How To Use Powerxl Air Fryer?  

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PowerXl air Fryer has rocked the kitchen market with its versatility. From baking donuts; to roasting chicken, this countertop appliance creates delicious, mouth-watering meals with 70% less fat and calories. Its state-of-art cyclonic technology provides even heat to the food preventing the meal from being either overcooked or undercooked. As new owners, you should know How To Use Powerxl Air Fryer.  Its usage is straightforward. All the relevant buttons are provided for optimal functioning. Let’s explore power xl air fryer user guide to gain in-depth knowledge regarding its various functions. 

How To Use Power Xl Air Fryer?

As per power xl air fryer manual, connect the power cord to the socket to provide electricity to the appliance. Withdraw the fryer basket and place your food in it. The air fryer has an easy-to-read touch-sensitive control panel. Press the power button to activate the appliance. You can regulate the cooking time and temperature for your specific recipe with the temperature and time controls. After fixing the required settings, press the power button again to start the cooking. 

    How To Use Powerxl Air Fryer

    What To Do Before First Use Of Power Xl Air Fryer?

    The power xl air fryer how to use initial set-up includes the following steps

    Step#1 Unboxing:

    Since your newly purchased air fryer comes all wrapped up, The first step towards prepping it would include removing all packaging and plastic wraps around the power xl air fryer

    Step#2 Cleaning:

    Since; the parts are newly manufactured, there might be some dirt or chemical residue over it. Take out its removal parts like the fryer basket and drip tray. Gently clean the parts with dish wash soap and a non-abrasive sponge. Then rinse and air dry them.

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    Caution: Don’t use microfiber or lint cloth to dry the parts. The lint can get stuck and damage the appliance.

    Since the unit isn’t waterproof, with a moist cloth, wipe down the exterior of the air fryer.

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    Step#3 Preheat:

    After air drying the detachable accessories, place them back into the appliance. Using the control panel, set the temperatures to 400F for 10 minutes. This is a preheating temperature. Preheat the new air fryer to burn off the chemical residue to prevent a chemical-like smell while cooking. 

    Step#4 Ready, Set, Cook!

    Now, it’s cooking time. Place your uncooked meal into the air fryer basket. Put the basket back into the air fryer. Use the air fryer buttons for cooking food.

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    Caution: Air Fryer power xl manual warns not to overfill the basket with food as it causes improper heat circulation. This will result in undercooked food.

    Power Xl Air Fryer Button Meanings:

    The powerxl air fryer has a control panel with buttons to flawlessly navigate the cooking process.

    These buttons include:

    • Power button
    • Cooking presets
    • Temperature controls
    • Display panel
    • Timer control.

    Power button:

     It illuminates when you put the basket and the frying tray back into the main fryer unit. This button is used to activate the air fryer. When you press it one time, it will set the fryer to default 370F temp for 15 minutes. If you press this button twice, the cooking cycle will start. The process will stop if you press this button during the cooking cycle.In short, this button helps start and stop the cooking process.

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    Cooking Presets:

    You will see the M icon on the control panel. Pressing one of them will set the unit temperature and time for that particular food category.For instance, if you press the shrimp icon, your appliance temperature will automatically be set to 330F for 15 minutes. The presets may change for particular models. For instance; for models: HF-509TS, HF-959TS & HF-196TS, the following is the preset cooking chart.

    Preset Cooking ButtonTemperatureTimer
    French Fries400°F20 min
    Shrimp330°F15 min
    Roasts370°F15 min
    Fish390°F25 min
    Baked Goods350°F 25 min
    Steak380°F25 min 
    Chicken380°F 25 min

    Temperature Controls:

    The +/- buttons on the control panel enable you to increase/decrease the temperature by 5F. 

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    • Temperature range: 180F-400F
    • Dehydrate temperature range: 90F -170F

    Timer Controls:

    Similar to temperature, the + -signs on the right side of the control panel increase/decrease the cooking time by 1 minute for all cooking cycles except for dehydrate (its 30 minutes)


    • Average Time range: 1-60 minutes
    • Dehydrate time range: 24-2hrs

    Display Panel:

    It will display your cooking temperature and time

    Spinning fan:

    During the cooking or preheating cycle; you will see a fan icon in the Red LED. The fan symbol will start spinning- to ensure that even heat is circulated and the food is cooking evenly.

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    Operating the PowerXL Vortex Classic Air Fryer

    Operating the PowerXL Vortex Classic Air Fryer

    How To Turn On Powerxl Air Fryer?

    Turn on power xl air fryer by plugging its power cord into a 110V Socket.

    • Then, place all the accessories, fryer basket, and fry tray into the housing unit.
    • The power icon on the appliance will light up. It means that the device is on.
    • To start the cooking process, press the power button two times. But before that, use the preset cooking buttons for a recipe’s default cooking time/temperature.

    How To Start Powerxl Air Fryer?

    Starting a Power xl air fryer is simple. 

    • First, place the powerxl air fryer on a flat horizontal surface.

    Caution: The surface should not be wooden surface. If you have wooden surfaces in your kitchen, use ceramic tiles, heat protectors, or silicon heat mats to stop the fryer’s hot air from cracking or destroying your wooden surface.

    • Place the fryer in an open space; so there is enough room for ventilation for the device.
    • Plug the fryer power cord into an electrical socket and power on the switch.
    • Place the food into the fryer basket and put it back into the appliance. This will light the power icon on the easy-to-read control panel. 
    • Press the menu(M ) button to cycle through the preset function. After selecting your desired cooking preset, press the power button to start the cooking session.

    Note: You can manually navigate the cooking preset via the temperature and timer control buttons.

    Press the power icon to start the cooking process.

