Ninja Foodi Quick Release

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Do you know how to use Ninja Foodi quick release function? The Ninja foodi is a versatile and mind-blowing appliance providing you the functions of an air fryer and pressure cooker. This dual-function appliance makes your pressure-cook veggies effortlessly roast meat and lamb chops. However, the pressure release type matters most to preserve your meal’s taste and flavor. 

Our blog will discuss the quick-release function, its steps, and when you should use this feature.

Ninja Foodi Quick Release:

Ninja Foodi 9 in 1 cooker Quick release involves setting the pressure release valve in the VENT position and manually allowing the steam inside the pressure cooker to escape. This procedure takes 1 to 2 minutes and provides delicious, nutrient and texture-preserved food. Compared to the time-taking natural release, the quick release feature is time-saving.

    Ninja Foodi Quick Release

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    What Does Quick Release Mean On Ninja Foodi?

    Quick release on Ninja foodi is manually releasing the pressure from the cooker. Compared to the natural release, where no intervention from you is required, and you naturally let the pressure cooker drop its internal pressure by itself, in quick-release, you do this task by setting the pressure lid release valve to the vent position, allowing the steam inside the appliance to escape and drop the internal pressure.

    This is usually done to save time and quickly open the pressure cooker lid. The type of food and recipe decides whether you should quickly release or use a quick release. If your ingredients are delicate and require very little cooking time, like veggies, seafood, eggs, pasta, soup, etc., you should use the quick release pressure Ninja Foodi feature.

     How To Quick Release Ninja Foodi?

    • Once the cooking process is complete, ensure that the pressure cooker time has been completed and the appliance has switched towards Keep Warm function.
    • Before using the quick-release feature, ensure that your pressure cooker is placed in a well-ventilated area where no items that could be sensitive to heat or steam are present. 
    • Use a pair of oven mittens or gloves for the quick release feature. First, find the pressure release valve. It’s a small lever or knob present over the lid. With your hands, change its position from seal to vent. 
    • Be ready to face a large steam spray from the pressure cooker, as turning the valve to the vent position has unsealed the pressure environment. Now the pressure/ steam will move from an area of high temperature and pressure to a low temperature and pressure.
    • The sudden steam spray may burn your hands and face; therefore, ensure that while using this feature, your face and hands are not near or close to the pressure lid. Use gloves and mittens for safety.
    • The pressure will keep on releasing for a few minutes. Allow the steam to escape until none is left behind.  This whole process may take a few minutes at most. 
    • Once the pressure is fully released, the float valve next to the pressure release valve will drop, highlighting that the pressure lid is safe to open. 
    • You can then open the pressure lid and serve the food. Ensure you open the pressure lid away from your fave, as the residue steam can still do more damage.

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    Safety precautions:

    • Don’t add too much water, as it can create a mess. It will create too much pressure, and steam leaking from the cooker is damaged.
    • Use oven mittens and gloves to open the pressure valve to the vent position, as it would be very hot. 
    • Keep the pressure cooker in an airy environment so that the steam will accumulate in the kitchen and escape.
    • Keep your face and hands away from the steam, as you can get burns. 
    • While opening the lid, ensure you don’t tilt towards your face as the residue steam may cause burns. 
    • Only use one cup to build steam insid3 the cooker, and add more if the recipe requires. 
    • Only do the quick release method if your recipe requires it.

    Releasing pressure (OP300 Series)

    Releasing pressure (OP300 Series)

    How Long Does Quick Release Take On Ninja Foodi?

    Compared to natural release, quick release is time taking. It could take about 1 to 2 minutes, depending on the food and water quantity inside the cooker. It’s much better compared to a 20 to 30-minute wait for natural release. 

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    The Ninja Foodi quick release is an interesting feature that lets you manually let go of the steam inside the appliance. However, this results in a huge steam spray, so you should take safety precautions and keep your fave and hands away from the steam site. Cook your delicious meals and use the quick release method to immediately open the appliance lid for serving.

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