Gourmia Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working

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With the advent of technology, the gourmia air fryers have been updated to meet the latest technology trend. Now, instead of dials or buttons, the units feature a touch screen for easy navigation and control. With just a touch, you can alter the time, and temperature and adjust the cooking settings as per your dish requirements.Everything has been made easy thanks to its touch-friendly digital control panel. However, things take a twist when the gourmia air fryer touch screen does not work. This could be due to plenty of reasons. 

In our blog we will discuss in great detail, the possible reasons and top fixes for a touch screen air fryer that stopped working.Let’s get into it.

Gourmia Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working:

The touch screen on the gourmia air fryer is essential for the proper functioning of the unit. If your gourmia air fryer touchscreen stopped working, then it could either be a software issue or a hardware issue. Possible reasons include excessive dirt accumulation that clogs the touch screen buttons,  no power to the unit for properly functioning, faulty circuit board, wiring issue or software glitch.You need to manually investigate the root cause of the issue. The fix will depend on the cause. 

Gourmia Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working

Why Is Gourmia Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working?

The touch screen can stop working for multiple reasons both internal and external. Our investigation revealed plenty of possible factors that can halt your touch screen functioning.

 No Power Supply: The gourmia air fryer, like other air fryer units, requires appropriate voltage and power to operate. If the air fryer fails to receive the required minimum voltage to function it won’t be able to properly power up the air fryer unit. The air fryer appliance wont turn on and hence the touch screen wont work as well. 

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Insufficient power supply could be due to various factors:

  • Faulty socket
  • Blown-out thermal use
  • Broken power cord

Faulty socket: The socket into which the air fryer is plugged could be faulty. Due to this, the socket could send insufficient power to the air fryer.

Broken cord: The power cord is the essential part that transfers the power from the socket to the air fryer main unit. Now, if the power cord is torn or broken at some end, and has a melted covering, the power may leak and hence proper voltage won’t be transferred to the main unit.

Blown-out thermal fuse: The thermal fuse is the protector of your main unit’s internal circuitry.  It immediately cuts off the circulation upon voltage surge, hence preventing the unit’s internal circuitry from damage. 

Software Glitch: Although gourmia air fryer is a good air fryer brand, it does mean that the unit won’t face any software memory issues. Sometimes, the gourmia air fryer may face a software glitch that makes its touch screen unresponsive. The unit touch screen may blink but won’t respond to your inputs. This minor glitch can be resolved through resetting.

Faulty Circuit Board: The circuit board is a crucial air fryer component that interlinks and controls all the internal functioning of the unit. It’s the circuit board that registers your inputs and then sends signals to the required internal component to work. Sometimes, dirt or overheating may damage the circuit board, hence gourmia air fryer stops working.

Overheating: The gourmia air fryer comes with an auto shut-off system. If the unit starts to overheat, as per its safety mechanism, the appliance automatically shuts down. It won’t turn on unless the unit completely cools down.

Door Not Closed: The Gourmia air fryer turns on only when the air fryer unit door is properly closed Similarly, the unit air fryer should be properly secured into its place. If you fail to do any of this, then the air fryer won’t turn on, hence the touch screen won’t work.

Dirty Touch: While cooking you may accidentally touch the control panel with your oil and greasy hands. If you don’t regularly clean the unit exterior, then over time the grease, food crumbs or oil will accumulate and block the touch screen button functionality.

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How To Fix Gourmia Air Fryer Touch screen That’s Not working?

As stated earlier, to fix the issue, you should be aware of the root cause. 

Resetting The Air Fryer: If your air fryer is going through a software glitch, the touch screen is blinking but unresponsive, then a decent reset can resolve the issue. For this, unplug the air fryer unit.After 15 minutes, replug it. Go through the touch screen and see if it’s responsive or not.A simple unplug/ replug strategy can flush out all the software bugs and resolve the issue.

Clean The Air Fryer: If the problem is a dirty touch, then you need to give the air fryer touch screen a regular clean.Before touching the digital display, you should clean your hands, so that no food debris or oil transfers onto the display. Similarly, you need to wipe the control panel with a damp cloth and properly remove the grease stains and good crumbs to unclog the buttons and make them responsive.  You can use a toothpick to remove the debris from the button’s crevices.


Don’t submerge the unit with water for clean up as the main unit contains electrical circuitry and this can result in you getting electrocuted. The unit would stop working as well.

Ensure Sufficient Voltage Supply: if power is the main issue, then you need to ensure that the air fryer unit has sufficient power to turn on. If the power socket is the main problem, then replace the socket or switch to another power socket in your house. It should be functional.

Power cord: If the power cord was the main issue, then you need to replace the torn-up or broken power cord to prevent further power leakage. You can easily find the power cord online.

Thermal Fuse: if the thermal fuse has blown out, then the only possible fix is to replace the blown-out thermal fuse. 

For this, 

  • Unplug the air fryer
  • Remove all the air fryer accessories
  • Unscrew the top cover and the back cover
  • Now you will get easy access to the thermal fuse.
  • Disconnect the wiring and reconnect a new thermal fuse or similar specifications.
  • Reassemble the unit.

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Replace The Circuit Board: If the PCB is the main issue, then you need to replace the circuit board with a new one. For this, 

  • Unplug the air fryer and let it cool down 
  • Then remove all the air fryer accessories
  • Unscrew the top and back cover of the main unit
  • Under the control panel, you will find the PCB board. 
  • Visually inspect it to see any signs of burns or damage. 
  • Disconnect the wires and replace them with a new one of similar specifications.
  • Reconnect all the wires and then reassemble the unit.

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How does the Air Fryer Touch Screen Work? 

The air fryers like gourmia have a touchscreen display that allows you to select temperature range, function or time. The touchscreen display doesn’t offer push buttons. The unit has symbols. Just simply touch the symbols to operate the unit. The control panel does not contain current, however, parts connected to the digital control panel are connected to the circuit board. Touching the symbols will register your inputs and then the PCB will send a signal to the desired internal component to start working.  

Troubleshooting an air fryer Gourmia

Troubleshooting an air fryer Gourmia

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We have discussed in great detail the gourmia air fryer touch screen not working. This could be due to hardware issues or software issues. To counter the problem, you first need to know the root cause of the problem. If the unit requires replacing of internal components, you should let the professional handle the complex tasks

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