How To Turn off Sound On PowerXl Air Fryer?

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The PowerXl air fryer has been designed to cook delicious foods. For our safety; this gadget comes with a built-in sound system that beeps when the food is cooked. However; due to some problems; it starts to beep continuously; becoming a great headache. For this; we have targeted the issue: “ how to turn off sound on PowerXl air fryer”.

The air fryer’s continuous beeping sound could be due to various factors like; food being burnt; or the device isn’t working properly. The internal temperature is too high, or the internal components are not working.Let’s discuss the steps to turn off the sound.

How To Turn Off Sound On PowerXl Air Fryer?

The easiest way to turn off sound is by using the display controls. You can navigate through the settings and turn off the sound. The second easiest method is via the power button. It’s the shortest method; which just involves pressing the power button for a few seconds. Some other methods include unplugging the device, fixing stuck buttons and cleaning food debris as they can cause the continuous beeping sound. Lastly, using the voice command feature.

How To Turn off Sound On PowerXl Air Fryer

10 Easy Ways To Shut Off Sound On Power XL Air Fryer:

Method#1: Display Controls:

The PoweXl air fryer has display controls; with which you can easily turn off the sound. For this; follow the steps below:

Step 1: Power-On:

Firstly; plug the PoweXl fryer into the electric outlet and switch it on via the power button.

Step 2: Navigation:

Use the control panel arrow keys and navigate through the settings. Select the sound settings

Step 3: Turn-off Sound:

Select the turn-off option to stop your fryer from beeping.

Method#2: Power button:

In this method; keep on pressing the power button for a few seconds. This action will give off a sound that indicates that the sound notification is turned off. Now, the fryer won’t beep.

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Method#3: Unplugging The Device:

If the above two methods fail to work; and your fryer is continuously beeping; then its temporary solution is to plug off the device from the power socket. This will shut down the device and cease the beeping sound

Method#4: Using Volume Control:

If the sound settings aren’t working; as an alternative, you can decrease the beeping volume to zero. For this; you need to navigate through the fryer’s volume control feature.

Step 1: Power on The Fryer:

Plug the fryer into the power socket and power it on using the power button.

Step 2: Navigation:

Through the arrow keys; access the volume control function. Navigate through the controls to reduce volume.

Step 3: Reduce Volume:

Now; decrease the volume of sound and save changes.

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Method#5: Mobile App:

Some PoweXl models come with a mobile app feature. Through a mobile app; you can remotely control its functionality. The app can also assist in turning off the sound. For this, check which model you have and whether it has an application for remote control. If yes, then download the application and turn off the sound by going to its settings.

Method#6: Voice Command:

Some PowerXl models also feature voice control in which you can easily control the device features via voice command. This is quite useful in turning off the sound. If you are very busy in the kitchen and don’t have time to navigate through the system manually, voice control can be quite helpful.

Method#7: Food Debris:

Not giving your fryer regular clean-ups results in baked-on grease. The food debris can jam the internals and put your device in danger. If your fryer is continuously beeping; then it may be due to the debris. Give it a thorough clean-up to stop the sound.

Tip: Use water and baking soda paste to clean the baked-on grease.

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Method#8: Fix buttons:

Stuck control buttons can also trigger sound notifications. You may not even know, but your control button may be partially pressed and stuck. For this, you need to show it to professionals and fix the button. Only then will the sound turn off.

Method#9: Cool The Device:

Unusually high internal temperatures can also cause the device to beep continuously as a safety measure. You can easily identify the problem; if the exterior of the fryer is hotter than usual. For this, immediately turn off the device and unplug it. Let the device cool down. When the internal temperature reaches normal, the beeping sound will automatically disappear.

Method#10: Fix Fan:

The food debris can jam the fan, or make it work harder than usual. The fan will then start to make noises and disturb your peaceful cooking. To deal with this issue, open the fryer and clean its fan with a damp cloth. If the fan is damaged; then show it to a professional.

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Disable/turn off beep PowerXL Air Fryer

Disable/turn off beep PowerXL Air Fryer


We have demonstrated all possible methods for how to turn off sound on powerxl air fryer. Do note that all the methods listed above are common; whereas there are a few methods that vary from model to model. Keep in mind that the sound system is introduced into the device as a safety measure. If it’s beeping too much; then it is always indicative of a problem. Therefore, do show it professionally; when you feel like your fryer has some issues.

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