Is Cosori A Good Brand?

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Cosori is a California-based company that is owned by Vesync. The company makes its designs in the United States, however, its manufacturing houses are located In China. After Philips, the most well-known brand is Cosori. The unit is known to provide users with smart innovative design air fryer models that are both cost-effective and power efficient. Compared to deep fryers, the cosori air fryer models provide delicious crunchy air-fried foods with reduced oils and fats. 

Is Cosori A Good Brand?

Cosori is indeed a reputable and trustable brand that has always prioritized its user’s needs. The brand is the second-most popular company after Philpihs. It is best known for its smart technology air fryers. It has a high Amazon and ebay rating. Its most distinctive aspect is its technology-driven cheap air fryer models.

Is Cosori A Good Brand

Air-Fryer Cosori Characteristics:

Some of the characteristics that make cosori air fryer a good brand are:

High Amazon Rating: The cosori air fryer models have a 4.7/5 rating on Amazon, indicating that it’s a trustworthy and reliable brand.

Cost-effective: The cosori air fryer brand offers fryer models at low cost. It’s cheaper than a conventional oven.

Smart Technology: The most important feature that makes the cosori air fryer stand out is its smart control feature. The latest cosori air fryer models can be controlled via the  Vesync app that can be downloaded from the Play Store. Once the app is downloaded, the user can sync the fryer model with it and control its cooking function. Another brilliant feature is voice control. The latest air fryer models have great compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa and hence can be controlled through the user’s voice. 

Ceramic coating: Although most of the cosori air fryer models feature a Teflon BPA-free coating, the brand has kept in mind the safety and health of its users. Therefore, its latest models are now ceramic coated and have dishwasher-safe accessories. This is a huge accomplishment as it reduces the cancer risk.

Responsible Brand: Due to a manufacturing defect, around 2 million cosori air fryers were recalled by the company and provided immediate replacements to its users. The cosori brand took full responsibility for this incident and ensured the safety of its users. Overall, the cosori is a trustworthy and responsible brand that has created plenty of unique design air fryer models providing you with an optimal cooking experience. The brand is ranked high on Amazon and its smart technology air fryer models are well priced around the globe.

Cosori Air Fryer Review: 

Is cosori air fryer good? Everyone is dying to know this. And my answer is Yes. I have been using a Power Xl air fryer for years. I bought a cosori air fryer a few months back, and its performance was brilliant. If I had known about this air fryer a few years ago, I would have replaced my Power XL air fryer with a cosori air fryer.

Cosori Air Fryer Reviews:

I own 2 cosori air fryers; both are of 5.8 qt capacity. One is a standard cosori air fryer and the other is a WIFI-enabled air fryer. Both of these air fryers work superbly. One is controlled via the control panel whereas the other air fryer (smart) provides a smart control feature. It gets connected to the smartphone through the Vesync application. It has great compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa. Through this, you can reset the cook times, schedule delayed cooking, and get access to multiple food recipes.

My cosori air fryer had the following specs:

  • Weight: 12.3 Pounds /5.6 Kg.
  • Power: 1700watts
  • Dimension 11.78×13.87×12.65 in
  • Cooking presets 10 Customizable Presets, Preheat and Keep Warm
  • Non-stick coating: Yes
  • Cleaning: Dishwasher-safe fryer basket
  • Capacity 5.8 qt / 5.5L
  • Materials: Aluminum, Plastic, Metal

What Does Air Fryer Box Come With?

When my cosori air fryer box first arrived from Amazon, it had the following pieces

  • Cosori air fryer main unit
  • Cosori air fryer basket.
  • Cosori air fryer inner basket with handle
  • Cosori air fryer power plug
  • Cosori air fryer recipe book
  • Cosori air fryer user manual
  • Cosori Air Fryer accessory kit

Cosori Air Fryer Accessory Kit:

The cosori air fryers don’t come with accessories however, the brand does offer an accessory kit that makes cooking easy for users. The kit usually includes:

Silicon mat: This mat prevents the hot air fryer food drawer from damaging your wooden countertop. It acts as a barrier

Skewer rack with 5 skewers

A cake pan: This pan is helpful in making cake, bread etc.

