Ninja Air Fryer Cancer Warning

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Ninja Air Fryers are multi-functional. They can cook, roast, steam, pressure, boil, and even fry, resulting in crispy, crunchy and savoury food while maintaining its rich nutrients with 80% less oil. Their benefits make them a healthy alternative to deep-frying methods.

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However; they are always two sides to a coin. Although; fryers bring plenty of health benefits; however, they have one big potential danger that outweighs the benefits. That is Ninja Air Fryer Cancer Warning!

Considering the great concern over it; we will highlight “does ninja air fryer cause cancer?” and if it does; what can be done to avoid it. Let’s explore this air fryer cancer scandal in great detail!

Ninja Air Fryer Cancer Warning?

Ninja Air Fryers are safe; however, their cooking at high temperatures has caused scientists to believe that they can produce potentially harmful chemicals making humans vulnerable to cancer particularly liver breast, kidney, and colon cancer. Considering this; the product has been given the Prop 65 Warning.
Do note that almost all modern-day conveniences have similar drawbacks; for example cell phones were known to emit radiation making humans vulnerable to brain tumours. 

Ninja Air Fryer Cancer Warning

Why Does Ninja Air Fryer Have Prop 65 Warning? 

The air fryer P65 Warning indicates that the air fryer has the potential to cause cancer, and other congenital disabilities. It is particularly found to cause breast, kidney, ovary and pancreatic cancer. Air fryers use hot air and high temperatures to cook food. Studies suggest that when plant-based foods like fries, cereals, chips, cookies etc are cooked at high temperatures a chemical compound called Acrylamide is produced. This is a carcinogen meaning it can cause cancer. Considering this potential risk; it has prop 65 warning.

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Air Fryer Health Risk – Beyond The Hype!

Acrylamide Discovery – Let’s Get Technical:

Similar to other modern-day inventions; it’s stated that air fryers produce cancer. Why? Acrylamide is a carcinogenic chemical that is produced when amino acid sugars react with asparagine. This chemical reaction takes palace when scratch-rich food like chips, cookies, and fries are cooked at high temperatures.

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This carcinogenic chemical is labelled as a GROUP 2A carcinogen for humans. Since air fryers are designed to cook foods at high temperatures; it is suggested that they can produce acrylamide when cooking plant-based foods.No association between acrylamide and cancer has been found yet except for: 

  • Kidney Cancer
  • Uterine Cancer
  • Ovary Cance

This raised concerns that maybe air fryer produces a high level of acrylamide chemicals- however recent 2020 study indicated that air fryers can be used to reduce cancer risk. They can reduce acrylamide formation. 

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Note: There is no conclusive evidence for air fryer is cancerous to humans. No evidence suggests that acrylamide increases cancer risk in humans. The experiment was conducted on animals; and till today; we have only evidence that acrylamides cause cancer in animals. It hypothesised that if it causes cancer risk in animals then maybe humans are prone too; however, research is still continuing in this field. 

Can Air Fryers Cause Cancer?

Can Air Fryers Cause Cancer? 3 Ways To Reduce This Risk

Ways For Controlling Acrylamide Production:

It’s suggested that you avoid putting plant-based foods in the refrigerator

  • Air fryers come with adjustable temperature controls; therefore this feature is very beneficial as you can cook plant-based meals at low temperatures. Cook them till they are light golden from the outside. Dont overcook.
  • Its recommended to post dry or do blanching of vegetables before cooking
  • High-starch food produces more acrylamide; therefore the best way to control its production is to use low-starch content foods like chicken, vegetables etc

Info: A study conducted on preheating found that preheating French fries with salt, citric acid, calcium lactate, glycine, and vitamin B2 can drop acrylamide production by 90%.

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Aromatic Hydrocarbon & heterocyclic Amines – The Air Fryer Danger!

The air fryers have other negative side effects which include the production of Aromatic Hydrocarbon & heterocyclic Amines. These toxic chemicals are produced when certain food types rich in proteins or fats like meat are cooked at high temperatures. It found that certain cooking methods like grilling or charring the meat can increase the production of these chemicals. These chemicals are produced by the following reactions:

Pyrolysis: This occurs, when high heat breaks down the fat, protein and carbohydrate, contentsof the food and produce the aromatic hydrocarbons

Maillard reaction: This occurs when carbohydrates and proteins in food are broken down by high heat

Drippings: When food (meat) is cooked; the fats and juices from the meat can drip off onto the surface and get burnt. This results in the production of smoke and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Tips For Reducing Aromatic Hydrocarbon & heterocyclic Amines Production:

  • It’s best that you use leaner meat cuts rather than fatty meats as they can produce more dripping-ultimately resulting in more aromatic hydrocarbons
  • As suggested in acrylamides; cook meat at lower temperatures to reduce aromatics
  • It’s best that you use plenty of other effective cooking methods like boiling, steaming, and poaching. It found that these cooking techniques can effectively lower HCAs production.
  • Avoid overcooking food
  • It’s best that you marinate the meat before cooking them in the air fryer. It’s effective that you marinate with vinegar or lemon juice as they have been found to reduce HCAs.

