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Gourmia is a reputable kitchen appliance brand particularly famous for its air fryer models. Its inventive air fryer designs help users enjoy guilt-free crispy and crunchy air-fried foods. Their models use Teflon, ceramic or stainless steel coating as an alternative to Teflon. Considering the health risks that Teflon brings with it, it’s no surprise that gourmia users will begin to question its non-stick coating.If you are wondering whether the gourmia air fryer is Teflon-free and health-safe, then read our article.

Gourmia Air Fryer Teflon:

Some of the Gourmia air fryers come with teflon coating and some don’t. However, the Teflon coating offered is claimed to be BPA-free. You can find out about the non-stick coating material by reading the gourmia user manual. The coating materials may vary depending on the specific model. The Teflon is generally considered safe, considering that you don’t overheat the non-stick coating.

Gourmia Air Fryer Teflon

Does Gourmia Air Fryer Have Teflon?

Most of the Gourmia air fryer models Gourmia GAF798 come with ceramic or stainless steel coating. These Teflon-free models are safe for use. Some of the Gourmia Air fryer models do contain Teflon. This is because Teflon is known to prevent the food from sticking to its cooking surface. The air fryer drip trays and fryer baskets are usually coated with Teflon to make the cleaning and maintenance process swift and easy. 

Teflon is generally regarded as a safe material, provided that it is not overheated. If it overheats at more than 570F, the layer may start to flake off and emit toxic fumes that are found to cause health issues in both animals and humans alike.To cover up this shortcoming, Teflon is usually manufactured with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a synthetic material that has increased resistance to heat and keeps the Teflon overheating issue at bay. 

Teflon isn’t necessarily a bad substance, however, if it scratches or starts to flake off, it’s suggested that you immediately replace the defective part as the coating particles may start mixing in food and you may start ingesting it, resulting in health issues.


  • Don’t use metal utensils while cooking in a Teflon-coated air fryer. It can scratch the Teflon layer and hence it would then start mixing with your food contents.
  • Don’t use strong cleaning agents as it can start a chemical reaction with Teflon.

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Some of the prominent health issues that are caused By Teflon include:Exposure to Teflon fumes may result in flu-like symptoms like fever, cough, chills and headache.These symptoms may last for a few hours and can go away on their own.

Respiratory Issues:

Exposure to Teflon toxic fumes may lead to respiratory problems like asthma, pneumonia or bronchitis. It may also result in lung damage.


Although there is no conclusive evidence for this, Teflon fumes may cause cancer in humans.It can increase the risk of;

  • Breast cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Ureter cancer
  • Reproductive Problems

The toxic Teflon fumes may also increase the risk of infertility, low birth weight and other reproductive issues in humans.

Air Fryers cause Cancer

Air Fryers cause Cancer......What is Reality?


Research has found that the Teflon BPA-composite fumes can increase reproductive issues in humans by 90%.

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What Material Is Gourmia Air Fryer Made Of? 

The gourmia air fryer is made up of durable plastic and stainless steel material. These gourmia air fryer materials enhance the durability and longevity of the main unit.The accessories usually come with ceramic or stainless steel non-stick coating, however, there are a few accessories that feature BPA-free Teflon coating.

These non-stick coatings facilitate easy clean-up and maintenance.If you want to find out the construction materials of your particular gourmia air fryer model, then you should go through the user manual.

Is Gourmia Air Fryer Teflon Free?

Most of the gourmia air fryer models like Gourmia Air Fryer Oven come with either ceramic or stainless steel coating. These non-stick coatings are healthy and safe to use. They’re highly resistant to high temperatures and won’t emit toxic fumes upon overheating. The ceramic and stainless steel coatings are also found to be health-friendly. They don’t cause cancer.

Gourmia Air Fryer Safe:

Gourmia air fryers are safe to use. This is because most of their air fryer accessories come with ceramic or stainless steel coating. Additionally, their Teflon-coated accessories are BPa-free, a toxic substance that emits toxic fumes at high temperatures and leads to health risks.

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Is Gourmia Air Fryer Safe? 

