Ninja Foodi Error Codes

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The error codes on Ninja Foodi are a sensitive issue that should be taken lightly. Error codes indicate a problem with the air fryer. This could either be due to improper use or faulty internal component. The error codes are quite stubborn and display on the on Ninja Foodi display screen; however, you can’t deal with this issue with simple troubleshooting tricks or resetting.  For this, you need a more professional approach. Our blog will discuss the Ninja Foodi error codes and the troubleshooting steps to deal with them!

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Let’s get into it!

Ninja Foodi Error Codes:

The ERR1, ERR2, ERR3, ERR4, ERR5, ERR6, ERR7, ERR8 ninja foodi are the most common errors on ninja foodi. They have the expertise in dealing with the issue. 

Ninja Foodi Error Codes

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Common Ninja Foodi Errors & Solutions:

Shut Error:

This error is displayed when your air fryer lid isn’t properly closed or in the sealing position. 

Fix: Properly place the lid over the cooking pot to fix this issue. The Shut error will disappear.

Vent error:

The Ninja Foodi vent error indicates that the pressure cooker release valve is not correctly placed in the sealing position. The incorrect placement of the pressure valve; shuts off the whole appliance as a safety mechanism. 

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  • To fix the vent error, you first much inspect the appliance’s silicon ring. See if it is properly placed within the fryer lid grooves or if it has food debris stuck on it that prevent proper placement.
  • After inspecting the silicon ring inside the led, turn the led towards the sealing position. The sealing arrow should align, and should hear a click sound.
  • The appliance volve is now in a sealing position and will help pressure inside the cooker.

Pot error:

Sometimes, you forget to place the cooking pot inside the unit; when you are in a hurry. The unit then displays the Pot error. Hoover, the most common culprit is food debris.The food debris stuck on the pot-alerting sensors. Hence find it difficult to know whether the user has correctly placed the pot inside the unit. The sensors don’t sense it and thus give the Pot error.

Fix: You need to clean your fryer unit regularly. Regular cleaning will clean off the food debris and prevent it from clogging the sensor’s functions. 

Water Error:

The Ninja Fodi is a dual-function cooker; that crisps, fries, and steams the food. However, you must add water inside the cooking pot for steam generation while steaming or using the pressure function.However, if the water level is too low for your required food recipe, no proper steam will be reduced; the appliance will give a water error. 

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Fix: The easiest way to deal with water errors is to fill up the water for your recipes to a desired level. However, don’t cross the pressure max line. 

Hot error:

The appliance sometimes overheats. This is quite a common occurrence if you try to cook multiple food batches without giving your fryer any breaks. The control panel screen will show a hot error.

Fix: To deal with the Hot error, turn off the appliance; and unplug it. Let it cool for 30-40 minutes. Then replug it. The hot error will disappear.

Error 8:

When you see err8 on Ninja Foodi, then it means that its internal components are malfunctioning. It could be the heating coil or the fryer fan. 

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  • Ninja foodi error fix includes calling customer service at 1- 877-646-5288. You can ask them to resolve the error.
  • You can return or exchange the appliance; If you purchased it from a retail store that offers an exchange policy.
  • You can send the appliance for repairs to the manufacturer’s factory or to avail the warranty service.

Ninja Pressure Cooker Error Codes

Ninja Pressure Cooker Error Codes ||POT || LID || SHUT||VENT||WATR||HOT

Ninja Foodi Err8:

The ninja foodi error 8 occurs due to some internal malfunctioning. To deal with this error, you can try the following hacks:

  • Try to reset the ninja foodi air fryer, for this press the power button for 5 seconds. The will factory reset the appliance to default.
  • Call the customer service at 1-877-646-5288.
  • Replace the item or send it for repairs to the ninja factory.

Ninja Air Fryer Shut Lid Error: 

The Ninja LID icon often blinks if the fryer lid is not correctly placed. This indicates Ninja Foodi Lid Error. This could be due to debris stuck on the lid grooves or a damaged or broken silicon ring that cannot tightly seal the lid in a sealing position. To fix this, replace the damaged silicon ring and correctly place the lid in sealing position to build up pressure.

Ninja Air Fryer Grill Shut Lid Error:

The Ninja Air fryer Grill may also give shut lid error if it isn’t properly closed or in the correct position. This could be due to multiple factors, including a damaged silicon ring, a dirty ring, and an improperly placed fryer basket. To fix this, you need to correctly place the basket inside eth unit and properly place the lid in the correct position.

Ninja E2 Code: 

Ninja E2 code occurs when the fryer basket is halfway filled. For proper cooking, cooking food in batches is recommended to avoid overfilling the fryer basket. If done, the basket won’t be able to close, and then the appliance will shut down. To deal with issue, you should cook food in batches and contact the customer support center.

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How To Fix Ninja Foodi Pot Error Code?

The pot error usually occurs when the sensor fails to recognize the pot’s correct placement or if you have improperly placed the pot inside the unit. To deal with this problem, you need to do the following:

  • Call the customer support so that they can guide you on how to handle the error.
  • See whether you have properly placed the pot inside the fryer and ensure that the pot is in the correct position.
  • Ensure that after placing the pot ;You have placed the led correctly.


Ninja Foodi Error Codes enlighten the user with the problem and hence help him in dealing with the issue. To effectively deal with the most common error codes, the Ninja provides customer support service where it helps you in effectively dealing with the issue. A simple reset can’t be the only solution to all these cases. We hope that you now know how to deal with error codes Ninja.

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