How To Preheat Gourmia Air Fryer?

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Cooking in air fryers has become easy courtesy of their easy-to-use technology. Additionally, to shrink the cooking time, and make your food crispier and crunchier, the air fryers come with a preheat option. Preheating before cooking is helpful as it assists in preventing sogginess. It flawlessly cooks the insides and dries out the moist part to create a wonderful crunch.The gourmia air fryer is one of the prominent air fryer brands. In our article, we will specifically talk about how to preheat gourmia air fryers in detail. 

Let’s get into it.

How To Preheat Gourmia Air Fryer?

To preheat gourmia air fryer, plug the unit into a power socket. Power on the unit. Then press the preheat button to activate the preheating. For adjustments, you can use the control panel timer and temperature controls to manually set the preheat time and temperature. It will usually take 3 to 5 minutes to preheat a gourmia air fryer at 400F.

How To Preheat Gourmia Air Fryer

Gourmia Air Fryer How To Preheat-Step Wise Guide:

Step1: Check The Manual

Before using any electric appliance, it’s wise that you start by reading its instruction manual in detail. The manual guidelines may vary depending on the model, however, it will provide you with in-depth information regarding the safety and maintenance of the unit 

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Step 2: Clean The Unit

Before starting to preheat, you should give your gourmia a good cleanup. This is because food debris, grease and oil from your previous cooking session may get stuck in the cooking chamber, and may start to burn during the preheating cycle.The air fryer will start to emit smoke and may give off a pungent smell.This is why, you should clean the air fryer baskets, drip trays etc. before preheating


The gourmia accessories are dishwasher safe, hence it’s easy to clean them.

Step 3: Turn On the Gourmia Air Fryer

Firstly, plug the air fryer into the power socket. Then turn on the air fryer by using the power button. The control panel will light up indicating that the unit has power on.

Step 4: Press Preheat Button

On the control panel, you will find a preheat button. Press it. It will preheat the unit for 5 minutes at 400F. You can adjust the preheating time and temperature manually as per your recipe requirement by using the +/- buttons. Press the start button to initiate the preheat.

Step 5: Cook Food

Once, the preheating cycle is complete, open the air fryer basket and put food ingredients in single layers. Ensure that you don’t overlap. Using the cooking presets on the control panel to cook food. Once the cooking cycle is complete, take out the food to serve.

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What Does Preheat Mean On Air Fryer? 

Preheating means heating the air fryer at a desired temperature before starting the cooking cycle. This step is of great importance as it shrinks down the actual cooking time. It makes the fryer time efficient.Moreover, it ensures even cooking and crispier food ingredients. Hence, preheat the air fryer.

Do You Need To Preheat Gourmia Air Fryer? 

Preheating is essential. This is because it shrinks the standard cooking time for your recipes Through preheating, you can reach the desired temperature quickly before starting the cooking process. Moreover, it provides you with even heating and more crunch and crispiness on their food ingredients in a short time.

How Long To Preheat Gourmia Air Fryer? 

The gourmia air fryer preheat time varies depending on the model and your desired cooking temperature. As a standard, the gourmia takes around 4 to 5 minutes to preheat the unit to reach the desired internal temperature. You can manually adjust the preheat time by using the timer controls. The preheat is optional, however, it lets you reach the desired temperature quickly and ensures even cooking.

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How To Skip Preheat On Gourmia Air Fryer? 

  1. To skip/ turn off  preheat, power on the unit.
  2. Press the +/- control buttons to adjust the cooking timer and temperature as per your recipe requirement.
  3. Place food ingredients inside the air fryer.
  4. Press start and the air fryer will start to cook food.


Skipping preheating will affect the overall cooking results. You may have to cook for long hours to achieve the desired crunch.

How To Disable Preheat On Gourmia Air Fryer?

  • To disable preheat on gourmia air fryer, press the preheat button before starting. A single press will enable the preheat. It will start to blink. Double press will disable the preheat. 
  • You can use the cooking presets to set the desired cooking time and temperature  
  • Place the food ingredients inside and press start to initiate the cooking cycle.
  • Once the cooking cycle is complete, the unit will start to beep.

How To Bypass Preheat On Gourmia Air Fryer? 

  • To bypass preheat on gourmia air fryer, you can disable the preheat button by double pressing the button on the control panel. 
  • You can also skip preheating by directly using the cooking presets that automatically adjust the cooking temperature and time as per your recipe. 
  • Directly place the food ingredients, press the cooking function and start the cooking cycle.

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How To Reheat Gourmia Air Fryer? 

You can use gourmia air fryer reheat for ingredients. For this, set the time to q0 minutes and temperature to 300F. Place the ingredients inside and press start. This time/temperature setting will help reheat gourmia air fryer 

How To Setup Gourmia Air Fryer?

How To Setup Gourmia Air Fryer - Cook Meals Instantly - CHEAPER Than an OVEN - Cost Of Running


In our blog, we have discussed in depth how to preheat gourmia air fryers. Gourmia air fryer setup is similar to cosori or Philips, you need to connect to a functional socket and turn on the unit.  
You can either use the preheat button or manually preheat the unit using the controls. 
Ensure that you don’t overlap the food ingredients and give your applause a regular cleanup to prolong its shelf life.

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