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Are you planning on snacking smarter? Do you want to create delicious, crispy, healthy, and nutrient-rich snacks at home with zero effort? If yes, then give a try to PowerXl air fryer dehydration function.

Honestly speaking, I have found this function quite commendable. It’s a perfect feature for health-conscious individuals just like me. This function has helped me create healthy and tastier snacks ranging from crunchy kale chips to juicier beef jerky. Want to know the exciting part? I have made all these without any oil, butter, or other preservatives.

In this article, I will effectively explore the power xl air fryer dehydrator button, its benefits, its operating methods, and ways in which you can effectively use this feature to achieve your snacking goals! So, let’s get into it!

Power Xl Air Fryer Dehydrator Button:

Similar to other air fryer function buttons, the dehydrator button lets you select the time and temperature for your food. You can increase or decrease the cooking temperature by 5F ranging from 150F to 400F. The dehydration temperature usually ranges between 90F to 170F depending on the food type. You can use it for selecting cooking time as well.

Power Xl Air Fryer Dehydrator Button

Where Is Dehydrator Button On Powerxl Air Fryer?

The dehydrator button location varies depending on your air fryer model. However usually, it is situated on the control panel; close to other cooking preset icons. Depending on your air fryer model, you can look up the instruction manual regarding the dehydrator button-that is if you are unable to find it. 


    Power Xl Air Fryer Button Meanings:

    Just like other air fryer cooking methods, dehydration is one of them. This is a slow and low method; which is used for creating delicious snacks by removing excessive moisture from the food to reduce it to a dehydrated state.

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    The air fryer usually does this by circulating warm air around the food to slowly evaporate the food’s water content. This slow method usually takes around 4-40 hrs depending upon the type of food. If the food is moisture-rich, then it will take longer to dehydrate it. This dehydration of food makes it crunchy, crispy, and chewy.

    For even dehydration, the appliance comes with mesh shelves where you place thin slices or layers of food. You can place veggies, fruits, or meat and use the dehydrator feature. With this function, you can create your unique air fryer snacks which are healthier than the market snacks. This wonderful device lets you steam, air fry, boil and roast food as well. 

    Air fryer dehydrator lets you be creative and create delicious, mouth-watery snacks. You can create;

    • Dried apple, banana, straw-berries
    • Juicy beef jerky
    • kale chips 
    • zucchini chips
    • Dehydrated herbs (best for flavoring food or tea)
    • Dried flowers (great for decoration)
    • Dehydrated pasta (To upgrade its shelf-life)
    • Dehydrated almonds/ cashews
    • Crunchy roasted chickpeas 
    • Dehydrated mushrooms (great for stew and soup-use)

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    Benefits of Dehydrating:

    Healthier Snacking: Dehydrating veggies, fruits, and meat lets you create delicious, healthy snacks that are free from preservatives and added sugar. Moreover, they are nutrient-rich, low in calories but rich in fibers, vitamins, and minerals.

    Cheap: Pre-packed dried snacks are very expensive. Alternatively, the power xl dehydrator function lets you cost-effectively create healthy, sugar-free snacks.

    Food Preservation: Dehydration is beneficial for longer food shelf-life and food preservation. This is because food contains moisture. The food’s moisture is the perfect medium for bacteria and mold to grow. When you use the dehydrating function, the moisture gets evaporated, hence your fresh produce will now have a longer shelf-life and won’t be attacked by bacteria or mold.

    This process deaccelerates the decomposition of your food. I use his method for dried fruits like apples, bananas, strawberries, etc. The dried food can then last for about a week or a month. I often sprinkle dehydrated strawberries, bananas, and apples onto the cereal, or use them in muffins for increased flavor.

    Convenient: Dehydration via air fryer requires minimal effort. It’s an easy process. All you have to do is set the time and temperature and let the appliance do the rest for you!

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    How Do I Use My Dehydrator On My Power Xl Air Fryer?

