Gourmia Air Fryer Stopped Working

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Gourmia has conquered the kitchen market with its innovative air fryer models. They assist you in quick and oil free cooking. However, this appliance may face some issues during use. Frequent usage and low maintenance can cause the unit to stop working. There can be multiple factors for gourmia air fryer stopped working. 

In our blog, we will go into detail to find out the possible issues and fixes for it.

Gourmia Air Fryer Stopped Working:

Gourmia air fryers can stop working due to multiple reasons. For instance,  there could be power issues due to blown out fuse, broken power cord, faulty heating element,  fan or circuit board. The only way to keep the air fryer working is by finding the root cause and dealing with it. 

Gourmia Air Fryer Stopped Working

3 Reasons For Gourmia Air Fryer Not Working:

Following are the possible reasons due to which gourmia air fryer stop working;

Power Issue: The gourmia air fryer comes with a power cord that provides stable transfer of energy from the power source to the main unit. If during this normal route,either the power source, power plug or the power cord are damaged or faulty, the usual electricity pathway gets disrupted. Thai results in low power and hence the unit will stop working. 

Overheating: The gourmia air fryer comes with an awesome safety feature i.e. auto shut off function. Overheating can damage the appliance internal components and hence you might need to replace the unit. To prevent greater damage due to overheating, the air fryer comes with an automatic shut off function. The unit will shut off and wont turn on,until it’s cooled completely. 

Improper Basket Placement: This is yet another safety feature. The basket needs to be properly secured inside the air fryer so that the main unit can start to work. If you haven’t properly placed the fryer basket, then the unit won’t turn on. 

Gourmia Air Fryer Not Turning On

If your gourmia air fryer suddenly stopped working, it could be due to; 

Faulty power socket: The power socket is the main power supplier to the main unit.If it’s not working,the air fryer probably won’t turn on.

Faulty power cable: The power cable may get twisted, bent,or melt due to high temperatures. These damages result in power leakage and prevent the air fryer from turning on.

Blown out fuse: The sudden voltage surge, may cause the internal thermal fuse to blow out.This can disrupt the usual energy flow and hence turn off your air fryer.

Damage to Circuit board: The circuit board is the crucial component that keeps the unit working.It registers your inputs and sends messages to the desired components for function. If the circuit board is damaged, then no matter how many times  you press the buttons, the unit won’t work or turn on.

Troubleshooting an air fryer Gourmia

Troubleshooting an air fryer Gourmia

Why Is My Gourmia Air Fryer Not Turning On? 

Gourmia air fryer may stop working or may not even turn on. This could be due to multiple factors. Let’s discuss their reasons and fixes

Power Socket: The  power socket may be faulty or nonfunctional resulting in sudden power surges. These surges can blow out the thermal fuse and hence shut off the entire system.

Fix: Firstly check for the functionality of your power socket. For this plug on your mobile phone and see if it’s charging or not. If not, then it means that there is some issue with the socket. Find Out the power socket that’s operational and then plug in your air fryer gourmia into it. 

Thermal Fuse: The thermal fuse incorporated in the normal circuitry of the main unit. This is because it acts as a power regular and protects the main unit from[owersurges. As soon as there is some sort of power surge, the thermal fuse blows out and disconnects the normal circuit towards the main unit. This protects the system from collapsing. 

Fix: To fix, you need to replace the blown out thermal fuse with a new one.You can purchase it online or from any store. Ensure that the fuse has the same specifications and size as its predecessor. 

  • Firstly unscrew the unit. Remove the top and back cover.
  • You will find a thermal fuse connected to the wires. Remove it carefully and then replace it with the new one. 
  • Reassemble the unit. Turn on the appliance to check if it’s working. 

Stuck air fryer door: The main issue could be your air fryer door. Even a slight hitch can cause your air fryer to off balance and hence it would keep turning off.

Fix: To deal with this issue, check whether all the door components are completely intact. Even it should make the clicking sound when sliding it into the main unit. If you don’t hear the click sound,or any components loose or damage, then their fryer basket won’t fit;  hence the gourmia air fryer won’t turn on. In case of a damaged fryer basket lock, replace the basket with a new one.

Hard Reset: If there is a software issue, for instance the system isn’t working. The touch display isnon-resposnive, then it could be due to a minor glitch or bug. 

Fix: The best way to resolve software glitches is to hard reset the unit. For this, just unplug the unit. Let the unit rest for 10-15 minutes and then replug the appliance. The bugs will get washed out of the system and the unit will start working. 

Error Controls: The air fryer could stop working due to error controls. The control panel buttons may become unresponsive or may get stuck. This could be due to faulty membrane switch or due to debris or grime accumulation. 

Fix: To deal with stuck control buttons, give the control panel a thorough clean. Ensure that all the oil and grease is removed from the control panel. 

If the membrane switch is the culprit, then would have to remove and replace it with a new one. For this, 

  • Unscrew the top cover of the air fryer.
  • You will find a membrane switch underneath the control panel.
  • Look for any signs of damage, corrosion or burns.
  • If yes, then disconnect it, and replace it with a new one.
  • Reassemble the entire unit. 

Air Fryer Model Too Old: Maybe your model is very old; hence it has reached its limit and hence wont turn on. 

Fix: If your air fryer gourmia is too old and has cracked components, then it’s best that you buy the latest model for smooth functioning. 

Tips For Mainianting Gourmia Air Fryer:

Regular cleaning: After using the gourmia air fryer, it’s recommended that you regularly clean the appliance accessories to prevent il, grease and food debris accumulation. Thiswill prevent the food crumbs to clog the internal components

Avoid Overcrowding: Cook foods in single layers and avoid adding too much foo inside the fryer basket. This will put strain over the unit. 

Follow Manual: Ensure that you regularly follow manual instructions for cooking. 

Our most recommended product is Gourmia GAF856 Air Fryer. Read an article at Best Gourmia air fryer to find out.

How To Reset Gourmia Air Fryer

You can reset gourmia air fryer, in two ways

Method#1: Manually Resetting The Appliance

To factory reset gourmia air fryer, firstly unplug the appliance and after 15 minutes rest, replug the appliance and turn on air fryer. 

Method#2: Reset Button

At the bottom base of the air fryer, you will find a red small pea-size button. Unplug the unit and using toothpick or needle press the reset button for 5 seconds until you hear beep.Then replug the appliance and go through the fryer settings to ensure that it has been factory reset.


We have discussed in depth regarding the top reasons and troubleshooting tips for gourmia air fryer stopped working. The main gourmia air fryer problems include power surge issue, power cord and thermal fuse problems, and dirt accumulation. If your issues aren’t resolved, its bets that you contact the gourmia technical support center for help!

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