Ninja Air Fryer Recall

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The Ninja Air fryer is a great kitchen appliance that has made cooking easy even for newbies. The appliance lets you cook food quickly in a more dignified and healthy way compared to traditional cooking methods.However, considering that this appliance is a machine that is bound to get damaged or go bad, there is a recall policy that lets the brands recall their manufactured products to reduce harm. 

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In our blog, we will dive into the details of the ninja air fryer recall and the factors upon which the recall is considered. Let’s get into it.

Ninja Air Fryer Recall:

The Ninja air fryer is a fascinating appliance that uses rapid air technology to cook delicious food. This oil-free cooking method reduces your calorie intake by 70%. 
No, specific Ninja air fryer models have been recalled recently. However, the Cosori enterprise has voluntarily recalled 2 million of its air fryers sold online from 2018 to 2022.

Ninja Air Fryer Recal

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What is Recall?

The recall is an action that’s taken by the manufacturer or regulatory agency to address the issues relating to any specific air fryer model. The manufacturer or agency’s primary goal is to protect its consumers from any potential harm or risk. 

Therefore, after having sufficient evidence and reports regarding a product, they launch a recall for it. The recall news is probably uploaded on the manufacturer’s website, and the consumers are required to stop using the product to be safe.

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Consumer Product Safety Commission:

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is the agency that highlights the issue. After getting significant consumer reports regarding a malfunctioning product, the commission contacts the manufacturer and asks it to take responsibility. The manufacturer then informs the consumers regarding the recall and accepts repairs for the faulty product.

The recall process is usually dealt with by the consumer safety commission on the following factors:

  1. Safety Hazards: The recall is often done when there is an identification of an issue which includes faulty manufacturing, wiring issue, fire risk, or inadequate warnings that could pose a threat to the user. If any is found in Ninja Foodi, the recall may be initiated.
  2. Reports & Evidence: The safety commission slowly relies on consumer reports and complaints. If multiple reports and complaints are received regarding an air fryer model, then the commission may initiate a recall, especially if it involves injuries and property damage. 
  3. Testing & Evaluation: The consumer safety commission administers various tests and evaluations to identify any safety issue. If the product fails to meet the standard safety criteria, then it may be recalled.
  4. Industry standards & regulations: The consumer safety commission keeps in check the manufacturers that are following the safety protocol and regulations or not. If found, that they are violating the standards, then their products will be recalled and strict action will be taken against them.
  5. Previous Recalls: If a company has a history of previous recalls. Then there is a strong chance that its future products may be recalled as well. 

Cleaning The Ninja Foodi Air Crisp Lid

Cleaning The Ninja Foodi Air Crisp Lid

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Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Recall:

Ninja foodi has lived up to its name of producing delicious and mouth-savoury foods. Its multifunctionality has boosted the culinary world and has opened doors for newbies to bring forth their creations. Until now, in July 2023, no recall for any specific ninja foodi model has been made. However, the Cosori enterprise had to recall 2 million air fryers due to faulty wire connections. Multiple reports were received by the safety commission regarding the safety risk of Cosori air fryers. There were complaints of overheating, explosion, fire hazards and even property damage. 

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These issues were taken note by the safety commission and an investigation was done, which found that there was an electrical wiring issue. This issue was prevalent in cosori products bought through Amazon and other online shops like best buy, eBay, home depot and Target. The commission asked the manufacturer to take responsibility and the cosori then voluntarily addressed the issue by recalling 2 million air fryers of some specific model having a manufactured date of June 2018 to 2022. 

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Specific cosori models that were recalled included:

CP158-AF,CP158-AF-RXR, CAF-P581-BUSR, CAF-P581-AUSR, CAF-P581-RUSR, CP137-AF, CP137-AF-RXB,, CP137-AF-RXW, CS158-AF, CS158-AF-RXB, CS158-AF-R19, CAF-P581S-BUSR, CAF-P581S-RUSR, CAF-P581S-AUSR, CO137-AF, CO158-AF, CO158-AF-RXB, CP258-AF,CP158-AF-R19,CP158-AF-RXW, CP137-AF-RXR


  • If you identify that your ninja air fryer isn’t working correctly, it’s overheating it’s making loud noises or you see smoke coming out of it, discontinue its use. Contact Ninja air fryer helpline. Wait for the issue to be resolved
  • Check the Ninja Air fryer recall updates on their website daily to be up to date and you can take prompt action.
  • If you identify that your ninja model is among the ones being recalled, then unplug the appliance and stop using it until the issue is resolved.
  • While your Ninja air fryer is being repaired, or replaced, you can opt for other alternative cooking methods and tools to create great dishes.

What Should Consumers Do Upon Air Fryer Recall?

When a specific air fryer model is recalled, the consumer should do the following:

  1. Discontinue Its Use: The consumer should immediately stop using the specific model to reduce the harm risk. The consumer should strictly follow the instructions on the recall notice.
  2. Go Through Recall Notice: The consumer should carefully go through the recall notice to understand the reasons for the recall, and the actions that would be taken. Moreover, it will also tell them how to refund, repair or replace the recalled item. 
  3. Contact Manufacturer: The consumer should contact the retailer or manufacturer from where the air fryer was purchased. They can guide the standard procedure for replacement and refund. 
  4. Stay Informed: Check the Ninja Food Air fryer website for recall notices daily to stay up to date regarding it. 

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The Ninja Air fryer recall has not been initiated yet. However, the cosori air fryers have been recalled due to the wire connection issue. The recall is made by the manufacturer or the safety commission upon multiple reports and complaints. This recall is done to protect the consumers from harm. Follow the air fryer recall ninja notices regularly to stay informed regarding the latest recalls.

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