Nuwave Air Fryer Not Heating Up

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It’s no surprise that nuwave air fryers have turned cooking a breeze- thanks to their versatile and easy-to-use features the appliance can cook multiple cuisines simultaneously and timely.

However, just because the unit has benefits doesn’t mean it’s immortal and won’t die down. Sometimes, just like any other electrical appliance, the nuwave air fryer starts to face some issues. For instance, the nuwave air fryer starts having trouble reaching the desired temperature level.

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In our article, we will discuss in detail the possible causes and fixes for the nuwave air fryer not heating up.

Let’s get into it

Nuwave Air Fryer Not Heating Up:

If the nuwave air fryer isn’t heating up, then it could be due to power issues. Maybe the power cord is broken. Or you need to use more accurate settings. Lastly, it could be due to the lid not being properly closed or a faulty heating element. To troubleshoot the issue, you need to ensure that the appliance has a stable power supply, replace its faulty components and keep it clean to prevent debris from clogging its internals.

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Why Is My Nuwave Air Fryer Not Heating Up? 

The air fryer heating element is the crucial component that generates heat. The heat generated is then transferred to the food items through the fryer fan. Hence, the hot air circulates through the fryer drawer and then helps in even cooking the food. 

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Sometimes, the air fryer nuwave fails to reach the desired internal temperature and won’t heat up, now this could be due to plenty of reasons.

Unstable Power Supply: The air fryer requires stable power to operate well. Sometimes, insufficient or unstable power supply disrupts the usual electrical circuit and hence, the components fail to operate properly. The heating element requires a stable power source. Fluctuating power won’t be able to properly turn on the heating element.

The power supply may fluctuate or get unstable to due:

Faulty power socket: Sometimes, the power socket has a lot of electric load, due to which it becomes non-functional. It won’t supply the main unit with the required voltages to function.Broken Fryer Cable: The fryer cable is the main medium through which electricity reaches the main unit components. If the power cable is broken, gets melted due to high temperatures or it’s bent at some weird angles, it may leak the power. The power leakage will then influence the power flow to the unit.

Blown-out Thermal Fuse: The thermal fuse acts as a regulator. It’s a buffer or mediator that regulates the voltages. In light of power spikes, the fuse won’t blow out to disconnect from the main unit. This is to protect the internal components from blowing up due to the power spike.

Faulty Heating element: Since the heating element is the main component that generates heat, sometimes due to exposure to water or moisture, the component starts to corrode. It starts malfunctioning and can’t heat the unit properly. Similarly, not taking proper care of the unit and not cleaning it regularly results in food clogging the heating coil and jamming its functioning.

Improper Temperature Settings: One of the main reasons for the air fryer not heating up is due to inaccurate temperature settings. Low-temperature settings fail to properly heat the unit, hence food isn’t able to cook properly.

How To Fix Nuwave Air Fryer Not Heating Up?

Although, there are plenty of reasons for nuwave and fryer not getting warmer to cook food; to troubleshoot the issue, you need to first accurately identify the problem.

Following is the list of solutions you can opt for an air fryer not hetaing up.

Fix power issue: As stated earlier, the appliance requires stable electricity flow. However, this stable flow is interrupted due to either a faulty power socket, broken cable or due to blown-out thermal fuse.

For faulty power sockets: Plug another electrical device into the power socket and check if the device is working or not. If not then it means that the socket is the issue. Plug the air fryer into another power socket in your house 

Replace Power Cord: If the power cord is bent, or broken at weird angles, you can either use duct tape to temporarily fix the broken part. However, you should replace the power cord with a new one. You can purchase the cord from an online store.

Replace Thermal Fuse: Due to power spikes, the thermal fuse blows out. To resume the fryer functioning you need to replace the fuse.  For this,

  • Unscrew the top of the air fryer cover
  • Remove the thermal fuse and replace it with one that has similar specifications.

Use Correct Temperature Settings: For the fryer to heat up quickly, recheck the temperature settings and ensure that you have not set it to low temperature.

Clean The fryer: Frequently clean the air fryer after every use to prevent the debris from accumulating and blocking the fryer internals. 


  • Use baking soda and water paste to remove tough stains

Replace Heating Element: If the heating element is faulty, then the best way to fix the issue is to replace the heating element with a new one.

Nuwave Replacement Heating Element:

To replace the heating element:

Firstly unplug the air fryer and let it cool down

  • Remove all of the fryer accessories
  • Unscrew the top and back cover of the fryer
  • There you will find the heating element, use the multimeter to check if it’s working. If it’s working, then disconnect its wires.
  • And replace it with a similar one.
  • Reassemble the unit

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We have discussed in detail all the possible reasons and fixes for the nuwave air fryer not heating up. To fix the issue, you need to find the main culprit as anything can be the reason for your fryer to act out.

You must regularly clean and maintain the unit for smooth functioning.

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