Gourmia Air Fryer Turn Off Beep

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Gourmia air fryer has revolutionised the world with its game-changing technology. This healthy kitchenware has made cooking fun and easy for food lovers. However, it does include some creative features; which sometimes get a little annoying. For instance, it’s beep sound. The unit starts beeping during the cooking process. Although the beeps are designed to signal something, apart from any malfunction, they can sometimes ruin your peaceful cooking

To address this issue, we have posted a blog on Gourmia air fryer turn off beep, to provide you step-wise guidance for it. 

Gourmia Air Fryer Turn Off Beep: 

Gourmia air fryer beep turn-off process is simple and easy. Just press and hold the start/ cancel buttons on the control panel. This will deactivate the beep sound. Repress the buttons, to reactivate the sounds. 

Gourmia Air Fryer Turn Off Beep

Why Does the Gourmia Air Fryer Beep?

If your gourmia air fryer beeps, then it doesn’t always mean that there is some sort of fault with the unit. To make cooking easy for busy users, the enterprise has installed a sensor system. The sensor will sense the cooking time and temperature and will beep on various occasions. For instance. If your preheating cycle is complete, the air fryer beeps to let you know.If you have used too much oil in the air fryer, the unit will beep to let you know.When the cooking cycle is complete, and the food is ready to be served, the unit will beep to let you know. 

Apart from these, there are some other reasons for the beep;

  • If the unit starts to overheat, the air fryer starts to beep and then turns off, to let you know that the device was overheating. The auto-shut-off is a safety feature.
  • Similarly, if you haven’t properly placed the Fryer basket inside the air fryer main unit, or you haven’t closed the fryer door and started the unit. The unit will beep to let you know that you need to place the air fryer basket properly or close the door. 

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Sometimes, the unit starts to beep non-stop without any reason, this could be due to:

  • Dirt and debris accumulated over the sensor, hence blocking its functioning and the unit is continuously beeping
  • There is some sort of internal malfunction, for instance, the heating coil or the fryer fan or motor had stopped working. The air fryer will start to display error codes on its control panel and will start to alert you about the problem. 


You can consult the user manual in regard to the type of error code displayed and find out the exact guide to deal with the issue through the manual. 

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 How to Turn Off Beep On Gourmia Air Fryer?

The beeping sound can be very annoying. However, there is a way you can turn off the beeping sound;

  • For this, locate the stop/cancel button on the control panel of the gourmia air fryer. Once located, press and hold the button for a few seconds. This action will turn off the beeping sounds from the air fryer.
  • If you want to turn on the air fryer’s beeping again, then repress the stop/cancel button, this will activate the beep.
  • If you mute gourmia air fryer, there will be fewer and quicker beeps during the cooking cycle and a few beeps once the cooking cycle is complete. You can always adjust the beeping sound to loud beeps or soft beeps depending on your preference. Through the control panel.
  • To adjust the beep volume, you can consult the user manual. 

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The gourmia air fryer beeping sound can be very annoying however, the company does provide us with an easy solution to deal with the problem. Through the control panel, and stop/cancel buttons, you can mute the beep sounds. Repressing the buttons, will reactive the beep. The beep is installed to let you know at what stage your cooking is. You can even adjust the beep volume. Consult the user manual for further details!

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