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I always thought, why create homemade yogurt when you can easily purchase it from the market? After my mom made it, I was surprised by how much taste difference. Ninja Foodi launched a yogurt button for yogurt lovers, and I started using it for my yogurt experiments. 

In this blog, I will discuss the Ninja Foodi yogurt button and how you can create yogurt with it!

Ninja Foodi Yogurt Button:

Ninja Foodi has a yogurt button that lets you boil and ferment the milk to create delicious yogurt. Just add milk and set the pressure lid to the vent. Press the button; the appliance will boil, cool, and ferment the milk in a go, creating thick yogurt for your meal.

    Ninja Foodi Yogurt Button

    Ninja Foodi Slow Cook Yogurt Button:

    The Ninja Foodi comes with a slow cook yogurt. Turning the Foodi knob towards this setting, you can choose between slow cook and yogurt functions. The slow cook feature will take 4-5 minutes and will just scald the milk and prepare it for yogurt culture; whereas the yogurt button will boil, cool, and incubate; creating yogurt in a go. Although; it’s a stime-taking process, it is still easier with the machine.

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    Does Ninja Foodi Have A Yogurt Button: 

    Some of the latest Ninja Foodimodels, like Ninja Foodi Delux, come with a separate yogurt button for yogurt lovers. This additional feature; lets your machine do all the tough work for you. All you have to do is add milk and yogurt and leave the tough job to this machine.

    Ninja Foodi Yogurt Mode:

    Yogurt ninja foodi lets you create homemade yogurt with ease. You can add artificial sweeteners and flavors. You can make vanilla yogurt, strawberry yogurt, honey-flavored yogurt, and more. Just add milk and press the yogurt button. The appliance will boil, coil, and ferment milk to create yogurt. Then place it in the refrigerator and serve. The yogurt mode has simplified the yogurt-making process. 

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    Ninja Foodi Yogurt Setting: 

    The yogurt Ninja Foodi setting makes yogurt making the process effortless. Press the yogurt button and select 8 hrs time. The milk will boil and then cool by the machine. In the incubation period, you can choose 4, 8, or 12 hrs, depending on the amount of sourness you want in the yogurt. Give more time; if you want the yogurt to be sour. The yogurt setting allows the appliance to boil, coil, add, and ferment. The machine does all the work for you.

    Ninja Foodi Deluxe Yogurt Setting: 

    The Ninja Foodi Deluxe comes with slow cook yogurt mode. This mode allows you to toggle between slow cook and yogurt mode. The slow cook mode will display Hi on the screen, whereas the yogurt will display Yogurt. Select 8 hrs and hit the start button to initiate the milk boiling. The appliance will then cool down the milk and ferment it after you add the yogurt starter. 

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    Ninja Foodi Yogurt Instructions: 

    By using Ninja Foodi, you can easily make delicious yogurt. Its instructions include:

    1. Add the ½ gallon milk ( any brand) to the Ninja Foodi, and seal the cooker tightly with its lid. Ensure that the release knob is set to the vent position. 
    2. Now, choose the Ninja yogurt function by turning the dial. The screen should say yogurt and 8 hrs. Press start.
    3. The Ninja Foodi will start operating. The milk will boil, and then the machine will cool it down. This whole process will take a lot of time. 
    4. The screen will then show add & stir option. Open the appliance lid; add the yogurt culture and mix it with a silicon whisk.
    5. Again, put the pressure cooker lid back in the vent position and repress the yogurt button. The screen will show incubation. It will take 8 hrs.
    6. After that, your yogurt will be prepared; check its consistency and freeze it in the refrigerator for 4 hrs
    7. Add the yogurt to a jar, and use chia seeds, cranberries, or strawberry toppings.

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    Tip: To increase the yogurt consistency; you can select another yogurt starter; for instance, greek yogurt; since it’s thicker. You can strain it using cheesecloth in the refrigerator. The homemade yogurt can last for around 2 weeks.

    Ninja Foodi Yogurt Recipe: 


    • 1/2  gallon whole milk ( Ultra pasteuized ).
    • 2 tbsp yogurt ( Greek yogurt is much perfect ) .
    • 1 tbsp vanilla extract.
    • 1 tbsp honey.


