Power Air Fryer XL Reset Button

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Is your PowerXL Air Fryer experiencing some technical glitches? Is it causing you problems and not working properly as it should? Well! Don’t give up on your bud yet! There is a simple solution to all your air fryer problems. That is a reset button. Yeah! You heard right! The PowerXL air fryer has a reset button whose main function lies in its name; it resets everything in your kitchen appliance. 

Our article will explore the Power Air Fryer Xl reset button in great depth to help you with a quick air fryer fix. Air fryers are wonderful appliances capable of multiple cooking styles, from baking to grilling or steaming food. Its health benefits make it an eye candy for plenty. Let’s explore its reset button buttons and turn your air fryer new again!

Power Air Fryer XL Reset Button:

The reset button is a troubleshooting feature installed by the company to deal effectively with the device’s technical issues. This button lets you restart the device settings to default; at lower pressure and heat levels. It’s a safety feature that wipes out the device malfunctions like code errors, display errors, or unexpected shutdowns. It’s this button factory resets the device; if your appliance has some important settings you have previously set, you should note them down so that you can apply them again, as it will clear out all the previous settings.

Power Air Fryer XL Reset Button

Why Should You Use Reset Button?

The air fryer is not a problem-free device. After some time, it may experience some technical issues. This is where the reset button kicks in. With just a push of the reset button, your appliance problem will get solved. The various technical issues require using the power xl air fryer reset button.

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Frozen Screen: The air fryer control panel touch-screen may become frozen or unresponsive. The reset button will reboot the screen and make it functional.

Malfunctioning Buttons: It’s a common problem. The air fryer buttons may get stuck. The buttons can become unresponsive. By resetting the appliance, the button issue will get fixed.

Error Messages: Sometimes, you give a command to your air fryer, but its control panel displays an error message. The reset button will factory reset the control panel to default to fix the error issue.

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Overheating: Since the air fryer uses hot air to cook food at high temperatures, the fryer is at risk of overheating. The non-sticking coating can melt when the appliance overheats and the fryer smells unpleasant. Here, the reset button will act as a safety measure. It will immediately shut off the appliance to cool it down.

Power surges: When the appliance faces a power surge, it can malfunction. The rest button can shut it off and restart it into working mode.

    Power Xl Air Fryer Button Meanings: 

    You will find plenty of glowing buttons on the control panel, each designated with a specific function. The buttons include the following:

    • Power button
    • Timer control.
    • Temperature controls
    • Display screen
    • Menu Button

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    Power Button: 

    You can easily identify this button with its power icon. Moreover, this is the first illuminating button when you plug the device into the socket. As its name indicates, pressing this button will activate the appliance. Similarly, if you need to stop the device during cooking, you can again press this button.

    A one-time power button press will set the appliance to a default 370F for 15 minutes. The second time pressing the button will start the cooking process. Lastly, if you press the button during the cooking, it will stop the cooking cycle.

    Timer Control:

    As the name suggests, it controls cooking time. You can increase or decrease the cooking time per your recipe requirement using the +/- buttons.

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    Temperature Control:

    This button controls the cooking temperature. You can manually select it by using the +/- buttons.

    Menu Button:

    On the control panel, you will see an M icon. You can select from 7 different cooking presets by pressing this M icon. For instance, if you choose the french fries preset option, the appliance will automatically set the temperature to 400F for about 20 minutes for even cooking. 

    Display screen:

    It’s a touch-sensitive responsive panel showing your selected cooking time and temperature.

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    Reset Button:

    This button is also located near the cord at the bottom of the unit. Usually, it’s a pencil-thin small button.

    Where Is The Reset Button On An Air Fryer?

    The location of the reset button varies in every air fryer model. However, you will usually find the button by flipping the unit upside down. Look closely at the bottom of their fryer. You will find a pencil-thin button near the electrical cord that cannot b easily accessed. To press it, you must use a pencil or a paper clip. After pressing it, your device will be factory reset.

    Can You Reset Power Xl Air Fryer? 

    Yes, you can reset the power Xl air fryer model. Depending on the model type, the location of the reset button may vary. Some power xl air fryer models may not find the reset button. This is because the enterprise has provided the power button with this extra function. Pressing and holding the power button for about 5 seconds will reset your appliance. 