A metal holder: This keeps the food basket elevated

Egg bites mold: You can make eggs, muffins etc. 

Pizza pan: You can create pizza, pie etc in it

Prominent Characteristics Of the Cosori Air Fryer Model:

Smart Control: The latest Cosori air fryer models like Small Smart air fryer now have smart control technology. This technology allows the users to control the appliance through mobile phones or through voice. The company has launched the Vesync application. Through this application, the user can entirely control the air fryer. It can reset the cooking times, reschedule delayed cooking and even get access to cooking videos and various recipes to polish their cooking skills. This application makes you aware when the cooking cycle is complete or the unit requires shaking for even heat distribution.

Another important feature is the voice control. The models are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Hence, you won’t have to go to the main unit and set its controls through the control panel. You can just give a voice command to the unit and it will start operating

Cooking Presets:  Pro II and Smart 7 QT air fryers are among the plenty of cosori air Fryer models that provide you with a bunch of cooking presets. These cooking presets allow you to cook your food in various styles and at multiple temperatures with ease. Whether it’s french fries, finger fish or macaroni, the air fryer has all the cooking functions that let you cook these with ease. If you are planning on buying a cosori air fryer, ensure that your model has maximum cooking presets as it will open multiple opportunities for you. 

Cooking Capacity: The Cosori air fryer models come in various sizes and cooking capacities. If you are a family of 2 individuals, then you won’t need an air Fryer with a 7-quart capacity, as it will be a waste of money.To help you save your money and meet your specific family meal needs, the Cosori air fryer has launched different models having varying cooking capacities ranging from 5.8 to 9 qt to more. The 5.8 qt air fryer like Pro II Smart Air Fryer is great for couples whereas the Smart 7 QT is yet another model launched by the brand that targets 5-6 member families. For bigger families, you might have to opt for big cosori air fryer capacity models. 

Additionally, if a unit has a large cooking capacity, it would be providing you with a large cooking chamber at the expense of its compact size. It won’t be space efficient anymore and will occupy a big chunk of your kitchen countertop space. 

Coating: The cosori air fryers initially had Teflon-coated accessories. However, considering the increasing risk of cancer by its chemical compositions like BPA and PFOA, the company started launching models that were BPA-FPFOA free. Additionally, since it just minimized the risk but the danger of cancer was still present, they shifted towards the making of Teflon-free units. The company’s latest models have now ceramic-coated accessories. The heat-resistant coating is superior compared to Teflon, as it won’t peel off when exposed to high temperatures.

Dishwasher Safe Accessories: The cosori air fryer cleaning is something that cannot be overlooked. To prolong the air fryer’s life, the model needs to be regularly cleaned. To keep the cleaning process safe and easy, the company has launched the models with dishwasher-safe parts. Do note that its main unit isn’t dishwasher safe.Now, it’s up to you whether you want to clean the accessories in a dishwasher or manually clean them with soap and water. 

Pros & Cons Of Using A Cosori Air Fryer:


Easy To Clean: It’s very easy to clean the cosori air fryer. Most of the accessories are now dishwasher-safe. You can easily put the dirt accessories like a fryer basket and drip trays in the dishwasher for a gentle rinse. 

If your cosori air fryer accessories have gotten stubborn stains then you can use the following tricks to keep the unit clean. These include:

  • Using lemon water to degrease the oil and fats that have been stuck on the air fryer basket for days
  • Using baking soda and water paste to remove the stubborn stains
  • Using vinegar and water solution to neutralize the grease and oils and keep the unit clean.


  • Regular clean-ups will keep the unit away from harm
  • Dont clean with harsh abrasive tools as they can peel off the non-stick coating

Faster Cooking: The Cosori air fryers are equipped with rapid air technology. This cyclonic technology circulates the hot air evenly through the cooking chamber. Through this, the food cooks after and evenly compared to the conventional oven appliances. The unit cooks 20% after and provides you with plenty of time for your other activities.

