How To Steam In Ninja Foodi?

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In this fast-paced world, people seek an effective and convenient way to prepare nutritious meals without compromising flavor and texture. The Ninja Foodi air fryer has revolutionized the cooking world with its multi-functionality, and the steam and air crisp combo has made cooking easier for newbies. 

In our blog, we will explore how to steam in ninja foodi and the benefits this steaming process brings individuals. Let’s dig into it!

How To Steam In Ninja Foodi?

To steam food in ninja foodi, fill the water reservoir inside the kitchen countertop and place the ingredients over the steam rack. Close the smart lid and then use the ninja foodi steam setting to steam the food. For health-conscious individuals, the ninja steam function is the best! If you have been using Ninja OL601 Foodi XL, and its performance is noteworthy.

    How To Steam In Ninja Foodi

    Benefits Of Steaming In Ninja Foodi:

    Steaming is a superb cooking method that benefits your culinary creations. Some of its benefits include:

    Nutrient Preservation: Steaming lets you preserve your food’s nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This enables you to enjoy nutritional meals. The steaming method is much better than the other cooking styles, which results in nutrient loss.

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    Retained Texture: Steaming lets you keep your food’s natural texture and crispiness. The steamed food remains tender and crispy since it doesn’t require excessive heat for cooking. If you are steaming veggies, they will maintain their natural shape; and crunch, the meat will remain juicy, whereas the steamed seafood will remain moist. 

    Preserved Color and Freshness: Unlike boiling, where the food’s color leaches out in the water, the steaming method lets you resin the original color and freshness of the food. It locks in the natural hue of your food ingredients, making them look appetizing.

    Enhanced Flavor: Steaming uses mild heat, which interacts with the ingredient’s flavor and intensifies them without altering the original/natural food flavor.

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    Reduced fat intake: Steaming only requires water; this cooking method doesn’t require adding oils or fats for flavor. This makes it an excellent cooking choice for individuals planning to reduce their calorie intake.

    Weight Management: If you plan on losing weight, streaming your food is an excellent step, as this process has low calories; and will reduce your overall calorie intake. You can steam broccoli and other veggies; and enjoy a weight-balanced diet.

    Time-Efficient: Steaming is better than other cooking methods; as with this, you don’t need to preheat the appliance, saving a lot of cooking time. It’s a tremendous time-effective kitchen countertop that cooks food in minutes.

    Versatility: The steaming method is quite versatile as it lets you steam veggies, meat, seafood, and grains. You can explore and create a variety of meals with one appliance. 

    Allergy-friendly: Steaming the food ingredients is like sterilizing the food of bacteria and other contaminants. It doesn’t introduce germs to the foods; therefore, this method is relatively safe for allergic individuals for their dietary meals. 

    Easy clean up: since steaming doesn’t require oil use, there won’t be oil splattering on the ninja foodi air fryer heating coil. The clean-up is effortless, where you need to drain the water. Most of its accessories are dishwasher safe.

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    Ninja Foodi Steam Function: 

    The ninja foodi steam function is very efficient and sets this multi-cooker apart from the other air fryers in the market. Its use is straightforward. All you need to do is fill the water reservoir in the Ninja foodi; up to the recommended volume.

    Afterward, you must place the steam rack inside the air fryer and place your ingredients, like eggs or broccoli, over it. The steam rack creates an elevated platform for your ingredients to get steamed. Pressing the steam function button; will immediately start heating the water in the reservoir.

    This will create a gentle flow of steam that will circulate the food ingredients and retain their nutrients, flavor, color, and texture. This steaming function provides plenty of culinary possibilities ranging from steaming veggies to seafood; it can handle all in one go. Using this; will help in the quick cooking of your food.

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    How To Use Ninja Foodi Steam Function?

    Using the Ninja Foodi steam function is a straightforward process. It includes:

    Fill The Water Reservoir: Ninja foodi has a water reservoir, which you must fill to the required level. The exact water level is determined by the type and quantity of the steam for steaming. You can see the user manual for guidance. 

    Attach Steam Rack: Securely place the steam rack inside the ninja cooking pot. The primary purpose of the steam rack is to create an elevated space for the ingredients above the water level; so that the produced steam can easily circulate through the food contents. 

    Place The Food: Now, place the food ingredients over the top of the steam rack.


    Don’t overcrowd the steam rack with food, as it will hinder proper steam circulation; and lead to uneven food cooking. For cooking large quantities, steam food in batches.

    Close The Fryer Lid: Properly closing the lid will create a  sealed environment where steam will build up and start circulating through the food ingredients. 

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    Select Steam Function: Press the steam function button on the control panel. Pressing the steam button; will set the appliance to default settings.

    Adjust Time and Temperature: According to your recipe requirement, the appliance does provide you to manually adjust the time and temperature using the buttons on the control panel. For frozen veggies- usually, the best  8 minutes at 375℉/190℃  whereas for fresh veggies, a good starting point is 375℉/190℃ for 5 minutes. 

    Start Steam Function: Press the start button to initiate the steam function. The pressure cooker will start heating the water to create a stream, which will then be used for steaming the food ingredients. 

    Monitoring The Steaming Cycle: You can watch the food by opening up the lid and checking; however, keep in mind that doing this; will let out the steam, and the cooking process will lose effectiveness. Therefore, instead of opaque lids, go for Ninja Foodi appliances with transparent lids so that you don’t need to open the lid; to see the progress.

    Release Pressure & Open: Before opening the appliance, you release the pressure and then open the lid; carefully remove the food contents, and it’s ready!