    1. Turn on your Ninja Foodi, and add ½ gallon of whole milk. Set the pressure lid to vent and press the yogurt function. Select time to 8 hrs.
    2. The milk will start scalding. After that, the machine will display cool, and the milk will cool. 
    3. When Ninja Foodi shows, add and stir on the screen; open the pressure lid, and add 2 tablespoons of yogurt. Don’t add honey or sweaters; it will make the yogurt watery. Use a silicon whisk o stir it.
    4. Replace the lid and repress the start button for incubation. It should take 8 hrs. After incubation, check the yogurt consistency by putting the spoon in the middle. If the yogurt feels watery, then incubate it. 
    5. After the incubation period, place the yogurt in the refrigerator for 4 hrs.
    6. Then add vanilla extract and honey and stir it well. The vanilla yogurt is now ready to be served.

    How Do You Use The Yogurt Button On Ninja Foodi? 

    Making yogurt in ninja foodi with yogurt button is very easy.

    1. The Ninja Foodi comes with a dial. Just steer the dial in the slow-cook yogurt button. Doing so; will allow you to toggle between slow cook and yogurt options. If the display says Hi, 4:00, it’s set to slow cook; if the screen says yogurt 8:00, it’s set to yogurt function. 
    2. To use this function, first, add the milk inside the Ninja Foodi, close the pressure lid to the vent, and turn the dial to Yougurt, showing Yougurt 8:00 on the screen. 
    3. This action will display boil on the screen. The milk will start to boil. After boiling, the appliance will beep and display cool on the screen. After cooling, the machine will show add and stir on the screen. 
    4. Open the lid, add the yogurt starter, and stir the mixture using a plastic or silicon whisk. Metal utensils can damage non-stick coating. Close the lid, set it to vent, and repress the start button. This time, the screen will show incubation 8:00. Let it incubate, then open the lid after the beep sounds.

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    Tips: Ensure that the cooking pot is clean as during Ninja yogurt-making process, bacteria may grow and can turn your yogurt bad! The yogurt process takes average 10-12 hrs; therefore, plan your start time accordingly. 

    Can You Make Yogurt In Ninja Foodi? 

    You can easily make yogurt in Ninja Foodi by using the yogurt button. First, add full-fat milk inside the appliance; and hit the yogurt button. The machine will boil the milk and then let it cool down. After that, add a yogurt starter when it says “add and stir.” Stir the mixture and press the start to incubate it for 8 hrs.

    Then refrigerate it for 4 hrs. Your yogurt is ready; you can add brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, apples, or vanilla extract for flavor.

    What Is Slow Cook Yogurt On Ninja Foodi? 

    The slow-cook yogurt button on Ninja Foodi allows you to prepare homemade yogurt effectively. The slow cook feature is great for scalding milk, whereas the yogurt feature lets the milk boil, cool, and even ferment. This process takes almost 16hrs.

    What Temperature Is The Yogurt Function On The Ninja Foodi? 

    The incubation cycle is the main period where the milk is fermented into yogurt. Ninja foodi yogurt setting temperature is between 110F-115F. This cycle is usually 4 to 8 hrs long, sometimes 2 hrs, to help bacteria culture more; and create tasty, delicious yogurt.

    How To Make Yogurt In Ninja Foodi? 

    1. Add ½ gallon whole milk to make Yogurt in Ninja Foodi, and select the yogurt button. Ensure the lid valve is in the vent direction. 
    2. The appliance will first scald the milk; and later show cool on the screen, indicating that it’s cooling the scalded milk.
    3. When the screen reads “ add and stir,”; add 2 tablespoons of green yogurt, and whisk it well. 
    4. Then press the start and ferment it for 8 hrs. 
    5. When the machine beeps, take out the yogurt and put it in the fridge for 4 hrs.
    6. Later add flavorings like maple syrup or vanilla extract for a better taste. 

    Switching Between the Yogurt and Slow Cooker Functions on the Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker

    Switching Between the Yogurt and Slow Cooker Functions on the Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker

    How To Make Greek Yogurt In Ninja Foodi? 

    Add full-fat milk inside the Ninja Foodi, and hit the yogurt button. The milk will first boil and cool down. When the add and stir option comes, open the pressure lid, and add 2 tbsp of Greek yogurt with active cultures.

    Put the cover in the vent position and press start to ferment it for 8 hrs. After fermentation is complete, take it out; in a bowl. Take a bowl covered in cheesecloth and drop the yogurt in it. Place it inside the fridge for 4-8 hrs. This will give you thick Greek yogurt. 


    Ninja Foodi Yogurt Button is a highly innovative feature that lets you create delicious homemade yogurt in the comfort of your kitchen. You just need to use the appliance accurately per the instruction manual, as you can make delicious, flavored yogurt. However, ensure that you add flavor after the whole process; to prevent your yogurt from turning bad!

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