How To Clean Instant Pot Air Fryer

Written By Irfan Hussain

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Instant pot air fryer is a versatile kitchen appliance that’s capable of air frying, roasting and baking food. Its versatility makes it a cooking camp in the culinary world. To keep its cooking optimised, the appliance requires regular maintenance. Neglecting its proper cleaning can result in grease and food residue accumulating and obstructing its normal functioning. We have done all the legwork for you. In our blog, we will discuss in detail how to clean Instant Pot air fryer. Let’s get into it.

How To Clean Instant Pot Air Fryer?

Instant pot air fryer cleaning is no difficult task. Just remove all the fryer components. And with a clean microfibre cloth wipe the exterior of the unit. For accessories cleaning you can either toss them inside the dishwasher or use warm soapy water to remove the food residue. Both ways work effectively.Once all the components are clean, air dry them and then reassemble the unit for operation

How To Clean Instant Pot Air Fryer

Tips for Easier Instant Pot and Air Fryer Cleaning:

The instant pot air fryer cleaning is based on two phases.

  • After Use Cleaning
  • Deep cleaning

After Use Cleaning:

  • For this, just use a damp soapy water cloth and wipe out the exterior of the unit including the lid.
  • Remove the inner pot and other accessories and put them in the dishwasher for quick cleaning.
  • Remove the seal and then submerge it in hot water to get rid of excessive grease and oils. You can use dishwashing liquid as well. 

Deep Cleaning: 

For this, 

  • Unplug the unit and let it cool down 
  • Clean the cooker base. For tough stains, mix one tablespoon of baking soda with water. Dip the cloth or toothbrush into the paste and then scrub the cooker base. Use a clean damp cloth to get rid of the paste.
  • Remove the silicon seal and the quick-release valve and clean them with soapy water. Look for any clogged vents and clean the valve properly
  • To avoid tough odours, soak the seal in distilled white vinegar overnight. This will get rid of all the bad odours.
  • Keep the seal separate for spicy dishes and for baked or sweet dishes. 
  • To effectively clean the nooks and crannies of the appliances, use a foamy paintbrush or a pastry brush.
  • Don’t use steel wool or other metal scrubbers to scrub the inner pot surface. This can damage the pot coating. Always use soft sponges for cleaning.
  • Use rubber or silicone utensils for cooking.


To enhance cleaning power, baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice can be used. Moreover, use mild detergents for cleaning.

How To Take Apart Instant Pot Air Fryer? 

To take apart the instant pot air fryer,

  • You need to unplug the unit and let it cool down if you have recently used it for your cooking session.
  • Once cooled, remove the pot inner basket and steaming rack. 
  • To get access to the lid’s inner components, you can unscrew the lid and get access to the instant pot heating element and the fan. 
  • After deep cleaning, you need to re-screw the lid after reassembling the inner components.
  • Power on the fryer to see if it still works.

How To Clean Inside Of Instant Pot Air Fryer?

To clean the inside of the instant pot air fryer, 

  • Unplug the Instant Pot air fryer and let it cool down. This is done to prevent getting electrocuted while cleaning the main unit.
  • After the unit has cooled down, remove the fryer basket and the inner pot where you put the food for cooking. They are dishwasher-friendly so place them inside the dishwasher. 
  • To clean the fryer base, you can use a damp soapy cloth and use it to wipe out the interior of the fryer basket. You can’t rinse it with water as the main unit isn’t waterproof. 
  • To deal with stubborn stains, you can use baking soda paste. Use a damp cloth to remove the paste.
  • Air dry the pot.
  • Reassemble its accessories.

How To Clean Instant Pot Air Fryer Basket?

To clean the instant pot air fryer basket you can use the following methods.

Method 1: Use soapy water

Take warm water and pour liquid dish soap into it. Stir the contents until a foamy look is created. Then submerge the cool fryer basket into the solution for about 2 to 3 hours. Take out the basket and then scrub it out with a sponge or toothbrush to remove the excessive grime. Then rinse it with cold water and let it air dry.

Method 2: Use Baking Soda

If you frequently bake stuff in your instant pot air fryer, then it’s best that you use baking soda solution to get rid of baked grime. For this, take a bowl and pour baking soda into it. Then add white vinegar and stir the contents to create a thick paste. Layer the paste inside the fryer basket. Leave the paste there for 2 hrs. Then use scrubbers to remove the grime from the fryer basket. Rinse the solution and let the unit air dry.

Method 3: Use Lemon Water

Cut lemon slices and pour them into water. Boil the lemon water. Then once it’s completely boiled, pour the water inside the fryer basket. Let it stay there for 45 minutes. Remove the water, scrub the grease and rinse the basket.

