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Ninja Foodi is a versatile dual-functioning appliance- acting as an air fryer and a pressure cooker, diminishing the need to purchase them separately. The appliance lets you air fry your meals to crunchiness and lock in juices with its pressure cooker feature. Its versatility has made cooking quick and easier for newbies. The Ninja Foodi enterprise provides most of its air fryers with a reset button. This button restarts the appliance settings to default; and helps ineffectively deal with the countertop’s minor glitches

Our blog will discuss the Ninja Foodi Reset button, its use, and how to troubleshoot the air fryer with the reset button. Les explore together!

Ninja Foodi Reset Button:

The ninja air fryer reset button restarts your appliance. It refreshes or returns all appliance cooking settings, including preset cooking functions, time, and temperature settings, to default. The reset button helps with minor appliance glitches like error codes, malfunctioning control pale buttons, etc. You can rejuvenate the fryer memory with a simple reset and fix multiple ninja foodi troubleshooting issues.

Ninja Foodi Reset Button

Does The Ninja Air Fryer Have A Reset Button?

Most Ninja Air fryers, like Ninja AF101, Ninja AF161 Max XL, Ninja OP301 Foodi, etc., come with the reset button. The reset button is located at the air fryer’s back or bottom. It is pea-sized and can be accessed by a toothpick or needle. Some Ninja Foodi air fryer models do not have a separate reset button. For them, the power button acts as a reset button. By pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds, the air fryer system will reset to default.  

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Ninja Foodi Problems:

Ninja Foodi is a reliable and efficient cooking tool; however, it sometimes ninja air fryer stopped working. These include;

Start-Up/ Power Issue: Sometimes, Ninja foodi starts acting out and won’t turn on, even after pressing the power button. This operation issue may be due to inconsistent power voltages, lousy power sockets, or damaged power cables. However, the software glitch issue is the most common, making the power button ineffective. 

Solution: This issue can be quickly resolved by simply resetting the appliance. This will refresh the entire software and flush out the software bugs. 

Ninja foodi error codes: The control panel displays the E code occasionally during or after cooking. This indicates an error. This error message highlights a software issue.

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Solution: A simple reset can restore the air fryer’s internal settings and resolve its error codes. If the problem persists, you may need to show it to a technician.

Unresponsive Controls: Sometimes, the control panel won’t function. Its touch buttons would stop working, or the control panel would freeze. The buttons won’t register the inputs, hence hindering the cooking process. 

Solution: You can reset the fryer system to resolve temporary system glitches. If it doesn’t resolve the issue, you must replace the membrane switch or the display panel. 

Sensor Calibration Problem: Ninja Foodi has additional roasting, grilling, or air fryer functions; it also comes with internal sensors that ensure accurate cooking temperatures. Sometimes, the fryer provides inconsistent temperatures and cooing results; this indicates that the fryer sensors must be recalibrated.

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Solution: For sensor recalibration, you just need to reset the appliance by pressing the reset button or holding the power button for 5 seconds. 

Why Ninja Air Fryer Won’t Turn On? 

The Ninja air fryer not turning on is due to the following reasons: 

Damaged Power Cord: The Ninja air fryer won’t turn on; if there is power loss due to a damaged power cable. The air fryer power cable may get twisted, tangled squeezed, damaging its internal wiring. Moreover, exposure to high temperatures can also melt its out covering. The wires’ breaks and tears result in power loss; hence, the air fryer won’t turn on.

Bad outlet: Sometimes the appliance has no problem; your power socket has gone non-operational. You just need to replace the power socket to ensure the air fryer’s functioning. 

Blown-out fuse: The thermal fuse prevents power spikes and protects the electrical circuit from damage by blowing out. This disrupts the usual electrical flow and won’t turn on the appliance. 

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Safety Feature: The Ninja Foodi will only work if its air fryer basket is adequately secured inside the appliance and its lid is closed correctly. If the fryer basket is improperly placed, then the device won’t work. 

Ninja Air Fryer Max Xl Reset Button:

Ninja Air fryer Max Xl is a popular air fryer appliance that comes with a reset button. By pressing the reset button, you can effectively deal with heating, sensor calibration, control panel, and error codes issues. To reset the appliance, first unplug the air freyr; then locate the reset button. You will find it at the back or the bottom of the machine. Pressing it will refresh your appliance’s internal settings- restoring optimal functioning. 

Ninja Foodi Grill Reset Button How To Reset:

To reset the Ninja Foodi Grill, first, 

  1. unplug the appliance and wait for a few minutes to discharge the residue electricity
  2. Now, look for the reset button, usually at the bottom of the device. You can press the switch by using a toothpick. Hold the reset button for a few seconds.
  3.  After that, replug the appliance and turn it on. You will see the system settings have been set to factory default. 

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Ninja Foodi How To Reset Ninja Air Fryer:

To reset the ninja foodi air fryer;

  1. Unplug the Plalince: First, power off the air fryer and unclog it from the socket.
  2. Find the Reset button: Locate the reset button and press it for 5 seconds
  3. Power on the Applaince: After pressing the reset button, replug the air fryer and then turn on the appliance
  4. Check the Settings: Check the fryer temperature and time settings, and see if they have been refreshed. 

Note: Reset will delete all the previous cooking settings; therefore, you should record the scenes before resetting.

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Fix Ninja Foodi Wont POWER Turn On

Fix Ninja Foodi Wont POWER Turn On (Indoor Air Fryer Grill Pressure Cooker 5-in-1 XL Pro Repair Help


Ninja Foodi Reset Button is essential for optimizing the appliance’s internal settings. To reset, the device comes with a reset controller that needs to be depressed for 5 seconds to restart the machine. This simple action lets you quickly deal with minor software glitches, error codes, sensor calibration issues, etc. If the problem persists after resetting, it means; that your appliance needs to be checked by a professional.

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