How To Turn Off Gourmia Air Fryer

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Do you have trouble turning off your gourmia air fryer? Switching off an air fryer is a breeze. This is all thanks to the air fryer’s user-friendly control panel that is either knob oriented or has touch buttons for easy navigation. Every part of the operation is located over there.However, sometimes this easy process of turning off the gourmia air fryer becomes challenging if there is some sort of issue. For instance, short circuit, broken control panel etc.

In our blog, we will discuss in detail how to turn off gourmia air fryer and resolve issues associated with them.Let’s Get Into It

How To Turn Off Gourmia Air Fryer?

To turn off the gourmia air fryer, 

  • simply press the stop/cancel button. 
  • After that, turn off the switch and unplug the appliance. 
  • Your gourmia air fryer gets turned off with only these simple steps.
How To Turn Off Gourmia Air Fryer

How To Turn Off Preheat On Gourmia Air Fryer? 

To turn off preheat, you will find a separate preheat button on the gourmia digital display. When you press it once, it will activate the preheat cycle. If you want to stop the preheat cycle or turn it off, re-press it and it will deactivate. Another way is to press the stop button to stop the preheat cycle midway.

How To Turn Off Gourmia Air Fryer Oven? 

To turn off the gourmia air fryer oven, follow the steps below

  • Press the stop/cancel button located on the display panel
  • Switch off the power socket to stop the electric flow into the appliance
  • Now, unplug the unit from the power socket
  • Let the appliance cool down

While turning off the air fryer oven, safety should be your priority. Directly unplugging the unit from the power source can off-balance the unit by putting it to reset. Therefore, unless you want to factory reset your gourmia, always press the stop/ cancel tab to smoothly turn off the appliance.


  • While cleaning the appliance, don’t submerge the main unit in water. Use a cloth to wipe the digital display and the exterior.
  • For resetting the unit, you can immediately unplug the appliance and then replug it after a 5 to 10-minute delay. This will factory reset the unit.
  • experiencing issues when turning off 
  • It’s important to preheat the unit for 5 minutes at 400F to get even cooking results.
  • You can use aluminium foil as a sling to cook delicate foods. The foil will collect all the juices and it keeps the mess at bay
  • While cooking, you mustn’t overcrowd the basket and always flip the food midway for even browning 
  • Don’t overcook the food, as it’s unhealthy.
  • Before cleaning, allow the unit to cool down.

Experiencing Issues When Turning Off Gourmia Air Fryer ( Reasons & Solutions ):

There are plenty of issues that may lead to an unsmooth process of turning off the air fryer’s digital gourmia.

These include:

  • Faulty stop/cancel button
  • Power issues
  • Faulty power cord
  • Faulty Device

Faulty Stop/cancel Button:

The stop/cancel tab may stop functioning due to plenty of reasons. This can make the turning-off process quite challenging. 

This could be due

Faulty Touchscreen: Sometimes, the whole touchscreen gets frozen. The buttons won’t respond and the unit won’t turn off no matter how many times you press them

This faulty touch display can be due to Damaged switch membrane, faulty PCB or grease or oil that has badly accumulated and frozen the touch buttons. If the issue is due to a faulty PCB or mylar membrane, then you need to replace them with a new one. If the issue is due to dirt, then use a damp cloth to wipe the exterior and remove grease and stains. 

Worn-out buttons: Sometimes, the control panel buttons get damaged, stuck or broken. If it’s just one button or knob, then instead of replacing the whole panel, you just need to replace that one specific button to resume functionality.

Short-circuit: Unstable power voltages can result in short circuits. The unit has a thermal fuse that acts as a voltage regular. A sudden spike and the fuse blows to protect the internal components from melting.This leads to a short circuit of the unit and the appliance wont respond. To deal with this problem, you need to ensure a stable voltage supply and replace the blown-out thermal fuse with a new one.

Loose Terminals: Sometimes, the stop/cancel buttons have loose terminals. This leads to mute buttons. To deal with this, you can approach an electrician to tighten the loosened button terminals to resume functioning.

Bug: Sometimes, a bug freezes the unit control buttons. The control panel buttons get stuck and won’t operate. To deal with this bug, you need to force reset the unit. For this, unplug the unit by directly pulling out the plug from the power socket. After waiting for a few minutes, replug the unit. This simple process will flush out the bug and hence reactivate the control buttons’ functions.

Power Issues:

Sometimes,  the issue lies in your house’s main power circuit. Unstable power leads to constant tripping of circuit breakers and hence the unit isn’t able to power up properly. Therefore, it’s on and off tabs won’t work.Your power socket may be causing the problem as well. Unstable voltages result in the built-in thermal fuse to blow up. This disrupts the normal circuitry and the connection to the internal components of the unit is cut off. This is done to protect the unit from damage. 

To deal with the issue, first check if the power socket is functional or not. You can use a multimeter to check for its functionality. Then if there is some issue, you can plug the appliance into another socket. 

Faulty Power Cord:

Sometimes, the power cord is broken or its outer covering gets melted due to heat. This results in power leakage. Hence, no sufficient power can reach the main unit to operate. This can cause the stop/cancel button to become non-functional. You can easily spot a faulty cable. Moreover, when you turn on the appliance, the unit will turn on and off by itself due to power loss. This will affect the unit’s performance and result in digital errors.The best solution is to replace the power cord with a new one to provide sufficient power flow to the unit for smooth gourmia air fryer works.

Faulty Device:

If your appliance has some mechin3 or some technical fault, then turning off gourmia becomes an issue. A simple stop tab won’t work until you force-stop the unit by directly unplugging the appliance from the power source. If your appliance is new, then your unit might have a warranty. You can show it to technical support for diagnosis and repair.If your gourmia air fryer is old, maybe its malfunction is due to wear and tear. You can still show it to some technician and repair it. 

If your gourmia air fryer is very old, then its malfunction may be due to its slowly losing function. In this scenario, purchasing or replacing its parts is very difficult. The best solution is to purchase a new air fryer.

Gourmia airfryer – turning it on for the first time

Gourmia airfryer - turning it on for the first time


We have discussed in detail how to turn off gourmia air fryer. Turning off the unit is very simple, provided that the unit is not facing any problems. If the touch screen is faulty, buttons get stuck or frozen, there is a faulty power cord or abrupt voltage surge, you may face some issues while turning off the unit. 

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