Versatility: The most prominent and appreciable feature of cosori air fryers is their versatility. The multi-stage cooking functions let you cook a variety of foods.

2-year Warranty: Most of the cosori air fryers feature 2 year warranty

Cost-effective: Most of the cosori air fryer models are cheap and affordable.

Reduced Oil Usage: The cosori air fryer provides you with crunchy and crispy brown, air-fried foods with reduced fat and oil usage. This is a healthy alternative to deep fryers 


Noise: Not all the cosori air fryers are noiseless like Pro LE. Some of the cosori air fryer models produce a noise that’s, particularly from an exhaust fan. This usually disturbs the peaceful cooking sessions. 

Non-stick coating: Although the majority of the cosori air fryers feature non-stick coating, I’m worried whether it will flake off during the cooking sessions. One time, I used a metal utensil for booking, and it slightly damaged my food basket. 

Buttons Get Stuck: While using the air fryer control panel, the buttons would usually get stuck. It was very annoying

Don’t Trust Recipe Books: I have noticed that the cookbooks have photos of recipes taken from the photo library. They don’t provide real recipe pictures. Hence, this raises the question: If the pictures are not there, then is the recipe there?

See-Through Windows: One major complaint that I have with the cosori air fryer is the lack of see-through windows. This makes it difficult to see the cooking process. 

Final Verdict: 

I tested the cosori air fryer model to find out whether it’s truly worth your buck. The unit is decent-sized and perfect for small family meals. It has a variety of cooking presets that make cooking fun and easy. Moreover, the cosori air fryer comes with plenty of accessories that make cooking a versatile process. The unit features 100+ recipe books to let your culinary experiments run wild. It’s great for anyone looking to cook from fresh to frozen foods.

Cosori – How To Use Your Air Fryer

Where Is Cosori Brand From?

Cosori air fryer is a California-based brand. Although most of its air fryer models are designed in the United States, they are manufactured in China. This is because China provides low production costs.

Is Cosori A Good Air Fryer? 

Cosori air fryer is a well-reputed air fryer brand that is well-known for its top-quality air fryers.The brand is known for its creative state-of-the-art technology air fryers. Most of its latest air fryer models come with smart technology that allows the users to control the unit through their voice or mobile via Vesync. It’s a trustworthy brand providing cost-effective and powerful kitchen appliances to its customers.

How Long Does The Cosori Air Fryer Last? 

The cosori air fryer’s lifespan depends on the model quality, its usage level and maintenance. An average air fryer can last up to 3 years. However, you can extend this up to 4 years or more through regular clean-ups, strictly following the manufacturer guidelines and preventing wear and tear of the product through prolonged usage. All this can extend the cosori air fryer’s lifespan.

Which Cosori Air Fryer Is Being Recalled? 

Around 2 million cosori air fryer models have been recalled. This recall was done when around 205 reports regarding cosori air fryer explosion, fire hazard overheating, melting and property damage complaints were filed by the users. Around 5 to 6 users also got severely injured. Upon in-depth investigation, it would conclude that cosori models purchased from June 2018 to December 2022 purchase through online platforms like ebay and Amazon were found to have an internal wiring issue, which was causing the units to cause fire.

Following are the models that are recalled by the company:






















Is Cosori Air Fryer Toxic? 

Cosori air fryer models are safe to use. Although the models contain Teflon coating, it is free from their dangerous Bpa, and PFOA composition. These chemicals are known to cause cancer in individuals. However, since the Teflon is BPA/PFOA free, hence the unit is non-toxic and safe to use.

Is Cosori Air Fryer Non-Toxic? 

Yes, cosori air fryers are non-toxic. Although some of the cosori air fryer models contain Teflon coating, the teflon is BpA/PFoa free and is safe to use. Moreover, the latest cosori air fryer models now have a ceramic coating. Hence, the cosori air fryer models are non-toxic. 

