How Long Does An Air Fryer Last?

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Air fryers have rocked the world with their health benefits. This increasingly popular kitchen equipment is a healthy alternative to frying in oil; as it’s found to cut down calories by 60 to 70% and has much less fat as well.

Hence; if you can’t cut down on your crabs; then air fryers are a great alternative. Its health benefits and ease of use; make users wonder: how long does an air fryer last?

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Air fryers are enjoyable to use, and assist you in making multiple cuisines; rich in nutrients and low in carbs.  Let’s dive into the details of its lifespan; and how to make it last longer.

How Long Does An Air Fryer Last:

The average lifespan of an air fryer lasts from 6 months to 3 years. Its lifespan greatly depends on its built quality, frequency of use and maintenance. If the device is made from cheap materials; and is used every day then its maximum lifespan is 6 months to 1 year. If the model is made from expensive good quality material; then it can last for 3 to 4 years; only if it’s well-maintained and the frequency of usage is moderate.

How Long Does An Air Fryer Last

Air Fryers With Long Lifespan:

  • OMMO Air Fryer Oven
  • Philips Avance Xl
  • Ninja Foodi
  • Cuisinart TOA-60
  • Cosori Air Fryer Max XL
  • Instant Vortex Plus

Factors Which Affect The Lifespan Of An Air Fryer:

Built-up Quality: 

The built quality of an air fryer as stated earlier plays a vital role in its lifespan. A cheaply built air fryer will surely wear and tear; will have low durability- hence decreasing your device lifespan to a year.

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Usage Frequency:

 Intensity and frequency of usage also impact the longevity of the device. If you use it every day; then its parts are going to wear quickly and would require replacement.

Care & Maintenance: 

Not taking proper care, and not cleaning it after usage; can impact the fryer’s life. If not properly cleaned and maintained; grease and oil can accumulate in the fryer; hence ruining its internal components. 

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Heat Dissipation: 

If the manufacturer’s instructions regarding temperature control are not followed, and the fryer is placed in a small corner with little room for heat dissipation; then the device’s internals can get melted. 

Type Of Food: 

The fryer’s life span also depends on the type of food cooked. If frozen food; or hard-to-cook food is cooked; then the machine can get messy

Power Stability: 

Power fluctuations can damage your fryer; it won’t enable you to heat the food evenly; and the components can get damaged due to power instability


Care is very important; mishandling the device; storing it in places where can easily fall off and get damaged and decrease its lifespan.

Environmental Conditions: 

Storing the device in humid or high-temperature places can makeit vulnerable to corrosion and reduce its longevity. 

Tip: Water and moisture should be kept away from them to prevent damage.

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Top 10 Tricks To Enhance Life Span:

Keep It Clean: 

Clean the air fryer after every use with soap and water. After cleaning; dry it properly to prevent rusting. This will prevent food debris and grease from accumulating and short-circuiting the internals. 

Tip: Every week; unscrew the machine; and clean its fan with a damp cloth for more effective functionality.

Warning: Avoid using abrasive cleaning materials as they can wear the non-stick coating.

Its Time we DEEP CLEAN our Air-fryers

Its Time we DEEP CLEAN our Air-fryers #Chefman #PowerXL

Cook Top Quality Food:

 Avoid cooking frozen food; hard to cook; acidic or creates a mess like cheese. Poor quality food can damage the non-stick coating and create a lot of mess.

Place In An Open Area: 

Since the fryer uses a lot of heat to cook food; the machine certainly needs to vent it all out. If placed in a closed space; the heat won’t be dissipated and hence the machine has the danger of blowing up. Therefore; place it on a flat surface in an open space with lots of space on all four corners to vent out heat.

Use And Replace Accessories:

Air fryer models come with mini accessories for more convenient usage. For example a metal grill, tray etc. Use them for easy cooking. If the accessories get damaged for example your air fryer basket; they are replaceable. Look for their replacement online; rather than throwing out the whole machine.

Store It Properly: 

It’s important to store the machines in places where there is no humidity or high temperatures. Moreover; the appliances there shouldn’t scratch or damage their exterior.

Protect The Cable:

 The cable is vulnerable to heat. When using the air fryer, make sure the cable isn’t pressed along with it. Otherwise, the heat will melt the cable and damage your device. It is best to use a cable tie to keep it safe.

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Don’t Use Metal Utensils & Aerosol Sprays: 

The fryer basket has a non-stick coating. Aerosol sprays can degree the coating and it can start peeling off and enter your food. Similarly, using metal utensils can have similar effects. Therefore; don’t use them while using an air fryer.

Avoid Overseasoning: 

The inside of the air fryer is like a twister. Overseasoning your food will surely create a huge mess inside the machine. Moreover, the food particles can even penetrate the air fryer wall and come in contact with the fan and the electrical board. The accumulated debris in internal components can hurt your device’s longevity

Avoid Overfilling Basket: 

Similarly, overfilling the basket with food would mean more work for the machine. This will put stress on the machine and hurt its lifespan. Therefore, as per the manual instructions, only fill the basket till the level indicated.

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Top built-quality: 

Purchase a superior quality air-fryer for better longevity.

Signs That Your Air Fryer Needs Replacement:

  • Not heating food properly
  • Makes loud noises 
  • The non-stick coating is peeling off
  • Smoke comes out during use
  • Bad odour during use
  • Signs of corrosion
  • Not responding to controls


Air fryers are a great alternative to frying in oil. Considering their benefits; we have targeted the common query: how long does an air fryer last? Its average lifespan is 6 months to 3 years. The lifespan is dependent on multiple factors like built quality, place of storage, maintenance, care, and frequency of use. If properly taken care of; you can extend its lifespan to 4 or 5 years. We have highlighted some tricks to make it last longer. Do practice them to increase your device’s longevity.

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