How To Preheat Instant Pot Air Fryer?

Written By Irfan Hussain

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There are plenty of the latest technology kitchen appliances available however you will have to compromise your kitchen countertop space, to have them in your kitchen. Since you can’t buy every kitchen gadget and want a space-efficient unit, companies have gone for a multifunctional, dual-purpose approach for instance instant pot air fryer.

This appliance is a multi-functional cooker that can saute, broil, steam, air fry, slow cook, dehydrate and much more. All in one approach. This reduces the need to purchase separate appliances for each function. Just like for baking, to get decent results, you need to preheat the appliance. Similarly, instant pot air fryers require preheating too.

In our blog, we will discuss how to preheat instant pot air fryer.

How To Preheat Instant Pot Air Fryer?

The Instant Pot air fryer preheating process varies according to the type of food you plan to cook. From veggies to hard-boiled eggs and frozen meat, whatever you intend to cook, the preheating time will vary according to the recipe.For preheating, you just need to power on the appliance, select the desired cooking function, and use the +/- buttons to alter time and temperature. Press the start button to initiate the preheating cycle.

How To Preheat Instant Pot Air Fryer

Instant Pot Air Fryer Preheating-A step-wise Process:

The instant pot preheating process is relatively simple and is crucial to ensure thoroughly cooked and juicy food.

Plug In The Appliance: This is the most basic step, common in all appliances.  Just find a reliable and stable power source and plug your instant pot into it. Ensure that the power socket is fully functional.

Choose Cooking Function: It’s best that you select the cooking function after you have turned on the unit. From roasting, dehydrating, sauteing, baking air frying etc, select one function that suits your recipe best. For instance, for french fries, you should air fry them. For chicken wings, choose roasting etc.You can select the cooking functions from the digital display located at the front of the pot.

Temperature Setting: The next step is to adjust the suitable temperature for preheating. This varies depending on the food and recipe and hence should be by the temperature provided in the recipe book. Although it varies according to the recipe, a general preheating temperature guideline is 350 to 400F. You can increase or decrease the temperature by using the +/- buttons on the touch display.

Adjust Preheating Time: Now, choose a time for preheating. Usually, it’s between 5 to 10 minutes depending on the recipe. You can consult the cooking book to get an idea. You can adjust the cooking time by using the +/- buttons. 

Start The Preheating Cycle: After adjusting the settings, press the start button to initiate the preheating cycle. Once the preheating is complete, the appliance will beep to alert the user regarding it.

Initiate Cooking: Now, the appliance is ready to cook food. Place the food ingredients inside the instant pot and start the cooking cycle. Keep on monitoring the food during the cooking cycle to prevent any mishaps.

Safety Note:

Be cautious while opening the instant pot lid after preheating. This is because it will release a burst of hot air. Use oven mittens or gloves to protect your hands.

Can you preheat Instant Pot before putting food in? 

Yes, you can preheat the instant pot before putting it in your food. The preheating time can range from 5 to 45 minutes depending on your food cook time. While preheating, ensure that the appliance valve is in a  sealed position so that the pressure starts to build up inside the pot. 

Once preheating is complete, the unit will start to beep to alert the user to initiate the cooking cycle.While preheating, ensure that all the pot accessories are already inside the pit, as placing them after the preheating cycle would be difficult as the inside would be too hot to handle.

How Long Does Instant Pot Take to Preheat? 

The preheating time varies a lot and depends on the type of food you intend to cook. If you are cooking soft and quick-to-cook foods then obviously the preheating time will be shorter compared to hard and difficult-to-cook foods like meat or chicken, this is because they require more heat to be cooked thoroughly compared to veggies, like spinach which doesn’t require much heat.

The preheating time hence varies greatly with your food type.If you are steaming simple foods like pressure cooker carrots or hard-boiled eggs, then your maximum preheat time would be hardly 10 minutesIf you are cooking large chunks of meat like frozen chicken or roast, then you would have to preheat for almost 20 minutes. Instant pot taking a long time to preheat could be due to Frozen foods. Hence you will have to increase the preheating time. 


if you did set to seal the pot during preheating, and it takes longer than 20 minutes to build up pressure inside the pot then it means that something is wrong with the pressure lid. You need to replace it with a new one or have the old one checked.

Should Steam Come Out Of The Instant Pot While Preheating

No, steam should not be coming out of the instant pot. This is because preheating the pot is all about building pressure inside it. If the steam starts to escape, then the unit won’t be able to build pressure. 

That is why, it’s suggested that the metal valve should be in the vertical sealed position. If it’s a little but in the horizontal position, then it would mean that the valve is in an unsealed position and the steam will start to escape.

To find out the issue, look if you constantly hear a shhhhhh sound. If yes, then check the valve and ensure that it’s sealed. Once the pressure has built up inside the appliance, the metal piece to the tight of it will lift to the top. This ensures that it’s time to cook.When your cooking time is up, flip the valve to a quick-release position to get rid of all the steam inside the pot.

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We have discussed in detail how to preheat Instant Pot air fryer. The appliance is a multicooker with versatile functionalities. Its preheating process is simple and requires building up pressure inside the unit. If the unit is not pressurizing then there might be some issue. You should get it checked.

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