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Gourmia Air Fryer is a reputable enterprise that has created plenty of innovative technology kitchenware. As air fryers are electrical gadgets, they are bound to act out a few times. Sometimes, the system starts to glitch, the unit won’t turn on, or the control panel buttons won’t work. To deal with these, the air fryer gourmia has come up with a reset button which sets the system unit to default settings. With a single press, it can flush out the bugs from the system. 

In our blog, we will discuss in detail the gourmia air fryer reset button and its benefits.Gourmia air fryer reset button location; 

The location of the reset button varies depending on the gourmia air fryer model. Mostly, you will find a small pea-sized reset button at the bottom of the air fryer unit near the power plug or close to the control panel.To find out the exact reset location, go through the user manual. Pressing the button will put the machine to factory reset.

Gourmia Air Fryer Reset Button:

The gourmia air fryer reset button will reset all the unit settings. To press it, firstly cool down the unit. You will find it at the bottom of the air fryer. Press it for 5 seconds and then turn on the unit. The system will be set to default.

Gourmia Air Fryer Reset Button


By using the reset button, all your previously saved cooking settings would get lost; therefore, note them done somewhere so that you have an general idea regrading your cooking settings. 

Where Is The Reset Button On Gourmia Air Fryer? 

The reset button is necessary to deal with any issue that may arise in the gourmia air fryer. The location of this button however is different and varies depending upon the type of gourmia air fryer model you have. 

For instance, in some gourmia air fryer models you will find the reset button at the bottom of the base of the air fryer.On the contrary, some models provide you reset button on the control panel, saving you from the hassle of finding the reset button

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How To Reset Gourmia Air Fryer?

Resetting gourmia air fryer is quick and easy. However, the resetting method will vary depending on the air fryer model.You can reset the gourmia air fryer in 2 ways.

Through Power Button:

A few gourmia air fryer models don’t come with a separate reset air fryer, therefore, if any technical issue or glitch arises, then you can use the power button to put the machine to factory default.

To reset the unit through the power button, follow the steps below:

  • Unplug the air fryer unit and let it cool down
  • Plug in and turn on the gourmia air fryer by pressing the power button.
  • Now, hold and press the power button for at least 5 seconds until you hear a beep.
  • Unplug the unit and then replug it. Go through the control panel settings to check whether the unit has factory defaulted.

Through Reset Button:

Now, plenty of gourmia air fryer models come with a separate reset button that makes resetting the air fryer a breeze. 

To reset the air fryer, follow the steps below:

  • Unplug the unit and allow it to cool down.
  • Plug the gourmia air fryer into a functional socket and turn on the gourmia air fryer.
  • Locate the reset button. You will either find it on the control panel or the bottom of the base of the air fryer.
  • With a needle or toothpick, press the reset button for 5 seconds and then release it.
  • Turn off the unit and then replace the appliance.
  • Go through the cooking settings and see whether the unit has been restored to default.

How to Repair a Dead Gourmia Air Fryer?

How to Repair a Dead Gourmia Air Fryer

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Gourmia Digital Air Fryer Reset Button: 

The gourmia digital air fryer has a reset button located at the bottom of the air fryer. The location may vary depending on the specific model. Through the user manual, you can find out the air fryer reset button location. Pressing the button will flush out all the bugs and turn on the unit.

Gourmia Air Fryer Gaf698 Reset Button:

Gourmia air fryer gaf698 has a reset button that can be used to factory reset the unit. With this, you can deal with all the minor issues of the air fryer the location may vary, but it is usually at the base of the unit. 

Gourmia Air Fryer Gaf575 Reset Button:

The Gourmia air fryer gaf575 reset button is installed to keep the unit functional and performance optimal.  You can press the reset button using a toothpick or sharp object as it is very small. Pushing it will factory default the unit.

Gourmia Air Fryer Gaf1220 Reset Button: 

Gourmia air fryer gaf1220 has a reset button installed to factory reset the unit. Pressing it will reset the unit to its original settings. You will lose all your saved settings.

Why Is My Gourmia Air Fryer Not Turning On? 

There can be multiple reasons for the gourmia air fryer not turning on. These include:

Faulty power socket: If the power socket has gone bad, then your air fryer won’t turn on; as it would lack sufficient electricity to power on. Therefore, you need to replace the power socket.

Broken cable: A tear in the power cable can also leak the power and hence insufficient energy would pass through the unit. It won’t be able to operate the unit’s internal components. Therefore, replace the power cable with a new one.

Blown fuse: The gourmia air fryer has an internal thermal fuse that regulates the voltage. A power spike will blow out the fuse and disrupt the internal circuit. This will shut down the unit. Therefore you need to replace the thermal fuse with a new one to keep the unit working.

Basket Placement: If the air fryer basket isn’t properly placed, the unit won’t turn on. Therefore, properly securely the fryer basket to keep the unit functional.

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The gourmia air fryer reset button is essential to set the internal settings to default. This will reset all the unit settings. This step is essential to deal with bugs and glitches. If the system starts to act out, with a simple reset button, you can deal with minor issues.

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