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Are you curious how to natural release Ninja Foodi? The Ninja Foodi pressure cookers are a great kitchen marvel providing multi-functionality. You can steam roast your meal effortlessly.Pressure cooking usually involves building pressure inside the cooker by setting the lid to the selaing position. However, what to do after the cooking is done. How to release pressure?To resolve this and reduce the steam spray when you open the lid, the Ninja Foodi has a natural release and quick-release function. 

In our blog, we will discuss these two in detail and explore the stepwise steps of ninja foodi natural pressure release.

Natural Release Ninja Foodi:

You must leave the appliance for 15-20 minutes to relieve pressure. This will reduce the internal pressure automatically, without doing anything. After the pressure gets released, the whistle sound will become less. Then use the quick-release vent to eliminate any extra steam. You can then open the lid and serve the meal.

    Natural Release Ninja Foodi


    Some people believe you will see steam from the pressure cooker during natural release. The steam won’t come out. This natural release simply means naturally decreasing the internal pressure.

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    What Does Natural Release Mean On Ninja Foodi?

    The natural release indicates that the appliance can lower its internal pressure naturally. When the internal pressure starts to reduce, the temperature will decrease. A 15-20 minutes natural release will lower the internal pressure and temperature. The whistle sound is lowering. After 20 minutes of cooling, you can eliminate the remaining steam using the Quick-release valve. 

    Natural Release Vs. Quick Release Ninja Foodi:

    The natural release is the slowed pressure release process taking about 15-20 minutes or more, depending on the amount of liquid and food ingredients inside the cooking pot. This natural release simply means naturally letting the pressure drop. The float valve will drop once the internal pressure drops, and you can open the lid. This also reduces the steam spray once you open the lid. Moreover, the natural release process helps retain the food’s texture, flavor, and tenderness. 

    On the contrary, the quick-release valve takes almost 2 minutes to remove the steam from the pressure cooker completely. This release valve simply indicates forcefully releasing the pressure. This is an efficient feature if you are short on time and want to depressurize the cooking chamber quickly. Moreover, it’s helpful for delicate foods that turn out soggy if stayed too long in steam.

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    How To Natural Release Ninja Foodi?

    The pressure natural release process includes the following steps;

    Step#1Cool The Unit:

    The first step towards naturally depressurizing the cooking compartment is to let the appliance cool down. You should not touch it and leave it be. You should wait to open the lid after pressure cooking, as the steam spray will be big, and you may get burnt. Moreover, the unit will be hot, and you can get hurt. Leave the unit and let nature do its work. 

    Step#2 Let It Depressurize:

    Now, leave the unit for 15-20 minutes. The pressure cooker lid will remain in the sealed position. By leaving the appliance by itself, without doing anything, the internal pressure in the cooking compartment and the temperature will lower. You should listen to the whistle sound. If the sounds start to reduce eventually, then it means that the appliance is naturally depressurizing. The more you wait, the better the pressure will be lowered. 


    If your Ninja Foodi releases a lot of steam/smoke during the cooking process, although the lid is in the sealing position. This indicates a risk. You should immediately turn off the appliance. You can contact Ninja Foodi helpline.

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    Step#3 Use Quick Release:

    After naturally depressurizing the appliance, some of the steam will still be left. If you don’t remove the steam residue, two things will happen: the lid won’t open, or the steam spray may cause you to burn if you forcefully try to open the lid. To prevent this, use the quick-release valve to remove steam forcefully. This will take 2 minutes. The lid will not get stuck and easily open; there would be reduced, less harmful steam spray. 

    Step#4 Serve The Meal:

    After the quick release, open the lid. The natural release retains the food’s flavor, texture, and crispiness. Take the email and serve. The pressure cooker keeps the food warm until its lid is open. 


    If you cook high-starch content foods like soup or sauces, create a lot of foam or froth during the pressure release process. Therefore, you should use the natural release method instead of quick release. This will prevent mess and clogging.

    Safety Precautions: 

    • The unit will be hot during and after cooking; Therefor use an oven mitten for safety.
    • Only use the accessories approved by ninja foodi for the cooking process. Only use the approved accessories, They can not damage the unit.
    • Keep your face and hands away from the  vent place during the venting phase, as it can cause burns.
    • Ensure that you use the ninja foodi in a well-ventilated area and not  near the flammable gas stoves or Fireplace. Its can be risky.
    • After cooking, unplug the appliance and properly clean the device to prevent bacteria gorwth.

    Releasing pressure (OP300 Series)

    Releasing pressure (OP300 Series)

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    How Long Does Natural Release Take Ninja Foodi?

    The Natural release process takes about 15-20 minutes; however, this natural depressurization process may take longer depending on the amount of liquid or food ingredients. After the cooking cycle is complete, the ninja Foodi will shift to keep warm mode; to keep the food warm. This slow process keeps the food’s nutrients, flavor, texture, and crunchiness retained. However, it’s not great for delicate foods that should not be placed in steam for long. For such delicate foods, it’s better to opt for the quick-release option. 

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