    Using the Dehydrator button on the PowerXl air fryer is quite simple. Your dehydrating time and temperature will depend on the type of food that you intend to dehydrate. 

    Step#1: Choose The food To Dehydrate

    The first step is selecting the food of your choice. You can choose fruits, veggies, and meat for dehydration. Wash them up properly. Cut the fruits and veggies into thin layers. If you have selected meat, then cut the meat into thin strips.


    • Wash fruits, meat, and veggies properly before dehydrating as they can contaminate the water and cause water-borne illnesses
    • Always set the temperature and time according to the manual instructions to prevent over-drying or burning of food
    • Avoid overloading the fryer basket with too much food as it can result in uneven food drying. 

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    Step#2: Preheating

    Preheating the fryer provides you with consistent cooking temperatures. It will prevent uneven heat distribution. For fruits and veggies, preheat the power xl between 125F-135F. For meat, preheat up to 160F. Just press the preheat button to activate the preheating process.

    Step#3: Dehydrating

    Now, place the thin fruit slices or meat strips into the air fryer and press the dehydrate button. You can adjust the temperature and time as per your food type. Usually, it’s 2-3 hrs and 135F for fruits and veggies whereas 4-6 hrs and 165F for meat. Periodically check the food to prevent burns. After the dehydration process is complete, cool it down and store it in the refrigerator in an airtight container. Clean the air fryer after use.


    • Keep your children and pets away from the air fryer when in use. This is because the appliance may be hot and cause burns.
    • Don’t cover up the Xl power air fryer air vents. The heat won’t be able to dissipate properly and can in return damage the appliance.
    • Don’t use the air fryer door to temporarily place food over it. The door can get damaged and even cause the appliance to tip over.
    • After dehydrating, don’t place the hot food or accessories onto the countertop directly, as it can get damaged. Always place them over a heat-resistant surface.

    Dehydrating Strawberries and Bananas in the Power AirFryer Pro

    Dehydrating Strawberries and Bananas in the Power AirFryer Pro

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    Power Air Fryer Pro Dehydrator Button?

    You will find the PowerXL Air Fryer Pro dehydrator button on the control panel alongside other cooking preset buttons. This button lets you alter the dehydration temperature and time to perfectly extract moisture from your food content. The temperature and time vary depending on your food type and the thickness. With this button function, you can dry out plenty of foods like fruits, veggies, and even meat.

    You can create juicy round beef, turkey, dried apricots, mushrooms, apple or banana chips, etc. To dehydrate simply cut the desired food into thin slices and then place it into the air fryer rack. Press the dehydrate button and let the appliance work its magic!

    Powerxl Vortex Air Fryer Dehydrator Button? 

    The dehydrator button lets you create healthy, nutrient-rich snacks that are better than pre-dried packaged food. You will usually find this button on the control panel near other PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer buttons. Pressing this button will result in water evaporation from the food. In this way, your food will get dried up and its shelf-life will increase. This method lets you create kale chips, veggie chips, candied bacon, dried herbs, sun-dried tomatoes, crispy green beans, strawberry roll-ups, and much more with great ease. 

    Can You Dehydrate In A Power Xl Air Fryer? 

    Yes! You can dehydrate fruits, veggies, and even meat in your power xl air fryer. This appliance dehydrator feature lets you cook crunchy snacks ranging from dried banana chips to dried figs, Venison Jerky, and Curated meats. While using the dehydrate function, you must set the temperature and time as per the manual instructions and according to your food moisture content and thickness levels. 


    In conclusion, the Power Xl air fryer dehydrator button is a valuable asset that lets you create savory, flavory, nutrient-rich snacks without added preservatives. This function lets you create a wide variety of healthy snacks that are better than the pre-dried packaged ones. Whether it’s making fruit leather, turkey, beef jerky, candied bacon, or strawberry rollup, this fella will provide you with consistent results. By using it, you get to enjoy its benefits cost-effectively without the need for a separate dehydrator. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

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