Ninja Air Fryer Fan Not Working

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Ninja Fryers are real game changers and are certainly better than cookers, as they let you broil, roast, dehydrate, and air fry your meals without oil. They are the perfect gadgets that provide healthier versions of your unhealthy meals.

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This captivating advantage; has made it an all-time favorite for people with diabetes, who can enjoy fried foods with reduced calories.However, like every other appliance, you should also expect this fryer to expire. Sometimes, users complain that the Ninja air fryer fan not working. Our blog has discussed the possible causes and fixes regarding the NInja air fryer fan problems. 

Ninja Air Fryer Fan Not Working: 

Ninja air fryer fan circulates super-hot air and ensures even cooking; however, if it fails to function, you may get undercooked or raw meals. Ninja air fryer fan stop working due to power failure, exhausted or faulty fan motor, food debris that accumulates and obstructs the rotation of the fan blades, physically damaged or broken fan, loose internal wirings, etc. To fix the Ninja air fryer not working problem, you need to ensure a steady power supply to the main unit, replace the fan parts if damaged and clean the fan base to prevent obstruction by food particles. 

Ninja Air Fryer Fan Not Working


Why Ninja Air Fryer Fan Not Working?

The Ninja air fryer stop work due to multiple reasons:

Fan obstruction: The main culprit- and a common one, is the obstruction of the fan blades by food debris. During the cooking cycle, the oil, grease, and other food juices splatter over the heating coil and the fan. Non-regular clena-ups and poor fryer maintenance lead to the accumulation of such particles and obstruct the fan functioning.

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Faulty Fan Motor: The Ninja air fryer fan motor is highly sensitive to power spikes. This motor is the main tool that energizes the fan blades to radiate. Power surges may burn out or exhaust the fan motor, making it incapable of rotating the fan blades. 

Loose Fan wiring: Loose fan wiring me interrupt or disconnect the normal internal circuitry. There will be power leakage, and the fan won’t enable to absorb sufficient electricity to function.

Exposure To Moisture: Sometimes, the fan blades get exposed to water and other moisture, which corrodes or rust the fan blades. They become capable of working. 

Overheating: When the Ninja air fryer overheats, the fryer automatically shuts off the fan to prevent damage. 

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How To Fix Ninja Air Fryer Fan Not Working? 

To fix the Ninja Air fryer deluxe fan issue; 

Reset the Fryer: The basic and easiest way to debug the not working fan issue; is to restart the appliance. You should unplug the fryer, wait 10-15 minutes and then replug it.

You can factory reset the appliance to default as well. To reset, press the Ninja air fryer power button for 5 seconds or access the fryer rest button at the bottom.

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Note: Reset means factory default. It restores the appliance to its original system or settings and erases all the previous settings. Therefore, if you have made some important changes, note them down to prevent forgetting.

Clean The Ninja Fryer: To prevent obstruction of fan blades, you need to clean the fan blades after every cooking session. Wipe the fan base and blades with a warm, soapy, water-soaked, perfectly wriggled microfibre cloth. 

Tip: You can scrub the fan blades with a toothbrush

Replace fan motor: If the fan motor is faulty; then you need to replace it.

Overheating: If the appliance overheats, unplug it and let it cool down. Then replug the appliance for its fan to work. 

Why Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Fan Not Working? 

It indicates an issue if you don’t hear the Ninja Foodi fan working. This could be due to power shortage, unsteady power supply, interrupted internal circuitry, fan blades damaged due to water, or high temperatures, Obstruction of the fan base by food particles, and faulty fan motor. Sometimes, overheating also causes the fan to stop working.

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Ninja Foodi Fan Replacement:

To replace the Ninja Foodi fan, you need to consult a professional. You can get a fan replacement from the Ninja Foodi official website or approach third-party sellers on Amazon and eBay. To replace the fan, the professional has to unscrew the air fryer body and extract the damaged fan by disconnecting the wiring. The professional will then install a new fan in its place and assemble the unit.

How To Clean Ninja Air Fryer Fan?

To clean the air fryer fan:

  • Unplug the air fryer
  • Remove the fryer tray and basket
  • Put the fryer upside down and locate the fan behind the heating coil. 
  • Use a tooth brush or a microfibre cloth and scrub off the debris. You can also use a compressed can to blow off the stubborn food residue
  • Reassemble the unit parts

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Ninja Air Fryer Fan not working and Fan noise FIXED AF101CC0 S5


The Ninja Air fryer not working problem exists due to improper cleaning, lack of maintenance, faulty fan motor, or damaged fan blades. To deal with this, you must either replace the fan or regularly give thorough clean-ups to your air fryer to prevent obstruction. We hope you make routine fryer clean-up your habit!

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