Reheating Oil – Health Deadly:

Air fryers aren’t designed to recycle oils; nor do they use vast amounts of oils to develop crunchy and pillowy food. Their reduced oil fry technique helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. However; if you don’t clean the machine after each cooking cycle; then the oil droplets from the previous cooking, get reheated and cause the production of smoke and other aromatic hydrocarbons. This can cause liver problems, colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer.

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How To Get Out? 

  • It’s simple; deep clean your air fryer to avoid oil reheating.

Food Poisoning – Lethal: 

Food poisoning is caused by ingesting toxic or contaminated foods. The toxins are particularly developed when you don’t properly clean your machine. Non-proper cleaning can result in the fast growth of bacteria; however high temperatures inside the fryer destroy them. The major cause of food poisoning by air fryers are undercooking of meals, especially frozen food. They have salmonella bacteria which then causes food posing. 

How To Get Out?

  • Properly cook frozen food 
  • clean your fryer regularly

Cholesterol Oxidation – Slow Poison:

Air fryers can cause cholesterol oxidation of cholesterol-rich foods which can result in the development of atherosclerosis. 

How to Get Rid Of It?

  •  It’s important to cook and store cholesterol-rich food properly. Store the meal in air-tight containers
  • Avoid high-temperature cooking
  • Consume nutrients-rich veggies

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How Do Air Fryers Cause Cancer? 

Air fryers themselves don’t cause cancer. They use the convection cooking method where they circulate the hot air and cook food evenly. However, it has been found that food high in protein or fat content when cooked at high temperatures; results in the production of heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which cause cancer.

These food include meat, fish, poultry etc. Whether you grill, boil, saute or fry them; they will produce HCA, PAHs chemicals. Therefore; to reduce the risk; it is usually suggested that you avoid overcooking the meat; moreover marinate it before cooking and keep on flipping it during the cooking process.

Additionally; it’s suspected that cooking plant-based food like fries, mashed potatoes, potato chips etc can produce acrylamides-a carcinogen that increases the risk of cancer. For this; it’s suggested to cook plant-based meals until they are lightly golden. It’s recommended to avoid overcooking them.

Are Ninja Air Fryers Healthy And Safe To Use? 

The Ninja Air  Fryers are both healthy and unhealthy. 

How Ninja Air Fryers are Healthy &Safe?

  • They are PFOA-free. Most of the ninja air fryers now come with ceramic coating; hence no worry regarding it getting peeled off or mixed into your food. 
  • They use hot air to cook food; a better and healthy alternative to fried food
  • They use little to no oil; reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • They don’t produce radiation

How Are They Unhealthy?

  • They produce acrylamide- a carcinogen chemical that tends to cause cancer
  • Produce aromatic hydrocarbons

Are Ninja Air Fryers Toxic? 

The answer is both; They are toxic and nontoxic;

How Ninja Fryers Are Toxic?

The biggest reason for the flyer to be toxic is its production of acrylamide chemicals. This chemical is usually produced when starchy food comes into contact with high temperatures and ultimately results in this toxic chemical. This carcinogenic highly toxic, and when consumed in the long run, it can cause cancer

How Ninja Fryers Are Non-Toxic?

Previously, fryers used to have non-stick Teflon coating, which would eventually get worn out and get mixed with food. The manufacturers have replaced the surface with PFOA-free ones. They usually come with ceramic, glass or other non-stick PFOA-free surfaces that won’t flake off and cause potential health risks. This feature allows you to cook meat-based food without fear of producing acrylamide. Hence labelled non-toxic air fryers by manufacturers.

Best Air Fryers Without Teflon

  • Ninja AF101 Air Fryer

Why Does The Ninja Foodi Have A Cancer Warning? 

The ninja foodi cancer warning is a requirement of California state law for businesses to inform the consumers regarding the potential risks the product has and make informed decisions regarding it. Do note that having this label doesn’t indicate that the product has high levels of cancer-causing chemicals. Ninja Foodi is known to produce aromatic hydrocarbons and acrylamides when cooking meat-based and plant-based foods at high temperatures. You can reduce the risk by following the user instructions and keeping a healthy diet

Do All Air Fryers Cause Cancer?

Air fryers are not involved in cancer production. It’s not the appliance but rather the cooking process that may result in the development of certain chemical compounds aromatic hydrocarbons or acrylamides- that are strongly linked to the development of cancer. These are labelled as carcinogens-cancer-causing agents. When consumed for longer periods- can cause cancer. Therefore; its recommended to practice a balanced diet to reduce risk.

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Do Air Fryers Cause Radiation?

Air fryers don’t produce radiation like microwave ovens. The ovens produce electromotive radiation that penetrates the food to cook it. On the contrary, the air fryers use hot air to circulate the food. In other words; the radiated heat flows around the food; it doesn’t penetrate the food. Hence, air fryers are more healthy and safer than microwave ovens.


Air fryers have plenty of advantages however their most significant drawback is Ninja Air Fryer Cancer Warning. Its found to produce acrylamide, aromatic hydrocarbons, and heterocyclic amines. Although; there is yet no definite evidence available; however, it’s best to take precautions than be sorry! Therefore; it’s best that you avoid high-starch content food, maintain a  balanced diet, clean your device properly, avoid overcooking food, and use boiling, steaming, blanching, and other effective cooking methods to lower the risk.

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