    How To Turn Off Power Xl Air Fryer?

    The Air fryer has an automatic turn-off system when the cooking session has ended. However, if during the cooking process, you feel the need to shut off or stop the air fryer; you can press the power icon on the display panel. This action will halt the cooking process and reverse every setting to default. You can then switch off the power socket and unplug the xl fryer power cord from the electrical socket. However, the air fryer fan will turn off after 20 seconds of turning off the appliance. This keeps the appliance cool.

    How To Preheat Air Fryer Power Xl?

    Air Fryer Xl preheating method will depend on your model. You can either preheat manually or by using the designated preheat button.

    Preheat Manually:

    • Firstly, place the device on a flat, level, non-wooden surface.
    • Plug the power cord into the power source, and press the power button on the control panel.
    • Regulate the temperature by using the +/- temperature buttons. Set the temperature to 400F.
    • Regulate the cooking time by using the +/- timer buttons. Set the time to 3-5 minutes.
    • Press again the power button to start the preheating process. 
    • When the appliance gives a beep sound, then it means that the preheating cycle is complete.


    • Put the fryer basket and the frying tray into the housing unit before preheating. Don’t preheat without them.
    • Do not preheat with oil, as it can either give off smoke or a burning smell.
    • Don’t preheat with aluminum foil or parchment paper, as it can lead to a fire hazard.

    Automatic Preheating:

    Some air fryer power xl models have a special preheat button. You don’t need to manually set the temperature and time for your food. All you need to do is press the preheat button on the touch-sensitive control panel. The appliance will automatically start preheating to default settings.

    How To Work A Power Xl Air Fryer? 

    According to the power xl air fryer user guide, the air fryer usage includes:

    Place the air fryer in a well-ventilated area on a flat, leveled, non-wood surface.

    Caution: Don’t place the appliance near a gas stove or fireplace, as it can be hazardous.

    • Plug it into the socket to provide electricity to the unit.
    • Manually control the temperature and time by using controls.
    • Press the power button to start the preheating process. After the preheat cycle, use oven mitts to remove the fryer basket and place food inside it. 
    • Select the desired cooking preset using the Menu Button. 
    • Press the power button to start cooking.
    • Once the cooking cycle is complete, you will hear a beep sound. Take out the food.

    Note: During cooking, periodically check the food and flip the basket for even cooking.


    • Use small pieces of food
    • Don’t put them so close to each other
    • Don’t oversee the food
    • Use aluminum foil or parchment paper on the fryer basket to prevent mess

    How To Reset Power Xl Air Fryer? 

    Power Xl Air Fryer reset instructions include:

    • Unplug the power xl power cord from the socket
    • After 10 seconds; replug the cord into the socket
    • Press the power icon for about 5 seconds. Keep on holding onto the button; until you hear the beep sound.
    • The power xl display will immediately turn off and then turn on again. The appliance is now reset. 
    • To check whether it has factory reset, go through the values on the control panel. They will be of default settings.

    Note: Power xl air fryers don’t come with particular reset buttons; the on/off button is mainly used to factory reset the appliance.

    Resetting the powerxl air fryer means refreshing or restarting the appliance to default values. 

    This is usually done when there is some malfunction in the device. Various troubleshooting issues include; 

    • the appliance not responding to your commands
    •  when the device shows error messages or codes,
    • When you want to reverse the appliance to its pre-set values. You want to change the changes that you have made to the device.
    • Storing your appliance for extended periods; resetting it before storage will eliminate the risk of air fryer malfunction.

    How To Take Apart Power Air Fryer Xl? 

    To take apart power air fryer Xl, you need to have the following tools:

    • Screw driver
    • Pilers
    • Gloves
    • Microfibre cloth
    • Sponge

    The power xl air fryer disassembly steps include:

    • First, unplug the hot machine from the power outlet. If you have recently used it, let it cool down for half an hour before disassembly. Trying to remove a machine while it’s hot can give burns or scars. 
    • On the front of the air fryer, you will see a handle; grab it and use force to remove the air fryer basket from the main housing unit. 
    • On the top of the fryer basket; you will find a big red button; Press it; to remove the fryer basket from the outer basket.
    • At the back of the power Xl main unit, you will find screws. With a screwdriver, unscrew the exterior. You will gain access to the heating element. 
    • You will find wires interconnected with fans and the heating element. With pliers, remove the wires. 
    • Clean the fan and the heating element with a moist microfiber cloth.

    Note: Don’t scrub the fan or heating coil harshly, as these fragile parts may break down.

    • To reassemble the appliance, execute the procedure in reverse.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    How To Turn Off Sound On Powerxl Air Fryer?

    If the appliance starts beeping; just turn the dial to the off mode. The sound will stop. However; if your model does not have one; or the dial isn’t working; then press the power button to switch off the device; the beeping sound will turn off. Often the appliance beeps when the food is ready. Sometimes, it becomes noisy, as continuous beeping can be due to a stuck button, food residue, or other malfunctions. In this tough situation, you can use the recommended hacks.

    How Many Watts Is The Power Xl Air Fryer? 

    The power xl air fryer’s average wattage is 1200-1700 watts. The watts vary depending on the model. Often it’s mentioned on your model’s descriptive label. Watt is the amount of energy your appliance needs to generate heat. The higher the wattage an air fryer has, the more heat it produces; however, the unit will consume more energy and will certainly be expensive compared to low-watt air fryers.


    We have demonstrated how to use power xl air fryer. The power xl air fryer working isn’t rocket science. It’s a simple straight-word process; where you use control panels to regulate temperature and time. It’s important that before cooking, you preheat the device. If the device is malfunctioning, press the power button to factory reset it. After every cooking session, clean the machine for better taste and avoid toxins.

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