    Ninja Foodi Steamer Basket:

    The Ninja Foodi steamer basket is a bowl or cylindrical-shaped accessory that can be used for steaming small food ingredients. This is an alternative to the steam rack that most countertop steamers use.

    The steamer basket is made of stainless steel and can withstand steam heat. This basket easily fits inside the cooking pot and comes with either side handles or tabs for easy lifting. Like fryer baskets, this too comes in various sizes.

    This steamer basket lets you steam dumplings, broccoli, clams, and other small foods. You won’t have to use the steam rack anymore. Simply place the food ingredients in it, fill the water reservoir, and hit the steam function to start steaming. The steam will circulate through the perforations in the steamer basket, allowing all the food contents to be appropriately and evenly cooked. The advantages include:

    • Versatility
    • Uniform cooking
    • Easy clean up
    • More cooking space as you won’t have to stack the food in a single layer.

    How To Use Ninja Foodi Steamer Basket? 

    The Ninja Foodi Steamer basket is very easy to use. 

    1. The steamer basket comes in different sizes; just fit the correct size inside your fryer cooking pot. Ensure that the steamer basket is appropriately in place. After that, fill the cooking pot with water to a certain level. Trim veggies and place them inside the steamer basket. Close the lid; create a sealed environment for steam build-up.
    2. Now, use the steam function on the control panel. You can set the time and temperature as per your recipe. Hit the start button; to initiate the steaming process. The heating coil will heat the water to create steam circulating through the food contents for cooking. 
    3. After the cooking cycle, you can remove the lid and carefully serve the steamed food to your guests!

    Instant Pot – Ninja Foodi Steamer Basket Review

    Instant Pot : Ninja Foodi Steamer Basket Review

    Ninja Foodi Steam Chart: 

    NinjaFoodi offers a cheat sheet steam chart that makes steaming easy for newbies. For instance, if you want to steam broccoli, you should steam the veggie at 375F for about 5 minutes. Hover; f it’s frozen, extend the time to 8 minutes as it will require more stemming. With the steam chart, you now have s standard time and temperature for your favorite recipes and won’t have to experiment with your way out! 

    Ninja Foodi Steam Crisp Chart:

    Ninja Foodi Pressure cooker steam fryer comes with an instruction manual that guides you not only on the steaming basics; but also provide you with an elaborate ninja foodi steam crisp chart highlighting the amount of oil, accessories, time, and temperature you would have to give to a specific ingredient; if you plan on stream crisp it. The chart is provided below for your understanding. Steam Crips Chart

    Ninja Foodi pressure cooker steam fryer manual

    Ninja Foodi Steaming Instructions: 

    The Ninja Foodi steamer instructions include the following:

    1. Clean the steamer rack or basket and securely place it inside the cooking pot.
    2. Filling up the water reservoir up to a certain level
    3. Cutting the ingredients into small pieces and placing them side  the basket for cooking
    4. Place food that requires longer cooking at the bottom, compared to others
    5. Add seasoning, spices, or herbs either in the water or directly on the ingredients for good flavor
    6. Press the steam function and select your time and temperature. Keep on monitoring the water level that it may not stop rum out
    7. When the steaming process is complete, carefully open the lid, release the pressure, and serve the food.


    Ninja Foodi steam crisp function lets you steam and air fry the food simultaneously. This method is quite time-efficient ad facilities the retention of nutrients, vitamins, color, texture, and flavor. We have demonstrated how to steam ninja foodi and the benefits the steaming process brings. Moreover, the ninja air fryer foodi has an instruction manual with all the relevant details regarding the appeal.

    Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs):

    How To Steam Crisp In Ninja Foodi?

    To steam crisp, first place the steamer basket inside the appliance; cut the food into pieces and add water in the reservoir to a certain level. Then select the steam function, and let the steam do the cooking. After the steaming cycle is complete, remove the lid and manually drain the water; then transfer the food into the air crisp basket and select the crisp function. After the crisping is done, serve the food.

    How To Steam In Air Fryer Ninja?

    To steam in ninja foodi, you must fill the water reservoir appropriately per your recipe requirement. Either use a steamer basket or steam rack for placing the food. Close the lid tightly and select the steam function on the control panel. The appliance will start steaming and start beeping when the process is complete. 

     How To Steam In Ninja Foodi Deluxe? 

    The steaming process is similar in all the ninja foodi multi-cookers. Firstly you need to prepare the food ingredients and place them inside the steamer basket or on the steam rack as per your preference. Fill up the water tank in the appliance and property for the food-filled basket inside the cooking pot. Close the smart lid, and turn on the steam function ninja foodi to initiate the steaming.

    How Long To Steam In Ninja Foodi? 

    The steam time varies according to the food size and thickness. For instance, veggies usually take around 3- 5 minutes to steam; seafood takes5-8 minutes, and meat/poultry takes 10-30 minutes to steam. If you need the exact steam temperature and time, you can use the Steam Crips Chart for better taste.

    How To Steam Vegetables In Ninja Foodi? 

    • To steam vegetables in ninja foodi, first, prepare them by cutting them into small or medium-sized florets. 
    • Fill the water reservoir in the cooking pot upto the dish requirement
    • Place the chopped pieces onto eths team rack or steamer basket and put the basket inside the ninja foodi.
    • Close the lid and press the steam function
    • Select time and temperature as per dish requirement
    • Strat the steaming process; after the cycle, open the smart lid, remove the built-up steam, and serve the food.
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