Ninja Air Fryer Smoking

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Is your ninja air fryer smoking? Air fryers are becoming modernized and needed for health-conscious pals who want to njoy the healthy air-fired crunch.

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However, these appliances sometimes go mad and start causing issues- producing smoke is one such thing. The smoke ninja fryer can be attributed to the greasy, oily, starchy foods you intend to cook or improper cleaning or mishandling of the appliance. In our blog, we will explore this issue in detail. 

Ninja Air Fryer Smoking:

Ninja air fryer smoking could result from being lazy on the clean-ups and maintenance of the device; cooking fatty, starchy, and sugar-rich foods that easily get burned and produce smoke; using oil in your cooking sessions; and cooking foods at high temperatures for longer. If the air fryer starts smoking, plug off the appliance, and ventilate your kitchen. You must properly clean the kitchen countertop tool to prevent the air fryer from smoking.

Ninja Air Fryer Smoking

Why Is My Ninja Air Fryer Smoking? 

Ninja air fryer keeps smoking due to excessive oil usage, improper cleaning,  high cooking times and temperatures, and splattering greasy or oil foods on the heating coil. If the air fryer starts smoking, immediately plug off the safety device. Let’s discuss Ninja AF101 smoking in detail:

Using Excessive Oil: Air fryers don’t require oil use during cooking. However, if you’re cooking highly-greasy foods like pre-fried frozen french fries, you can accumulate oil at the bottom of the fryer basket. As the cooking session continues, the oil or grease starts smoking when temperatures are around 390-450F, becoming a surefire way to create a smoking Ninja air fryer.

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The Ninja air fryer baskets come in different sizes and capacities. For 2 to 3 persons, there are 2 quarts air fryer baskets, whereas, for big families, the company offers 7 to 10-quart air fryers Ninja appliances. You must evenly distance the food items from the fryer basket for optimal heat circulation.

Improperly Placed Fryer Basket: If the fryer basket isn’t properly secured inside the Ninja fryer main unit, unleveled food layers and uneven cooking will lead to a burning and smoking smell.  

Improper Cleaning: The fryer basket has small holes for proper superheated air circulation; ensure even food cooking. However, the food stuck inside these holes may get burned while cleaning, producing black smoke. Therefore. To eliminate a Smoker Ninja air fryer, properly clean the basket holes and gaps after every cooking session. 

High Temperatures: Air fryers are famous for their speed, and their usual temperature range is between 350 to 500F. The Ninja air fryer has been designed to withstand heat; exposure to high temperatures may result in the breakdown of your appliance, resulting in a smoking Ninja air fryer. 

Long Cooking Times: Did you know that most food items get air-fried in an air fryer within 15 minutes? Most consumers; set the cooking times to 30 minutes at 400F. Exposure to such high temperatures for longer periods can melt down the internal appliance components and can area a fire hazard.

Poor Ventilation: Often, if you use loose battered foods or greasy foods, the food crumbs get splattered over the vents and the eating coil. The excess food carbs clog the air vents, which prevents heat dispensation and causes the air fryer to overheat. The overheating, in return, led to a smoking air fryer Ninja.

Preheating: Preheating is essential to ensure the air-fried crunch and golden texture. However, sometimes the fryer gets overheated during the preheating cycle, which can result in the air fryer emitting smoky fumes. 

Cooking Fatty Foods: If you see white smoke from a ninja air fryer while cooking, the main culprit is probably the fatty, greasy food. The fat-rich food items release a vast amount of oil at high temperatures, and the oils usually have low smoking points and start releasing smoke.

Cooking High-water content Foods: If the food has a high-water content, it can produce smoke when it comes in content with the heating element.


A little smoke is normal; however, if the smoke is intolerable, then it signals danger; you should immediately turn off the appliance.

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What Kinds Of Food Can Cause Smoke?  

Battered foods, wet foods, and foods rich in fat, starch, or sugars can cause smoke in the air Fryer Ninja.

Fatty Foods: Foods rich in fat, like bacon, sausages, lamb, pork, beef, etc., release oil and grease during cooking. The oil or grease excess splatters over the heating coil, resulting in producing smoke in the air fryer

Battered Food/ Breaded Foods: Cooking battered or braised foods like nuggets, chicken tenders, or fish fillets  can cause the batter or bread crumbs to splatter over the heating coil; or get burned during the cooking cycle, causing smoke

High Sugar Foods: Desserts or sweets are sugar-rich and get caramelized under high temperatures, which can result in them getting burned and producing smoke.

Too Much Sauce: When too much species, sauces, or seasoning is done on foods, the marination can drip over the heating col; and result in smoke.

Wet/ Mosit or starchy Foods: veggies, fruits, or pre-fried- frozen foods release moisture while cooking. When the moisture comes in contact with the heat, it generates smoke.

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What Should I Do If My Air Fryer Is Smoking? 

If your air fryer is smoking, then you need to follow the protocol below:

Unplug the Air Fryer: Firstly, immediately, power off your air fryer. You can use the power button on the Ninja air fryer control panel or unplug the power cord from the socket. 

Ventilate Kitchen: Now, immediately remove the smoke from the kitchen by turning on the exhaust fan or opening the kitchen windows. After cleaning the smoke from the air, you must open the fryer basket.

Remove the Fryer Basket: The last thing you want is for your air fryer to keep producing smoke; when trying to ventilate your kitchen. Remove the fryer basket and put it in the dry sink. Don’t try to clean it, as hot oils may jump and cause you to burn. Allow the basket to cool. 

Clean The Fryer: After cooling down the device, you need to clean off the burned food residue and oil gunk from the fryer. Clean the heating coil and fan with a toothbrush, and use warm soapy water for hard stains. Try to be as gentle as possible.

