How To Clean Power Xl Air Fryer?

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Grease and food residue accumulate in your air fryer with every cooking session. This will jam the air fryers’ internals, and the hot machine will immediately run out of juice. This calls for a quick clean-up. That’s why; every air fryer user should learn how to clean power xl air fryer.Cleaning is a breeze; however, if you don’t clean the device after every cooking session; and procrastinate on cleaning, fellas are in for a tough job. You would have to make double the effort. So, you should clean it frequently, especially after use.

How To Clean Power Xl Air Fryer?

To clean power xl air fryer, first, unplug the device. If you have used it before, then let it cool down. Remove all the removable fryer parts. Submerge the accessories in dish soap water. Use a soft sponge to remove the food residue. To clean the heating element, use a damp, moist cloth and clean the heating coil. Use the wet cloth to wipe out the interior and exterior of the fryer. Try to reach every nook and cranny of the fryer.

    How To Clean Power Xl Air Fryer

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    Steps For Cleaning Power Xl Air Fryer – Let’s Lose Grime!

    Purchasing a power xl air fryer was the wisest decision of my life. The tool has allowed me to cook food with less to no oil. I have air-fried onion rings, baked donuts, and steamed veggies. It’s a perfect package. To keep your power xl air fryer functional, you must clean it’s exterior and interior. Let’s discuss the best way to clean air fryer.

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    Step#1: Unplug The Appliance

    The first safety measure for safe cleaning is to remove the power plug from the socket. Cleaning while the fryer is still connected to the electrical outlet; can shock you. It’s dangerous. 

    Step#2: Let It Cool

    Let the device cool down if you have used it just now. Opening it up to clean immediately after use; can cause you to burn because the unit will be scorching hot.

    Step#3: Remove All The Accessories

    The power xl air fryer has many accessories like grills, fryer baskets, pans, instant pot, etc. Ensure that you do this process after the device has cooled down.

    Step#4: Cleaning The Accessories

    Submerge the accessory into dish soap water. This will make the food residue soft. Then with the help of a soft nylon bristle brush, you can scrap off the residue. Then rinse the accessories with water. 

    Tip: Use silicon or nylon tools; avoid using abrasive cleaning tools and harsh cleaning agents.

    Step#5: Cleaning The Heating Coil

    The food particles often accumulate on the heating coil. Since This Heating element is very fragile, you cannot scrub the coil. Firstly, flip the air fryer upside-down, and keep it in a tilt position. Wipe down the heating element using a soft, damp microfiber cloth

    The food residue was too hard when I cleaned my air fryer heating element. It won’t wipe off. I then added some dish soap to the microfiber and massaged the coils. Then with a clean, soft brush, I tried to remove the access; because it was too much. Then with a clean cloth, I wiped the heating coil. After all this struggle, I learned my lesson!

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    Step#6: Cleaning The Exterior:

    Clean the outside of the air fryer with a dam; cloth. The exterior is usually easier to clean compared to the interior part. Ensure that you dry the fryer surface before using it. This will prevent rust from building up.

    Step#7: Reassembly:

    Air dry all the power xl air Fryer parts and assemble them for use.

    Tip: Sometimes, the fryer stops working; you can use the power xl air fryer reset button; to reset the device to resume functioning.

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    How To Take Apart Power Air Fryer Xl?

    Taking apart the power air fryer xl requires professional help. It’s a tricky process. Its general procedure includes the following:

    • Unplugging the hot air machine and leave it for 30 minutes cool it down.
    • With a screwdriver, unscrew the screws holding the air fryer basket in its place.
    • At the back of the fryer, you will find more screws. Unscrew them to access the heating coil and the fan. 
    • Put aside the heating element and the fan carefully.

    Note: Disassembly of the air fryer can void its warranty or damage it. Therefore, always seek the help of a professional for it.

    Power Xl Air Fryer Cleaning Instructions:

    As per the user manual:

    • Remove the power cord before cleaning
    • Clean the machine with lukewarm water, a damp cloth, and mild cleaning agents
    • Dont submerge the unit in water; only its parts can be submerged
    • Don’t scrub the heating element, as it’s too fragile. Use a damp cloth for cleaning.
    • Clean the exterior and interior with a moist microfiber cloth
    • You can use a nylon bristle brush to remove excessive stuck-on food residue
    • Soak the appliances part in dish soap water and scrub off the residue
    • Hand wash the appliance
    • Air dry the appliance. Don’t leave stagnant water inside the device.

    How To Clean Powerxl Vortex Air Fryer? 

    To clean the powerxl vortex air fryer model,the procedure includes: 

    • Removing the appliance power cord from the wall socket. This will keep you safe.
    • Let the compact appliance cool down; so you can easily remove the accessories without getting burned.
    • Remove the fryer basket, fryer tray, grills, etc. Fryer baskets and trays are dishwasher safe; you can put them in the dishwasher for quick cleaning. However, if the basket and the fryer tray have too much stuck-on grease, soak them in dish soap water; and scrub them to remove excess residue. Don’t use harsh or abrasive cleaning tools. 
    • Clean the exterior with a damp microfiber cloth. Wrig the fabric to remove excess water and wipe down the surface. Use a wet cloth to wipe the heating element as well.
    • Every once in a while, detach the rubber bumpers and clean them with a cloth or brush.

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    How To Clean Inside Of Power Xl Air Fryer? 

    To clean the inside, firstly, you need to remove all the power xl air fryer accessories. Some of its accessories are dishwasher friendly, so that you can toss them in for quick cleanup. However, ensure a gentle rinse cycle with low temperature and pressure. Use a damp cloth and wipe down the grime to clean the interior. If the gunk is tough, mix baking soda and lemon; put this paste on the interior.

    After the mixture is set down, use a damp cloth to wipe it down. Ensure that you use only mild scrubbers. The paste shouldn’t touch the eating coil or fan. To clean the heat resistance and fan, put dishwashing soap on the cloth and try to wipe down the grime.

    How to clean your Power AirFryer XL

    How To Clean Air Fryer Basket Power Xl? 

    I have tried multiple cleaning methods to clean my fryer basket, all effective in removing the grime over my fryer basket. 

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    Method#1: Baking soda+ Lemon:

    I took two tablespoons of baking soda; and added half lemon juice. Mixed the ingredients with a little hot water. After that, I put the paste onto the basket interior and, using a sponge, tried to scrub off the grime. 

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