    How To Reset Power Xl Air Fryer? 

    You can reset power xl air fryer in three ways:

    Method#1: Using The Reset Button

    1. Firstly, unplug the fryer power cord from the power source. This is done so that no electricity passes through the system during the resetting cycle. 
    2. If food is inside the fryer, open the basket and remove the food immensely.
    3. Let the system cool down for a few minutes if you have just used it for cooking.
    4. Flip the unit upside down. There you will find a very small red button-its the reset button.
    5. Use a paper clip or a toothpick to press the button for about 3 to 5 seconds. 
    6. Once you hear the beep sound, release the button. 
    7. Plug the device again and check the control panel to see whether the values have been set to default.

    Method#2: Using Power Button+ M button

    1. To cool down the device and let all the electricity dissipate from the system, unplug the appliance.
    2. After it has cooled, plug it in again.
    3. Press the M button and the Power Button simultaneously for about 3 to 5 seconds.
    4. The display screen will then show RESET when you see it release the buttons.
    5. Then press the M button for reset confirmation. This will show OFF on the display screen. The appliance will then turn off by itself.
    6. You can turn on the device to check the factory reset.

    Method#3: Using Time+ Temperature Buttons

    1. Unplug the air fryer, and after 10 seconds, plug it in again.
    2. Press the temperature and time buttons simultaneously for 4 to 5 seconds. The display screen will show RESET. 
    3. Once RESET appears, release the buttons. The device is reset.


    While cleaning the power xl air fryer, don’t submerge the unit in water as its not waterproof.

    Operating the PowerXL Vortex Classic Air Fryer

    Operating the PowerXL Vortex Classic Air Fryer

    Why Is My Air Fryer Not Turning On? 

    Sometimes, your air fryer will start acting out. It may stop turning on. This could be due to several possible reasons.

    Power supply: It’s silly, but it can happen if you are multitasking or preoccupied with your thoughts. You may forget to plug in the power cord in the power socket. Hence, your appliance isn’t turning on.

    Power Cord: Maybe your power cord is damaged. Since the power cord gets twisted, bent, and pressed during use, it’s vulnerable to wear and tear; therefore, look for cuts to the power cord.

    Socket Fuse: The socket fuse has blown off. That’s why it’s unable to provide your device with electricity to operate.

    Control Panel. Sometimes, the control panel starts to malfunction; its buttons become unresponsive, and the appliance cannot turn on.

    Fryer Basket: Airfryer is designed so that if you don’t properly place the fryer basket into the unit, its door won’t close or turn on.

    Protection Switch: Sometimes, the unit overheats and the protection switch will shut off the device automatically. Hence, it won’t start unless the appliance cools down.

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    How To Fix Air Fryer That Won’t Turn On? 

    If your air fryer has stopped working or isn’t turning on, use the following tricks to recover its functionality.

    Adequate Power Supply: Properly plug the power cord into a functional socket. Ensure there is a secured connection for electricity.

    Check For Cord Damage: Check the wire for any damages. If found, immediately replace the power cord.

    Check For Blown Fuse: Airfryers have built-in thermal fuses that act as a safety measure to protect against power surges. If the fuse gets blown up, you must replace it with a new one. I recommend showing the unit to a professional rather than experimenting with the unit yourself.

    Place the basket Correctly: The basket has hooks at the bottom. The basket hooks should be placed inside the unit when you place the basket inside the fryer. If not, the device door won’t close. The appliance will not start working.


    • Clean the basket properly after use. Sometimes food residue prevents placing the basket correctly.
    • Keep aluminum foil inside the basket for easy clean-up.

    Reset The Appliance:

    You can reset the appliance if there are technical issues, like random shutdowns or glitches in the control panel screen. This will factory reset all its cooking sensors and other programs.


    We have discussed in great detail Power Air Fryer XL Reset Button. This restart button will put your unit system to default settings. To reset the appliance, you can use the reset button or a combination of buttons on the control panel to reboot your device. However, if there is some important setting you need to remember, then note it down, as the reset function will wipe the data out. Resetting should be done as a last resort after trying out all other possible fixes.

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