Instant Pot Air Fryer teflon

Written By Irfan Hussain

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The Air fryer market has progressed a lot. The variety of fryer models are equipped with modern technology to make cooking easy for both professionals and beginners.The instant pot is yet another model that acts as a multicooker, loaded with multiple functions. It acts as a pressure cooker, steamer, dehydrator and even as an air fryer. To prevent food particles from sticking to the cooking surface, some models feature Teflon.It’s said that Teflon is toxic. In our blog, we will discuss the instant pot air fryer Teflon and debate whether it’s safe to use!

Instant Pot Air Fryer teflon:

The instant pot air fryer manufacturer’s claims that it is Teflon-free are false. Before the addition of the crisping air frying function, the instant pot had only a stainless steel interior and lacked Teflon-coated accessories. However, after the addition of the air frying function, the fryer basket comes coated with Teflon. The Teflon keeps the bottom safe from food sticking.

Instant Pot Air Fryer teflon

Does The Instant Pot Air Fryer Have Teflon? 

Instant Pot air fryer combines the properties of both a pressure cooker and an air fryer. The unit comes with plenty of much-needed accessories. The interior is usually stainless steel or ceramic coated. These are teflon-free coatings. Apart from that, the unit comes with an air fryer basket that’s usually coated with Teflon (PTFE). This coating keeps the fryer basket base non-stick and prevents the food from sticking to its base.


  • While using the air fryer basket, it’s especially recommended to use non-abrasive silicon utensils. This is because metal utensils can damage their coating. 
  • Moreover, avoid using strong cleaning agents, as they will have a strong chemical reaction with the coating and it may start to peel off.
  • Scrubbers should be non-abrasive. The peeled-off coating can mix with food and enter your stomach.
  • Overheating the Teflon-coated basket results in the release of some toxic fumes that may cause some respiratory issues.

What Material Is An Instant Pot Air Fryer Made Of? 

The instant pot air fryer is usually made of plastic exterior along with either stainless steel or ceramic coating. Some of its accessories may contain teflon like a fryer basket. To find out about the unit materials, you should go through the user manual or product description where they have highlighted the unit construction materials. This will give you a general idea about what to buy and what not to buy.

Is Instant Pot Air Fryer Teflon Free?

If the manufacturers claim the Instant Pot air fryer to be completely teflon free they are wrong. This is because the unit now comes with air fryer baskets that have a Teflon coating. The pot unit used to be teflon-free in the past when it had no air fryer function. When this crisping function was added, the fryer basket was added to its accessories which contained Teflon.

Is Instant Vortex Air Fryer Teflon Free? 

No, the Instant Vortex air fryer has some accessories like an air fryer basket that has a Teflon (PTFE) coating. The Teflon coating is safe to use and is non-toxic. However, care should be taken while using Teflon-coated accessories. Overheating the PTFE accessories can result in the release of toxic fumes that may lead to some health issues.

Is the Instant Pot Air Fryer Toxic? 

No, the Instant Pot air fryer is completely safe to use. The unit has mostly ceramic or stainless steel coating. They are highly heat-resistant and scratch-resistant. They won’t emit toxic fumes upon high temperatures and neither would they mix up in your food. 

Is Instant Pot Air Fryer Toxic? 

The Instant Pot air fryer is certainly a non-toxic appliance. Although some of its components contain PTFE coating, yet is mostly ceramic or stainless steel made. The unit overall is non-toxic and provides its users with delicious and healthy meals.

Is An Instant Pot Air Fryer Safe? 

Yes, the instant pot air fryer is safe to use. The unit has combined properties of both a pressure cooker and an air fryer. Most of its counterparts have stainless steel or ceramic coating. Only a few accessories like a fryer basket have teflon coated. The Teflon is safe to use until and unless you don’t use strong cleaning agents, abrasive cooking utensils or overheat the unit.

How to Use the Air Fryer Lid?

Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer - How to Use the Air Fryer Lid


We have discussed in great detail regarding instant pot air fryer Teflon. The unit does have Teflon-coated accessories. However, the units overall aren’t toxic. To find out regarding your product materials, you can find out by reading the user manual. It provides product descriptions in detail. This will be helpful for you if you are planning on having a teflon-free child.

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