How To Check Heating Element In Air Fryer?

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The air fryer’s heating element is of great importance; it’s the coil that heats up and works in combo with the large fan to cook delicious and crispy food evenly. However; sometimes the heating element starts causing issues. As a user, you should know how to check heating element in air fryer.

Sometimes; the heating element is unable to heat your food properly, or it produces too much heat. In both scenarios; the heating element could have been damaged, maybe there is a problem with the electric current supply or it’s jammed by baked-on grease. Let’s explore the methods to safely check the heating element.

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How To Check Heating Element In Air Fryer?

The heating element is located above the food chamber; therefore you need to remove the food fryer basket and place it upside down. Now with the help of screwdrivers, you need to unscrew the cage and access the heating element. Visually inspect it; then inspect it using a multimeter or continuity tool. If it’s damaged; then you need to replace the element.

How To Check Heating Element In Air Fryer

Tools Required For Check – up:

Screwdriver: You need a screwdriver to unscrew the air fryer cage to access the heating element

Gloves: You need to wear gloves to protect yourself from electrical shocks

Multimeter: To check the electrical current through the heating element.

Continuity tester: To check whether the electrical circuit is complete or not.

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Flashlight: It helps in inspecting poorly-lit air fryer areas

Damp Cloth & Non-abrasive cleaning tools: To clean the heating coil for effective functionality.

Tape: To reconnect loose electrical wiring

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Step – wise Step Heating Element Checking Process:

Step 1: Disassembly

As the heating element is located above the non-stick fryer basket; therefore; remove the basket and put the appliance upside down. During this, wear gloves and with the assistance of a screwdriver, unscrew the fryer cage. This will provide you with direct access to the heating element.

Warning! Don’t immediately access the heating element after the cooking cycle. It will be too hot and can cause burns. First, unplug the device and let it cool down. 

Step 2: Visual Inspection

Use the flashlight; and visually inspect the heating element for discolouration, corrosion, and cracks. If the coil or metal rod does have the following signs then it indicates that the heating element has worn out and needs replacement

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Step 3: Use a Multimeter

This tool is used to check electrical current, resistance and voltage. Our main target for using this is to find out whether the heating element is conducting electricity or not. To check, follow the steps below:

  1. Switch the tool to resistance mode.
  2. Touch one lead of the tool to one end of the heating coil and the other to the opposite end. 
  3. If the multimeter display shows high resistance; then it indicates that the heating element is quite resistant to electricity and no electricity is passing through it; in short; it’s not working.
  4. If the display shows low resistance, this indicates that the electricity is being conducted and that the element is working properly.

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How to Fault Trace on a Small Appliance Using a Multimeter

How to Fault Trace on a Small Appliance Using a Multimeter

Step 4: Use Continuity Tester

If you don’t have a multimeter, you can use the continuity tester to check the electrical circuit. This tool is also used to assess the working of the element. To check, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on the tool
  2. Touch its lead to one end and the other to the other end of the heating element. If the tool beeps; then it indicates that the electrical circuit is complete and the element is working. If the tool doesn’t beep; then it indicates faulty functionality.

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Step 5: Clean The Heating Element

If during a visual inspection, you didn’t find any damage on the heating element and the tools declare positive results; then it’s best that you give the heating element a thorough clean-up. The functionality may be affected by the baked-on grease. Use a damp cloth to clean off the food debris. You do not need to clean it regularly; you should clean the element once a month. 

 Tip: Follow the manual instructions regarding compatible cleaning agents and effective clean-up ways.


We have demonstrated how to check heating element in air fryer. It’s a simple step-wise process which involves careful disassembly of the fryer, using tools for inspection and giving a proper clean-up for improved functionality. You should clean the element once a month. If the heating element is found not to be working, you should show it to a professional and replace the heating element for effective functioning. We hope you find our guide useful!

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