Ninja Air Fryer Stopped Working

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Electronic devices have become an indispensable part of our lives, from simple coffee machines to automated doors. We have become dependent on these gadgets, from simple coffee machines to automated doors. It’s the case with kitchen electronics and devices. 

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Ninja Air fryer has transformed the culinary world with its delicious, zero-fat cooking style; however, this machine can stop working for multiple reasons. In our blog, we will discuss in detail why the Ninja Air fryer stopped working and different troubleshooting steps you can employ to deal with its issues. 

Ninja Air Fryer Stopped Working:

Ninja Air fryer can stop working due to a faulty power outlet, damaged power cable, blown-out fuse, malfunctioning controls, unsteady power supply, improperly placed fryer basket, and faulty heating element. Moreover, Ninja won’t turn on if the fryer is too old, broken, or exposed to any liquid. To deal with this, you need to replace the broken components like the heating element, cable, and power socket; and reset the Ninja Air fryer to resume optimal functioning.

Ninja Air Fryer Stopped Working

Why Ninja Air Fryer Won’t Turn On? – Top Reasons & Fixes

Unsteady Power Supply: The Ninja Air fryer requires steady and adequate voltage to power its internal units. If the electricity supply is insufficient, then the internal components won’t be able to work, resulting in the Ninja air fryer not turning on. The uneven or interrupted power supply; can be due to the following:

  • Damaged cable
  • Malfunctioning power outlet
  • Blown Thermal fuse

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Damaged Cable: This isn’t a common nor an easy-to-identify issue as the Ninja Air fryer comes with a pretty long power cable and has rubberized conduit protection to prevent you from being electrocuted even if the internal wires are damaged.

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Although the power cord is of ideal length, uncareful practices may result in twisting, tangling, bending, and over-stretching of the cable, causing its internal copper wiring to get damaged. Moreover, the outer covering may also melt due to high-temperature exposure. 

How To Identify:

  • Visually inspect the power cord for any breaks, wear, or tear. 
  • Replace the power cord and try turning on the Ninja Air fryer. If the fryer turns on, then the power cord is faulty.

Solution: The easy way is to replace the damaged power cord with a new one. You can easily purchase it from an online store.

Malfunctioning Power Outlet: A bad outlet won’t be able to supply electricity to the appliance properly; hence it won’t turn on. A faulty power outlet can even burn the fryer’s power cord. 

How to Identify: To identify a bad power outlet, plug in another appliance to the power outlet. If the device works, then the power outlet is working fine; if not, it means the power outlet is malfunctioning.

Solution: If the power outlet has gone, you must switch to another functional power outlet in your house. 

Tip: Ensure you don’t plug the power outlet near the fireplace or gas stove in the fryer.

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Blown Thermal Fuse: Every electronic come with a thermal fuse. It’s a glass body with a filament inside. ninja air fryer fuse location is near where the power cord connects to the appliance’s internal circuitry. This fuse is sensitive to power spikes. On a power surge, it breaks, hence disconnecting the normal circuit pathway. Thus, the power won’t reach the main unit; and won’t turn on the Ninja fryer.

How To Identify: Unscrew the air fryer body and visually inspect any black, darkened, burnt part. If found, then it’s the fuse. 

Solution: The blown-out fuse needs to be replaced. You can easily purchase the fuse of the same specifications from any market. 

 Faulty Controls: Sometimes, while cooking, we use dirty, crumb-laden, or oily hands to use controls. This causes oil and other food debris to get stuck and clog the touch buttons; hence they stop working even if compressed. Moreover, exposure to water or high temperatures can also damage the controls. 

Solution: There are two significant troubleshooting steps that you should employ:

Step#1: Use a microfibre cloth and deep clean the touch panel. Try to remove the stuck food debris to unclog the food buttons. Deep cleaning the display can resolve 90% of your control issues. 

Step#2: Reset the Ninja Fryer. Unplug the air fryer Ninja and then after 10 minutes delay, replug it. This on/off can debug the appliance software and operationalize its buttons. 

Faulty Heating Element: The heating element’s main function is to heat the Ninja fryer. The Ninja air fryer not heating up issue is probably due to a malfunctioning heating coil. 

