Instant Vortex Air Fryer Cooking Times

Written By Irfan Hussain

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Instant Vortex air fryer is an conventional appliance that has become a real game-changer in the culinary world. The unit has the capability to carete different and delicious culinary dishes withminium effort. As we all have individual differences, similarly,when it comes to taste and flavor, everyone has different views. Therefore, the cooking times for certain recipes cant be determined and you need to go through great experiments to end up with a taste that you desire. 

To dealwith this cooking times issue, we have developed a comprehensive guide highlighting the instant vortex air fryer cooking times. This cheat sheet can save you from the hassle of continuous experiments.

Instant Vortex Air Fryer Cooking Times:

The cooking times of the instant vortex have been categorized depending on the types of foods like emat, chicken, beef,pork, seafood, veggies,letencils, rice etc. The cooking times will vary depending on the size, thickness and texture of the food ingredients. Frozen foods will require more cooking compared to fresh foods.

Instant Vortex Air Fryer Cooking Times

Instant Pot Meat Cooking Times:

Instant Pot is a versatile appliance that lets you create delicious meat recipes. Whether its instant vortex chicken breast cook time, beef,lamb or pork, the following general guidelines can assist you in getting thoroughly cooked food.

Chicken, Breasts (Boneless)6 – 8 Minutes  Per 450 G / 1 Lb
Duck, Portions With Bones12 – 15 Minutes Per 450 G / 1 Lb
Lamb, Cubes10 – 15 Minutes Per 450 G / 1 Lb
Beef, Stew Meat20  Minutes Per 450 G / 1 Lb
Beef, Ribs20 – 25 Minutes Per 450 G / 1 Lb
Beef, Shanks25 – 30  Minutes Per 450 G / 1 Lb

Instant Pot Chicken Cooking Times

The instant pot provides you the opportunity to create delicious chicken dishes. Although the instant potchicken time per pound varies, the following tables highlights some general cooking guidelines for chicken recipes. 

ChickenCooking Time (minutes)
Chicken, Breasts (Boneless)6 – 8 Minutes  Per 450 G / 1 Lb
Chicken, whole 2-2.5 Kg8 per 450 g / 1 lb
Chicken, bone stock40 – 50
Chicken, cut with bones10 – 15 per 450 g / 1 lb

Instant Pot Beef Roast Time:

The cooking time for beef roast in instant pot depends on the  beef thickness. Once you have thoroughly cleaned the beef chunks, you need to saute’ the chucks along with the side dishes. Cooking a 3 lb beef roast usually requires 60-75minutes for through cooking. Preheat pot before cooking.

Instant Pot Beef Stew Cook Time:

The beef stew cooking time in instant pot greatly varies on the sizeof the meat chunks. Larger meat chunks will require more pressure compared to smaller chunks. Similarly, frozen chunckswill require more pressure and cooking time compared to fresh meat. A fresh beef will take 18 minutes to cook whereas a frozen beef (stew meat) will take 28 minutes to get completely cooked.

Instant Pot Corned Beef Time:

The cooking time for corned beef vary greatly on its size and the thickness. Its recommended to wash the corned beef with cold water before cooking to remove the excess salt. Then add water and put the emat under pressure. Thecooking time for fesh corned beef is usually 75 minutes. If the corned beef is frozen, then it will take 90 minutes to properly cook it. 

Instant Pot Bean Cooking Times:

Beans are an effective way for adding plant-based proteins into your diet. Letencils and beans are very easy tocook in an instant pot.Its recommended o soak the beans overnight for faster cooking. We have provided cooking times for different beans in both categories (soaked and unsoaked). After the cooking isdone, its best that you release the steam naturally or wait for 10 minutes before doing quick release.

BeansSoaked Dry/Unsoaked
Black beans20-2530-35
Cannellini beans15-2030-35
Great Nothern Beans10-1525-30
Moth Beans8-1012-15
Lima Beans15-2025-30
Navy Beans15-1820-25

Instant Pot Pork Roast Time:

A frozen pork will take more time to cook compared to a fesh one. If the pork is frozen, then ensure that the port pieces are separate from one another and cut them into small pieces for even cooking. The instant pot pulled pork time per pound will require 15 minutes to cook. The frozen pork lion roast will take 22 minutes. Similarly, a bone-in pork shoulder instant pot cook time will be 15-20 minutes. If its 5 pounds, then cook time will be 90-100 minutes.

Instant Pot Pork Tenderloin Cook Time:

For cooking pork tenderloin in instant pot, sear the seasoned pork and then add sauce and broth and pressure cook the ingredients for 3-5 minutes. A fresh tenderloin will take only 3 minutes to cook compared to a frzoen one that usually requires 5-6 minutes. 

Instant Pot Chuck Roast Cook Time:

The chuck roast cooking time in instant pot varies on the beef quantity, size and thickness. Large ad thick cuncks will require more pressure compared to those of small cubic sizes. A fresh chuck roast of 3 pounds will take 45minutes to cook whereas a frozen 3 lb chuck roast will take 60 minutes. A fresh Chuck roast (cubed) will take 5 minutes whereas the same frozen one will tatke 17 minutes to defrost and cook properly.

Instant Pot Rice Time:

The Instant pot provides you with a rice measuring cup to cook rice. Before cooking, rinse rice until the water becomes clear. The amount of water youwill add to cook rice will varying greatly on the rice texture. After pressure cooking,its best that you naturally release the pressure. 

RiceRice:Water RatioPressure Cooking Time
Arborio (risotto rice)1 : 25 minutes
Basmati (brown)1 : 1.2522 minutes
Brown (long grain)1 : 1.2522 minutes
White (long grain)1 : 16 minutes
Wild rice1 : 1.528 minutes

Instant Pot Steak Time:

Sear the steakon saute mode, to get deliciousand flavory steak. Then pressure cook the steak for about 3-5 minutes. After that, you can naturally release the pressure for 10 minutes. Finish the cooking by seasoning the steak with your favorite spices. 

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Instant Pot Carrots Time:

Cooking carrots in an instant pot is very easy.Put peeled off and sliced carrot pieces inside the pot along with your favorite sauces or broth. Then pressure the ingredients for 2-3 minutes.Quick release the pressure and add seasoning to enhance the flavor

Instant Pot Vegetables Time:

Instant pot can boil and steam veggies like potatoes, carrots, and sweet beans. Pour liquid and then add veggies, seal the lid, select the low-pressure option, and let the pot do its work. It’s best to use a trivet with the appliance as a steamer basket. It will keep the veggies in place and ensure proper cooking.

VegetablesTime (Minutes)
Brussle Sprouts2-3
Sweet Potato12-15
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