Gourmia air fryers are safe to use. Most of their latest models come with ceramic-coated accessories. They also feature stainless steel air fryer coating. These teflon free air fryercoatings keep the cancer risk at bay. It’s highly healthy and safe to use. The Teflon-coated models are only a few and even they are claimed to be BPA-free, a chemical composition that emits toxic fumes and results in plenty of respiratory, and reproductive problems.Overall, gourmia air fryers are safe.

Gourmia Air Fryers Toxic:

Gourmia air fryers have stainless steel or ceramic coatings making gourmia air fryer non toxicAdditionally, the Teflon-coated units are non-toxic as well, since they are PFOA/BPA-free and won’t cause cancer. The user manual lets you know the non-stick coating in your air fryer model.

Are Gourmia Air Fryers Toxic?

No, this is because most of the gourmia air fryer insides are made of ceramic or stainless steel. These non-stick coatings do not make the gourmia air fryer toxic. Moreover, they are highly resistant to high temperatures and won’t emit pungent fumes or fake off like TeflonCompared to these healthy non-stick coatings, some of the gourmia air fryers have Teflon. However, it is PTFE/PFOA/BPA-free. 

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Gourmia Air Fryer Non-Toxic:

The gourmia air fryers are non-toxic. These on-toxic tarts are attributed to their ceramic or stainless steel coating. The fryer baskets, grill plates, and drip trays are usually coated with this material. Moreover, even if some models contain Teflon, its BPA-free.Similar to gourmia, the Ninja and cosori air fryers also feature Teflon-free coatings that make cooking in air fryers safe and healthy.

Is Gourmia Air Fryer Non-Toxic?

Gourmia air fryer models come with varying coatings. A few models come with Teflon coating however it’s made up of BPA-free materials. Additionally, to minimize the health risks, the latest models now come with silicon, ceramic or stainless steel coatings. These additions make the gourmia air fryer non toxic. Usually, the air fryer accessories like fryer baskets, drip trays and grill plates have a non-stick layer to prevent the food from sticking and assist in quick cleanup.  

Is Gourmia Air Fryer Bpa Free?

BPA is a toxic material that is not now used in making air fryers. Most of the air fryers have BPA-free accessories which include fryer baskets, grillplates, skewers, drip trays etc. The BPA isn’t heat resistant and produces toxic fumes which increase health risks. Additionally, the BPA materials coating scratches off and may enter your food. Compared to BPA coatings, the Gourmia air fryers now feature stainless steel coatings that are highly resistant to heat, scratches, oxidation and chemical damage. 

Is Gourmia Air Fryer Pfoa Free?

Most of the latest gourmia air fryers are PFOA-free. The PFOA is a  perfluorooctanoic acid. It’s a chemical substance that’s used in the manufacturing of industrial and commercial products. It is primarily used in the production of non-stick coatings like Teflon. It is mainly used due to its high resistance to heat, oils, stains and water.It has made use of make plenty of cookware including air fryer accessories. However, due to its potential risk factors, its use has been discontinued in the latest gourmia models. Now, the latest models feature ceramic or stainless steel coatings.

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Is Gourmia Air Fryer Ptfe Free? 

The majority of the Gourmia air fryers are now PTFE-free. The PTFE stands for polytetrafluoroethylene. This is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene. Its common brand name is Teflon. The Teflon is usually used in cookware for nonstick coatings mainly because it has great chemical inertness and non-stick properties. Although Teflonis safe for cooking, its found that overheating Teflon, results in toxic fumes that may cause health risks. Therefore, to avoid potential health hazards, most of the latest gourmia models have replaced Teflon with ceramic or non-stick coating. 

Is Gourmia Air Fryer Pfas Free?

Yes, the Gourmia air fryers are PFAS-free. PFAS stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. These substances have commercial and industrial applications mainly due to their water and heat-resistant properties. They are also infamous for their non-stick tendencies. Hence, considering this, they are used for making cookware.However, PFAS are found to be linked with plenty of hazards which include respiratory issues, cancer and flu-like symptoms. To prevent the potential side effects, the gourmia air fryers are PFAS-free, for safe cooking.


We have discussed in detail regarding Goumiaair fryer Teflon. These gourmia air fryers are ceramic and stainless steel coating. Some of the models do feature the Teflon layer, however, it is  BPA and PFOA-free. 
The gourmia air fryers are non-toxic and safe for cooking. Their healthy cooking style makes them great for your investment. 

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