How to Identify: Inspect the heating coil for rust, corrosion, or damage. The biggest indicator is the inability of your Ninja air fryer to reach the desired temperature.

Solution: You need to replace the heating element. Hire a professional to install the new heating coil.

Basket Issue: The Ninja Air fryer comes with a safety feature. The Ninja fryer will turn on if its fryer basket is properly placed inside the fryer and the fryer lid is closed properly. The machine will only light up if the fryer basket is properly placed. 

Solution: You must correctly place the fryer basket inside the NInja fryer for the appliance to function.

Overheating: Overheating also activates the Ninja fryer safety feature; the fryer automatically turns off to prevent overheating. 

Solution: Let the fryer cool down and avoid using it for long hours. After the fryer is cold down, you can reuse it. 

Ninja Foodi Troubleshooting- How to Fix Common Problems

Ninja Foodi Troubleshooting: How to Fix Common Problems

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Why Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Won’t Turn On? 

The Ninja Foodi Air fryer won’t turn on due to inadequate voltage and power supply. It needs proper electricity to function. However, if there is any power leakage due to broken power cords, an unsteady power supply due to a bad outlet, and tripped internal circuitry due to a blown-out fuse, the Ninja foodi won’t turn on.

Moreover, exposure to high temperatures, water spills, physical damages, faulty controls, heating elements, malfunctioning fans, and overheating prevent it from operating smoothly. 

Why Ninja Air Fryer Max Xl Won’t Turn On?
The Ninja Air Fryer Max Xl can stop working due to torn power cable, malfunctioning socket, improperly secured fryer basket, overheating, exposure to physical damage, water spills, high temperatures, faulty membrane switch, control buttons, or heating element. A blowout fuse can also disrupt the normal electricity flow, causing the fryer not to turn on. 

Ninja Air Fryer Troubleshooting:

The Ninja Air fryer problems can be resolved by:

  • Resetting The Fryer: To debug the appliance issues, reset the air fryer. This can be done by pressing the fryer power button for 5 seconds. This will turn the air fryer to factory default. 
  • Replace damaged Components: You need to replace the air fryer’s damaged components which include: a broken power cord, a blown-out thermal fuse, a faulty control panel board, and a faulty heating element.

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Ninja Air Fryer Repair: 

The Ninja Air Fryer repair includes replacing or repairing the damaged power cord and replacing the thermal fuse, heating element, faulty motherboard, and control panel. A professional should replace these components, as you can accidentally damage other components during the replacement process. 

Ninja Foodi Stuck On Add Food: 

When the Ninja Foodi preheating cycle is complete, it displays Add food command to alert the user. However, it stucks on add food due to a faulty sensor. The fryer comes with a sensor that detects the working and loading of food inside the basket; however, oil or food debris can clog the sensor and confuse it. To deal with this issue, take out the food, unplug the appliance, cool it down, restart it, and try adding food again.

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How To Reset Ninja Air Fryer? 

There are two methods by which you can reset the Ninja Air fryer:

  • Ninja Foodi Reset Button: The Ninja air fryer has a pea-sized rest button at the bottom of the nInja fryer. You can depress it using a toothpick. Once depressed, the appliance will be rete to default.
  • Ninja Foodi Power Button: The power button is a reset controller. Press the power button for a few seconds, and the appliance will be factory reset to default.

Do Ninja Air Fryers Turn Off Automatically? 

Yes, the Ninja Air fryers would automatically turn off when the set timer expires. When the cooking time you selected; has been reached, the Ninja fryer automatically turns off to cool down the appliance. This prevents the appliance from overheating. Simultaneously, it starts beeping to alert you that the cooking cycle is complete.

Does The Ninja Foodi Have A Delay Start? 

The Ninja Foodi air fryer has no built-in delay start option. Although the ninja foodi has plenty of programmable functions, including the slow cook function; however it doesn’t facilitate the delay start feature. If the appliance did have this feature, this could mean that you could delay the starting cooking process as per your preference. 


We have discussed in detail Ninja Air fryer stopped working issue. The air fryer may not turn due to unsteady electricity, a broken fuse, a damaged power cord or power outlet, overheating, or a basket issue. You can reset the air fryer or replace the faulty internal components to resolve it. Regularly clean the fryer after every cooking session; to prevent clogging.

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