How To Preheat Cosori Air Fryer?

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Are you having problems preheating your cosori air fryer? Fret not! Preheating can be tricky and challenging; if you are unfamiliar with it. It’s a simple process to make your food crunchier, crispier, and juicy.

Add this step to your cooking cycle for good results.In our blog, we will highlight how to preheat Cosori air fryers and bring to your attention the benefits and importance of preheating. So, let’s dive into it!

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How To Preheat Cosori Air Fryer?

There are two ways to preheat cosori air fryer. You can manually adjust the temperature and time for preheating the process in one method. Usually, it depends on the meal you plan to cook; the second method is automated. Plenty of cosori air fryers now come with a specific preheat button that preheats the appliance at 400F for 5 minutes. With this feature, you won’t have to set the temperature/time for your food. 

How To Preheat Cosori Air Fryer

What is Preheating?

Preheating simpling means heating your appliance to a desired temperature and up to a set time before putting your raw food into the appliance. This is a crucial cooking step; it ensures the food’s temperature uniformity, crispiness, and tenderness. 

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Preheating Cosori Fryer – 2 Quick Ways

Method#1: Manual Preheating

Step#1:Clean The Appliance

The first step is to clean the air fryer properly. Sometimes, food chunks get left over at various corners of the cosori fryer, and the food residue will burn during the preheating process, generating a pungent smell. To prevent this, you should properly clean every nook and cranny of the fryer.

Step#2: Set Temperature & Time

On the cosori control panel, similar to Power xl air fryer, you will see buttons for increasing and decreasing time and temperature. You need to use the buttons to set the preheating settings manually. The size of the air fryer and the food you plan on cooking; determine your preheating time/temperature.

Experts recommend that if you own a small cosori air fryer, the preheat the appliance at 356F for 3 minutes. Similarly, if you own large air fryers up to 4.6-6.8 quarts, preheat the appliance to 392F for 4-5 minutes. 

Step#3: Wait Patiently

After you have set the required temperature and time, you should wait patiently for the appliance to preheat. You will hear a beep alerting you that the preheating cycle is complete. 

Now, you can add your raw or frozen processed food into the air fryer with a teaspoon of oil for enhanced flavor and crispiness. 

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Method#2: Automatic Method

Use the Preheat Button: 

The first step is similar to the above method. After properly cleaning the appliance, press the preheat button on the control panel. It has preheat written on it. When you press it, the appliance automatically sets the temperature to 400F for 5 minutes. Press the power button to initiate the preheating process. When the cycle is complete, you will hear a beep. 

Why Should You Preheat Cosori Air Fryer?

There are multiple reasons for preheating an air fryer.

For Even Temperature Distribution:

The cosori fryer utilizes the convection method, where heat is transferred by the fryer fan that circulates the hot air around the food for processing. However, the air fryer has a limited capability regarding even heat distribution.

The food chunks come in various sizes and orientations, and there is a high chance some will be left undercooked or overcooked. To prevent this, the experts recommend preheating the appliance so that uniform heat is transferred to all food chunks.

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To Remove Moisture:

Cooking when the fryer’s insides are still wet; leads to soggy and uncrispy food. Therefore, after cleaning the appliance, or if your food contains lots of moisture, the experts recommend preheating to evaporate the moisture and enhance the crisp texture. 

To Kill Bacteria:

Similarly, preheating sterilizes the fryer’s interior and prevents bacteria or mold from accumulating.


If you try air frying food and skipping the preheating step, it would take a lot of time. With this additional step, your food gets air-fried faster. 



Perfect For Frozen Foods & Steaks:

Frozen food needs to be defrosted first. It contains lots of moisture and can result in soggy food. Therefore, by preheating your frozen food, moisture will be evaporated. It will be correctly defrosted and reheated in the air fryer with maintained crispiness and tenderness. Similarly, for steaks, it will provide crunchier outsides and juicier insides.

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  • Don’t preheat with aluminum foil
  • Don’t preheat the appliance with flammable or volatile substances
  • Ensure that the appliance air vents are not clogged and the appliance is placed in a well-ventilated place- not near the gas stove.
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