 How Do I Stop My Air Fryer From Smoking? 

To stop your air fryer from smoking, you need to clean your air fryer properly. You need to unclog the exhaust vents of the fryer to expose the appliance to high cooking times and temperatures. Following are the tricks you can employ to keep your air fryer smoke-free:

Proper Clean-up: Unplug the air fryer and remove the basket, wire rack, and fryer bowl. You will see a pool of grease at the bottom of the Ninja fryer bowl; the easy way is to pour the grease down the drain. But we suggest it will become hard and clog your drains.

Therefore, wipe out the grease, put the accessories in the sink, and soak them in warm dishwashing soap for about 20-30 minutes. The soap will react with oil particles and food gunk, causing them to become soft. You can use scrubbers and gently scrub off the gunk and wash the tools. Wipe the heating element and fan with a toothbrush and microfibre cloth, and unclog the fryer exhaust vents for proper heat dissipation. 

Using Bread Slices: You can wipe down the grease with bared slices. Place bread slices in the freyr bowl and allow them to absorb the oil and grease. You can later wash appliances with warm soapy water.

Keeping an eye on Preheating: When you preheat Ninja Air Fryer, you must ensure no burns or preheating occurs.

Properly secured basket: Another trick is to properly place the fryer basket inside the air fryer and place the food items with some space for proper heat circulation, keeping the food items from burning.

Tip: You can pour water at the bottom of the air fryer, preventing the air fryer from smoking during cooking.

How To Prevent Air Fryer From Smoking?

How To PREVENT Air Fryer From Smoking

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Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Smoking: 

Ninja foodi smoking air fryer can result from excessive oil use or food residue on the heating coil, resulting in smoke. Improperly positioned and overcrowded fryer baskets can also result in unleveled heating, causing the food to burn and produce smoke. Lastly, fatty foods or highly marinated food drippings on the heating element may produce smoke.

To stop Ninja foodi from smoking, properly inspect and clean the heating element to prevent burning oils and food residue. Clean the vents to dissipate heat, and properly position the fryer basket to prevent uneven heating. These simple tricks can stop your fryer from smoking. 

 Ninja Dual Air Fryer Smoking: 

Ninja dual air fryer (DZ201) could smoke due to excessive food debris getting burned at high temperatures, melting of the fryer’s internal components due to overheating, clogged fryer exhausts, improper cleaning, and cooking high-fat foods. To stop your dual fryer from smoking, immediately turn off the appliance and start ventilating your kitchen to prevent your fire alarm from setting off.

The only way to prevent a smoking ninja fryer is to keep your appliance clean and avoid cooking wet, moist, or fatty foods in the air fryer.

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 Ninja Air Fryer Oven Smoking:

Fatty Foods, starchy or sugary foods splattering over the heating coil, can be attributed to ninja air fryer smoker. Moreover, wet or moist foods can also create steam, leading to smoke. Overfilling your oven racks with food can result in uneven heat circulation, charred food, and black smoke.

To stop smoking, you must avoid cooking greasy foods or water-rich foods in an air fryer oven. Moreover, clean your oven after every cooking cycle to avoid residue-burning smoke. You can use Ninja SP101 for seamless cooking.

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Oven Smoking:

Ninja Foodi air fryer smoking may result from cooking sugar-rich, starchy, or greasy foods. Cooking moist foods like veggies and fruits can also cause smoke, and the smoke they produce is usually white. However, improperly secured and overfilled fryer baskets may burn foods and can result in black smoke.

If the air fryer oven Ninja gives off a blue smoke, it’s mainly due to nothing of the internal oven components. To prevent intolerable smoke, plug off the appliance.

Ninja Grill Air Fryer Smoking:

Ninja grill air fryer causes smoke due to the cooking of meaty foods. The fats in the food meltdown and result in grease and oil, and the oil then reaches its smoke point and starts producing smoke. To prevent this, you can use little water in the fryer bowl and cook, keeping the smoke at bay.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs):

 Is It Normal For Air Fryer To Smoke? 

If you are cooking high-fat foods, it’s normal for your air fryer to smoke; however, the amount of smoke released would be tolerable. If your air fryer is releasing excessive smoke, which is unbearable, it indicates an issue with your air fryer, and you need to turn off the appliance quickly.

 How To Reduce Smoke When Cooking Steak?

Preheat the air fryer to a desirable temperature to reduce Ninja smoke while cooking. After the preheating cycle, pat the steak and dry its excess moisture using paper towels. Trim the excessive fats. Spray high smoke point oil like olive oil, and place the steak inside the fryer for cooking. These steps will reduce smoking.

Do Air Fryers Set Off Smoke Alarms?

This depends upon the sensitivity of your smoke alarm. If the alarms are hyper-sensitive, like thrones in hotel rooms or dorms, they can set off even in case of steam. The chances of your air fryer setting a smoke alarm will also increase. To prevent this, you should place your air fryer away from the smoke detector, near an exhaust fan or windows, for quick ventilation.

Why Does My Air Fryer Have A Burning Smell? 

The air fryers usually give off a burning smell due to the melting of the protective coating. The new air fryers usually come with a plastic protective coating; when you start the air fryer, the coating starts melting at high temperatures, giving off a burnt plastic smell. Simply; preheat your new air fryer to eliminate the offensive odor. It will go away from 2 cooking sessions. 


The Ninja air fryer smoking could be due to the use of low smoke point oils; overfilling of the fryer basket; burning of food residue; improper maintenance and cleaning, or cooking high-fat foods. If the produced smoke is intolerable, then the ninja air fryer is malfunctioning. You should immediately turn off the appliance and ventilate your kitchen to prevent the smoke detector from setting off. 

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