Power Xl Air Fryer Fan Not Working

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Is your power Xl fryer fan silent; when this fella should be generating a stream of hot air for food processing? The main culprit could be a sneaky switch, poor power supply, or defective fan component, leaving your food unevenly cooked and ruining your mealtime! In our blog, we will uncover the secrets to power xl air fryer fan not working; and explore various troubleshooting tricks to restore its sizzling hot air rush for crisper food results!

Let’s get into it!

Power Xl Air Fryer Fan Not Working:

Your power xl air fryer fan may become unfunctional due to an unstable power supply, power leakage due to a damaged power cord, defective fan motor, inactive switch, or food debris clogging the fan power base. Troubleshooting would require using a stable power supply, repairing the power cable to avoid power leakage, and replacing the fan motor for smooth operation. Moreover, keeping the appliance cool and clean all the time will effectively prolong its life!

Power Xl Air Fryer Fan Not Working

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10  Reasons & Fixes For PowerXl Air Fryer Fan-Lets Troubleshoot!

Reason#1: Power Disturbance

The air fryer that won’t turn on usually indicates power issues. Air fryer requires a constant, stable, specific voltage supply, and a sudden surge in power or low power may render your air fryer ineffective. Similarly, the air fryer fan won’t turn on during power interruptions.

  • Malfunctioning power outlet: The outlet may malfunction due to loose internal wiring or overload. You can immediately find out if your power outlet is fully-functional; by connecting another device like charging your phone or laptop. If the device starts charging, then this indicates that the power outlet is functional and provides stable power. If the device fails to charge, this is indicative that the power socket is facing issues and needs to be replaced. 
  • Fix: Hire a technician immediately and have him replace the socket.
  • Tripped Circuit breaker: The house has a circuit breaker. If the electricity is unstable, the circuit breaker trips and breaks down. If Power XL air fryer not turning on, see if the breaker corresponding to the connected switch is tripped.

Fix:  If the air fryer switch is tripped, turn it on; to resume electricity flow.

Reason#2: Destroyed Power Cable

We often mishandle the air fryer’s power cord while storing or using it. It often gets squeezed or bent at weird angles. It’s exposed to high temperatures or water, damaging its outer covering and resulting in exposed wires. The power cable break causes power leaks; hence fan blades don’t have enough power to rotate. 

Fix: If the power cable is damaged, replacing the cord instead of repairing it to prevent frequent trips to the technician is best. You can purchase one from the online shop.  

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Reason#3: Damaged Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse’s primary function is to provide a safer voltage level to the fryer’s internal components. The power xl air fryer internal components would melt or get fried if exposed to the unstable power supply. This is where the thermal fuse plays a vital role, stopping unstable power supply and protecting the components. As a safety measure, it blows out to disconnect the usual electric circuit, resulting in the fan stopping working. 

Fix Thermal fuse of the exact specifications should be purchased online and soldered so it doesn’t move from its place. You should ask a technician to replace the thermal fuse because it’s quite tricky and you may damage the appliance. 

Reason#4: Defective Fan Motor

A motor powers the air fryer fan. The motor within the fan requires electricity to operate. It then channels the energy of the fan blades, causing them to rotate. If the electric fan motor gets malfunctioned, then the fan won’t work. But how will you know the issue is due to a faulty motor? It’s simple! The air fryer will give off a burning smell, as if the fryer’s internal wires are burning. If this happens, then it means the fan motor is defective. 

Fix: Repairing or replacing the fan motor will cost you a lot. Therefore, it’s usually recommended that you hire a professional to install a new fan motor and prevent further damage.

Tip: If your air fryer still has a warranty, seek help from the power xl support center for free repairs/replacement. 

Reason#5: Faulty Fan Switch

The fan switch sends signals to the fan to rotate. If the fan switch gets stuck or malfunctions, there will be no proper signal transmission, and the fan may not rotate. 

Fix: Replace the fan switch for the air fryer fan to work.

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Reason#6: Defective Circuitry

Often, the power xl air fryer stopped working due to defective circuitry. The usual power circuit gets broken due to power disruptions, loose wirings, blown thermal fuse, or tripped circuit breaker. This disrupts the regular electricity flow to the fan motor; hence the fan stops working. 

Fix: Repair the circuit with the help of a professional to resume fan working.

Reason#7: Improper Cleaning

Obstructions or blockage due to improper cleaning can construct the fan from working. The food crumbs and debris can block the air vents, air filters, fan power base, and blades, interrupting their functioning. 

Fix Use a butter knife to remove stuck-on food gunk from fan blades and base. Moreover, wash the air filters and remove the blockage from air events to prevent overheating. Air Fryer should be cleaned after every use.


While using a butterknife, ensure the fryer is unplugged; otherwise, you can get an electric shock.

