How To Steam In Powerxl Air Fryer?

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Do you want a way out of bland, unappetizing, and unhealthy foods? Are you ready to upgrade your cooking gear? Power xl air fryer has got you covered. Its unique steam functionality lets you cook savory, flavourful meals oozing with juices. Compared to the traditionally old steamers, the powerxl steamer function is more versatile, less cumbersome, and convenient. Let’s buckle up to explore how to steam in powerxl air fryer and fact-check its validity. 

How To Steam In Powerxl Air Fryer?

To steam in powerxl, fill the tank with a filter or tap water. First, preheat the fryer. Add the seasoned food, set the time, and select the steam function. The water tank will generate steam; ensure the water level doesn’t run too low. After the cooking cycle is complete, take out the food. It’s a simple steaming process-more convenient than traditional steamers. 

    How To Steam In Powerxl Air Fryer

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    Let’s Revotionalize Your Cooking With PowerXl Steam :

    I remember; when I first bought PowerXL Air Fryer Pro to cook healthy food, my initial thought was, “it would lose juice in a month.” It’s just useless hype. However, when I started using this machine, to my surprise, I got addicted to it. I would use its steam function daily to steam veggies like carrots, potatoes, and broccoli. I would often infuse the water with aromatic flavors for tastier food. There is a problem with the water level; it gets too low usually, soi had to check periodically, but the water level icon was a great helper. It’s a helpful addition to my cooking arsenal! And I hope the same for you. 

    Step-wise-Step Process:

    Step#1: Clean The Unit

    Before steaming, clean the unit from the inside out with a damp cloth. This is essential to create tasty food rather than smelly and unhealthy meals with a burnt food residue smell

    Step #2: Fill It Up

    The powerxl air fryer comes with a water tank. Detach the water tank from the main unit and fill it to a maximum level. Then attach the water tank to the main unit.

    Warning! Don’t overfill the water tray, as overfill can lead to spilling during steaming.

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    Step #3: It’s Time For Preheat

    A single preheat step is a game changer. It provides even heating to the food. To retain the moisture and texture of food, it’s a must-follow step. Press the preheat button to preheat the powerxl

    Tip: While the machine is preheating, save time; and start seasoning up your food. Add flavors and spices to it for enhanced flavor.

    Step#4: Lets Steam

    After the preheating cycle finishes, open the appliance, and put the food into the fryer basket. Click on the steam function. The temperature will be set to default 212F. You have access to temper the time. If the food doesn’t require a long cooking time, select 15 minutes; otherwise, 40 minutes. Select the start button to initiate the steaming process. 

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    Step#5: Let The Food Out

    When the device starts beeping, the steam cooking is complete. Open up the device and take out your hot food oozing with flavors.

    Caution: Use kitchen mitts to remove the food after steaming. Take care of your face and hands; the steam can instantly burn you when you carelessly open the fryer door. 

    Wait, There’s more!

    What If You Want To Air Fryer And Steam Simultaneously?

    Interestingly, the powerxl enterprise is one step ahead of you. It has introduced the combo function. After filling the water tank and preheating, you can press the combo button. The food will first be steamed and then go through the air frying process; for more crispiness. 

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    Why You Should Go For Steaming Method?

    • It retains your food nutrients, i.e., minerals and vitamins
    • It’s an easy cooking method
    • Lets you taste the true natural flavor of food
    • It retains the food texture, i.e., keeps it juicy and soft

    Tips For Effective Steaming:

    Ensure there is space between the food items for enhanced steam circulation
    For delicate foods like fish that cant come in contact with water, wrap them with parchment paper or aluminum foil
    You can add lemon juice, herbs, or spices for flavored steaming
    Place the machine in a flat non-wooden surface for saftey.

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    PowerXL Air Fryer Steamer Whole Chicken 7qt AirFryer Combination Cooking

    PowerXL Air Fryer Steamer Whole Chicken 7qt AirFryer Combination Cooking


    Knowing how to steam in powerxl air fryer can be a useful cooking method. Steaming food is healthy for individuals with liver disease; it’s the best way to keep their liver functioning. They can get all the essential nutrients without compromising their health. The steam function is easy compared to the traditional methods. So, what are you waiting for? Go steam up the delicious flavor with this, buddy!

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