, it’s easier to remove. Therefore, you need to apply this method immediately after the cooking session. Use a slice of bread and place it over the oil. This will let the bread absorb the oil or grease and prevent smoker air fryers. 


If the air fryer starts smoking, immediately turn off the air fryer and open the kitchen windows to ventilate the room properly.Use oils with high smoke points, like olive oil

Method#2: Dilute The Oil

The next is yet another easy method: instead of absorbing the oil, you dilute it by adding water, and this will keep the smoke during cooking at bay.


Some people have complained that by using diluting the oil, the food becomes soggy.

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Is It Normal For My Air Fryer To Smoke?

If the smoke is little, then it’s normal for your air fryer to smoke; however, if the air fryer is smoking too much; that the whole kitchen is filled with smoke; then there is some issue with the air fryer. This includes that you are overcooking your food to the point that it results in fumes. Immediately check the departure and time settings and adjust them accordingly. Moreover, the food crumbs, oil or gare may be the main culprit of the problem. A simple cleaning session can nip the problem in the bud. 

Do Air Fryer Sets Off Smoke Alarm?

No, the air fryer smoke alarm won’t be set off if you use the air fryer properly per the user manual instruction. However, if you carelessly mishandle your fryer, don’t clean it regularly, or use it to cook high-fat food, oil or food will splatter over the heating coil, resulting in smoke. The smoke accumulation may cause the air fryer sets off smoke alarm. Therefore, if this happens, you must immediately open the kitchen windows and ventilate the place. You can cover the smoke alarm with a dishcloth or remove its batteries. 

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Powerxl Air Fryer Grill Smoking:

Power xl air fryer grill emits smoke while cooking. You can deal with this issue by adding water to the air fryer oan or using the bread slices to absorb excessive oil. These methods reduce the oil built-up, and no oil will be left to burn.

How To Prevent Air Fryer From Smoking?

How To Prevent Air Fryer From Smoking


Power xl air fryer smoking may be due to oil or grease accumulation, dirty air fryer, food burning, overcrowding of food basket, using high temperatures, and cook times. To effectively deal with the problem, you can use water to dilute the oil content, preventing the oil from burning. Similarly, using bread slices to absorb oil helps too. Keep your appliance clean and use it according to the user manual to prevent smoke production.

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