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Reason#8: Basket Positioning

The interlock is a safety mechanism that only turns on power xl air fryer when the basket is placed correctly in the cooking chamber, and the fryer door is properly closed. This safety feature protects against the misuse of the air fryer, and it prevents people from cooking while the door is open. To ensure this; it has a safety switch near the lid hinge and makes a click sound when the basket is correctly placed. Properly placing the basket will turn on the power xl air fryer, and its fan will rotate. 

Reason#9: Overheating

Prolonged usage of an air fryer with no breaks in between can cause the fryer to heat up. Overheating will trigger the fryer safety mechanism, i.e., power xl air fryer turns off. This is done to prevent further damage. 

Fix: Allow your air fryer to cool down. Once cools down, you can use the fryer again, and the fan will start working.

Reason#10: Malfunctioning Control Panel

If the fryer control panel malfunctions, it can interfere with the fryer fan’s functioning. 

Fix: Replace the control panel to avoid fan function interruptions. 

Power XL Air Fryer Not Blowing Air: 

If your air fryer takes longer to reach a desired cooking time, cooks uneven food, produces rattling sounds when operating, or gives off a burnt electronic smell, it indicates that it is not blowing air. This could be due. 

Loose Components: Often, the air fryer’s internal components can get loose, including the internal wires and connectors, disrupt the fan-blowing function. 

Fix: You must inspect and tighten the loose components to resume proper fan functioning. 

Obstructing Fryer Fan: The fryer fan may get obstructed due to tangled hair, debris,d motley food residue. The food grease can harden and block the fryer fan and the power base, and the blades won’t function. Similarly, the air fryer has exhausts to dissipate high heat and restore its average internal temperature. The air events can get clogged with dirt or food debris, obstructing heat dissipation and causing the fryer to overheat. 

Solution: Clean the air freyr regularly after every use. Use a butter knife or other object to remove hardened food gunk from the fan blades. You should clean the fryer fan and heating element monthly to prevent obstruction. 

Stuck Safety Switch: The safety switch must be activated for the air fryer to turn on. This witch gets depressed when you correctly place the fryer basket inside the air fryer. Sometimes, the air fryer won’t turn on, even if the basket is correctly positioned. The switch gets stuck.

Fix: To counter a stuck safety switch, use a butterknife. When you slide the basket inside the fryer, slide the knife through the gap and try depressing the switch, and this will give a click sound. After countering the safety interlock, the air fryer will automatically turn on, and its fan will rotate. 

Overheating: The air fryer has an auto shut-off mechanism that automatically turns off the fryer and its components when it overheats. Overheating usually occurs when you constantly use the fryer for long hours with new break sessions, which exhausts the machine.

Solution: Let the machine rest and use it when it’s calm down.

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Motor Problem: If the air fryer motor gets da, made due to power instability, exposure to moisture, or high temperatures, the fan won’t turn on. 

Solution: Visually inspect the motor for damages and replace it if corrosion or burn marks are present.

Power Air Fryer Oven Fan  Not Working: 

Power Air Fryer oven lets you cook delicious, mouth-watering meals. However, sometimes its fan stop working, and the food is unevenly cooked. Potential causes of the fan not working include:

Power Instability: The fan motor requires stable power to work. Power disruptions can damage physically damage the fan motor and render it non-functional. The power instability may be due to

  • A bad power socket
  • An electric surge
  • A Torn Power cord
  • Blown out Fuse

They disrupt the standard electricity circuit, which gets disrupted/ cut off, and the power flow to the motor gets affected. In this case, there are two scenarios: the air fryer won’t turn on, or the fan won’t work. 

Solution: Ensure power stability by replacing the bad power outlet, replacing the power cord, or  getting a new thermal fuse 

Defective Motor: The air fryer motor powers the fan blades; if it gets damaged, the fan blades won’t rotate. The motor may get da, and due

  • Food debris may clog the motor
  • water exposure
  • Overheating

These factors can inhibit its normal functioning. 

Solution: The only way to deal with a faulty motor is to replace it with a new one. 

Tip: The top sign that illustrates that your oven fryer fan motor isn’t operational is when your oven gives off a foul, plastic burnt, or electronic burnt smell. 

Old Fryer: If you have been using the oven fryer for a long time, it can cause the control panel or fryer fan to wear out. You may need to depress it harder by placing the basket in the air fryer.

Solution: If your air fryer has become old and rusty, then it’s time you purchase a new one!

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How to Fix Power XL Airfryer in 3 minutes?

How to Fix Power XL Airfryer in 3 minutes


An air fryer lets you cook your food quickly; however, sometimes, it falls victim to some faults. Like other electrical appliances, it too may malfunction, mainly when the Power Xl Air Fryer Fan not working. To deal with this issue, you need to check the power supply in check, ensure smooth, operational circuitry and replace any defective fan parts. Lastly, it’s advised that instead of experimenting on your unit by yourself, let a professional handle it, as you may accidentally cause irreparable harm to your fryer.

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