Method 4: Use dishwasher

The fryer basket is dishwasher safe as well. Just put the basket in the dishwasher and then give it a gentle rinse.

How To Clean Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid?

Cleaning the instant pot air fryer lid is important as ignoring it will give easy access to bacteria and germs to enter the food and harm your health. To properly clean the air fryer lid, you need to disassemble it and remove the fan and heating element from the lid.

Once done, there are two ways by which you can easily clean the air fryer instant pot lid. 

Method 1

  • Take a bowl and add a cup of vinegar to it. Then add some dishwashing soap into the vinegar and mix.
  • Once done, submerge the fan and heating elements into the mixture. Let them sit for 10 minutes. 
  • After that, use a soft sponge or toothbrush and gently scrub the fan blades and heating coil
  •  grooves to remove the stuck gunk and grime. Don’t apply too much pressure so that the coated paint gets removed. 
  • Rinse the fan and heating element with water. Let them air dry and then reassemble.

Method 2

  • Add soapy water into the bowl and then submerge the air fryer fan and heating element.  Make sure that the components are completely submerged in the soapy water. Let them stay there for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Then use the toothbrush or sponge to wipe off the gunk and grime. Rinse the components.
  • For the lid plastic part, use the same liquid watery soap solution. However, dip the microfibre cloth into it and then squeeze out the excess. Wipe the exterior plastic part with the cloth to remove stains.
  • Let the parts air dry. 
  • Reassemble the lid parts.

How To Clean Instant Pot Air Fryer Heating Element? 

To clean the instant pot air fryer heating element, you will have to disassemble the pot lid and then get access to the heating element.

  • For this take out the lid and then remove its silicon seal. Use a screwdriver to lose the lid screws.
  • Remove the fan and the heating element 
  • Now, submerge the heating element into a bowl full of liquid soapy water. 
  • Use a foam paint brush to remove the food debris from the grooves of the coils.
  • Rinse the heating coil and let it air dry.
  • Reassemble it.

How To Clean Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer? 

You can clean the instant pot vortex air fryer easily. 

Cleaning After Every Use:

It’s important to clean the vortex air fryer after every cooking session to prevent food debris from accumulating and interfering with the appliance’s cooking performance. 

  • Firstly, power off the vortex and then unplug it. If you have recently used the unit, then let it cool down. 
  • Now, remove all the multicooker, accessories which include the fryer basket, steaming rack, drip tray etc. 
  • Put them inside the dishwasher and give them a thorough rinse.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe the stainless steel interior and plastic exterior of the main unit. If stains are stubborn, you can add a little soap to remove them.
  • Air dry all the parts and then reassemble.

Deep Cleaning:

It’s important to deep clean the unit after every 2 months. This is because food particles splatter over the lid, seal, fan and the heating element.

  • For this, Unplug the main unit.
  • Remove all the accessories and dishwashing them.
  • Remove the silicone seal and soak it in soapy water to degrease it.
  • Remove the pressure valve and then clean it using a toothbrush and soapy water to remove food clogs.
  • Unscrew the lid and get access to the fan and heating element. 
  • Use soapy water and brush to clean the nooks and crannies of the components. 
  • Rinse the components with water and let them air dry.
  • Wipe the interior and exterior of the unit with a damp cloth.
  • Reassemble the unit.

Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Deep Cleaning

Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Deep Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can You Wash Instant Pot Lid?

You can’t directly submerge the instant pot lid in the water. This is because an electrical appliance action can result in a short circuit. You can clean the lid using a damp cloth and wipe out the stains on the exterior. This is a safe and easy way to eliminate gunk on the lid.

Can You clean an instant pot with vinegar? 

You can periodically clean the inner instant pot with vinegar. Add a cup of vinegar inside the inner pot and let it stay there for a few minutes. After that, you can pour out the vinegar and rinse it to get rid of food debris and grease.

Is Instant Pot Air Fryer Dishwasher Safe?

No, the instant pot air fryer is not dishwasher safe. The unit has plenty of electrical connections and putting it in the dishwasher would cause an electrical shock. However, to make cleaning easy, its accessories like fryer basket, pan etc are made dishwasher safe. This makes instant pot cleaning an easy process


We have discussed in detail how to clean instant pot air fryer. Cleaning is not an easy chore however, the instant pot enterprise has made it easy due to its dishwasher-safe components. We have also discussed some shortcuts to cleaning for quick maintenance. It’s necessary to give the device a deep cleaning once every 2 months.

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