Power Xl Air Fryer Recall

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Air fryers continue to evolve with time to ensure a seamless cooking experience for users. They have captured the hearts of numerous health-conscious individuals and replaced traditional deep frying techniques. However, with every improvement, there is always a chance for your air fryers to backfire, prompting questions regarding fryer recalls. 

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In our blog; we will highlight the power xl air fryer recall; its possible reasons; who initiate recalls; and their importance in protecting users’ well-being. 

Let’s dive in!

Power Xl Air Fryer Recall:

In 2017, the Tristar Corporation recalled the power xl products due to faulty wiring issues, which could lead to fire hazards. In Feb 2023, the Cosroi enterprise recalled 2 million Cosori air fryers due to technical defects. The defective air fryers caused property damage, melted or burned, causing physical harm to 200 individuals.

Power Xl Air Fryer Recall

What Is Recall & Who Initiates It?

The recall is an official request to repair or return the appliance. Usually, the manufacturer initiates when they realize that their product is causing issues. Moreover, suppose the defect in the appliance is too much, and there is a high risk of physical harm, and this isn’t in the notice of the manufacturer company.

In that case, the consumer product safety commission may directly order the recall of the defective appliance. The manufacturer will then have to comply and repair or replace the defective appliance. Many manufacturers companies; ask consumers to send them pictures of their defective products; so they can replace them. Customer feedback also lets the company take notice of the issue.  Recall that faulty products, especially air fryers, may be due to faulty wiring, defective design, or issues with internal components leading to fire hazards and consumer damage. 

In 2017, the power xl brand issued an air fryer recall for its particular power xl model. The power air fryer xl recall affected the Powerxl air fryer pro model, which was found to have serious concerning issues that put customer safety at risk. The power xl air fryer pro heating element malfunctioned, resulting in the air fryer model overheating, melting, and even burning. The air fryer enterprise issued a voluntary recall of the Power xl pro air fryers; and asked the customers to send them the defective models for replacement. The company later apologized for the fault. 


  • Immediately turn off the power xl if it’s overheating. 
  • Use oven mittens after every cooking session.
  • Don’t exposure the fryer to water or other liquids as it can cause electric shock
  • Give breaks to your air fryer; don’t use it continuously.

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The Importance Of Recalls:

Recalls are very important as they protect consumers from physical harm. These recall requests allow the companies to rectify the problem by repairing or replacing the product. The recall issuance of products and the manufacturer’s attempt to resolve the issue; built consumer trust in the company’s attempt for consumer safety. They also educate the consumers regarding potential threats of these appliances and safety precautions. 

Importance of Personal Safety:

The recalls are essential as they induce consumers’ safety. Although air fryers have made our lives very easy; however a single mishap can turn your life upside. To protect you from such unbreakable damages, the recall is essential. As a consumer, you have to respond to recall notifications.

You should purchase the product from an authentic website and research extensively before saving money. Read product reviews and customer feedback, and check for safety certifications. After purchase, carefully read the manual instructions reading its proper use, cleaning, and maintenance. 

These important steps will protect you from harm. 

Cleaning tips:

  • Use mild cleaning agents
  • Deep clean the appliance onec a month
  • Dont expose the unit to water as it is waterproof
  • Dont scratch or roughly scrub the components (fryer basket and tray) as they can get damaged

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Is The Power Xl Air Fryer On Recall?

The Powerxl air fryer isn’t present in the 2023 recall list. This suggests that no safety issue or defect has been found yet in any of the powerxl air fryer models. On the contrary, the current list has recalled around 2 million Cosroi air fryer models due to internal wiring issues, resulting in 200 consumer injuries and property damage. The products were purchased online via Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. The last time the power xl Air Freyr was subjected to the recall list was in 2017 when its Power air fryer pro model was recalled due to overheating and burning issues.

Note: In 2022, plenty of insignia air fryers were recalled due to internal defects. The air fryers were burning, melting, overheating, and causing physical harm to the consumers.

Power Xl Vortex Air Fryer Recall:

The power xl vortex is a great kitchen appliance with rapid air technology to provide consistent cooking results. This tool has successfully assisted consumers in creating delicious dishes without risking their safety. Considering its good performance, positive customer feedback; and zero reports of any physical harm; no power xl air fryer recall has been issued.

This highlights that this model is safe to use. Currently, on the power xl recall website, the power xl Stuffed Wafflizers Models ESWM02 and ESWM03 are on recall. If you own these models, you should register for recall by clicking on the link below:

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PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer Review and How To Clean – 2 Quart 1,000 Watts

PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer Review and How To Clean - 2 Quart 1,000 Watts


The power xl Enterprise and consumer safety agencies have issued no power xl Air fryer recall. The last recall was in 2017 when the power xl air fryer pro model was recalled due to faulty heating lament. The power xl air fryer competitor cosori air fryers have been recalled due to physical harm. The recall is essential for consumer safety, and every consumer should respond to the recall notifications as a responsible user. If your power xl air Fryer is overheating or burning, regardless of the model, immediately contact the company! 

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