Is The Cosori Air Fryer Teflon Free? 

Some of the cosori air fryer models have Teflon coating. The Teflon is a nonstick coating done on the air fryer accessories like fryer baskets, grill plates, drip trays etc to prevent food from sticking onto the surface. Although the cosori air fryer models have Teflon, it’s Bpa/PFOA free. The latest cosori air fryer models now have a ceramic coating that is slowly replacing the Teflon models.

Is Cosori Air Fryer Bpa Free? 

Yes, most of the cosori air fryer models like the COSORI Air Fryer with Customizable 10 Presets & Shake have plenty of BPA-free accessories. Bpa is a strong chemical that is often used in conjunction with Tefkon and is known to cause cancer. Hence, considering the high cancer risk, the cosori air fryer brand has made its components BPA-free.

Is Cosori Air Fryer Dishwasher Safe?

The cosori air fryer unit isn’t dishwasher safe. The whole unit isn’t waterproof and hence should be submerged in water. However, the unit does come with dishwasher-safe accessories like an air fryer basket, drip trays, grill plates etc that are dishwasher safe.While cleaning them in the dishwasher, ensure that the accessories aren’t hot and keep the rinse cycle gentle. 

How Much Is A Cosori Air Fryer? 

The price of the cosori air fryer depends on its size, quality and the number of cooking presets. The average price range is between 50 to 100 dollars. As the functions and capacity increase,  the model price also increases.

Where To Buy Cosori Air Fryer? 

Cosori air fryer can be purchased from the cosori air fryer website. You can also use e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Ali Baba, and Best Buy to purchase your prefered cosori air fryer model. The cosori is a globally known brand and hence you can easily purchase its models from any retail store or online platform.

How To Preheat Cosori Air Fryer? 

  1. To preheat the cosori air fryer, plug the unit into the power outlet and turn on the cosori air fryer by pressing the power button. 
  2. Once, the unit is powered on, place the accessories inside the unit and press the preheat button. This will preheat the unit to 400F for 5 minutes. 
  3. Once the preheat is done, the unit will start to beep.
  4. You can also manually preheat the unit by using the temperature and time buttons on the control panel.

How To Use Cosori Air Fryer? 

Cosori air fryer is an easy-to-use unit.

  1. Firstly plug the unit into a functional socket and turn on the appliance by pressing the power button. 
  2. Ensure that you have correctly placed the fryer basket and its accessories into the fryer unit.
  3. Press the preheat button to preheat the unit for 5 minutes at 400F. While the unit is preheating, prepare the food ingredients. 
  4. When the preheat cycle is complete, place the food ingredients in single layers and at some distance. Avoid overlapping.
  5. Close the fryer door and select the required cooking preset and press start. Shake the air fryer basket midway through cooking, to prevent uneven cooking.
  6. When the fryer starts to beep, the cooking cycle is complete. It’s ready to be served.

How To Clean Cosori Air Fryer? 

Cleaning the cosori air fryer is quite easy and simple. 

  1. Unplug the unit and allow it to cool down. 
  2. Remove the accessories and put them in the dishwasher. 
  3. With a wet microfiber cloth clean the exterior of the unit to remove debris and oil stains.
  4. If there is a stuck gunk on the accessories, you can submerge the accessories in warm water and soap mixture. Once the debris softens, you can gently scrub it off and rinse the accessories. 
  5. Let the accessories air dry and then reassemble them.


The cosori air fryer is an excellent brand. Its high rating on Amazon proves that you can put your trust in it. Moreover, its got the latest smart technology and ceramic-coated models that are both power-efficient and cost only a few bucks. The creative and innovative models give you a lot of perks which include fast cooking, quiet performance, compact size and reduced oil intake. All the cosori air fryer models are ebay to clean, come in various sizes, offer generous cooking capacity and have multiple functions for an optimal cooking experience. For amenities to master chefs, the cosori air fryer models are the best!

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