Gourmia Air Fryer Not Heating Up

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Gourmia air fryers have become extremely popular due to their ease of cooking. But they too aren’t without fault. Sometimes, the gourmia air fryer starts to act out; for instance gourmia air fryer not heating up. This could be due to multiple reasons. Finding out the exact cause can accelerate the recovery process. 

Our blog will target all the causes for air fryer not warming the food and ways to fix it. 

Gourmia Air Fryer Not Heating Up:

The gourmia air fryer sometimes fails to warm the food. This could be due to a faulty heating coil, or the fryer pan isn’t properly inserted inside the fryer unit or maybe the temperature switch is broken. Maybe the fryer fan isn’t working due to which the heat isn’t evenly distributed inside the air fryer. To deal with these issues, you need to replace the malfunctioning components and clean the cooking chamber for smooth cooking. 

Gourmia Air Fryer Not Heating Up

Why Is My Gourmia Air Fryer Not Heating Up? 

Gourmia air fryer not getting hot could be due to plenty of reasons. 

Reason#1: Insufficient Power Supply

The gourmia air fryer components need a sufficient power supply to operate. Insufficient electricity won’t enable it to power up its components; hence either the unit won’t turn on, or even if it powers up, the air fryer won’t heat up properly. 

Now, insufficient power supply could be due to plenty of reasons: 

Broken Power cable: The unit power cable is the most important component for sending power to the main unit. If the power cable is cracked or torn or at unusual ends, then there could be power leakage, as a result of which insufficient power would be transferred to the main unit resulting in the fryer not getting hot.

Faulty power socket: It’s not uncommon for the power socket to go bad. Therefore could be some internal issue, or due to grease or debris getting pushed in through the plug. Due to this the power socket isn’t able to send sufficient electrical voltages to the main unit.

Blown-out fuse: The gourmia air fryer comes with a built-in thermal fuse whose primary function is to regulate the voltage. It protects the internal electrical circuit from power spikes and shocks. Therefore, upon power surge, the thermal fuse would blow out, and disconnect the pathway to a normal electrical circuit. Hence, the unit would shut down automatically. 

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Reason#2: Fryer Basket Improperly Placed

The air fryer comes with a safety feature which ensures that all the necessary components for cooking are inside the fryer for it to turn on. This includes the fryer basket. The fryer basket needs to be properly secured in its place for the air fryer to turn on. If you haven’t properly secured the fryer basket or even not closed the fryer door, then the unit won’t turn on and hence it will activate its heating coil to generate heat.

Reason#3: Malfunctioning Heating Element

The air fryer heating element is the main component that keeps the unit warm. The heating coil generates heat to warm up the food. The fan distributes the heat to every corner of the food chamber for even cooking. If the heating coil has come within contact with water, it can get damaged or corrode. Similarly, food debris from various coking s sessions could start to accumulate on the heating coil and clog its functionality. Hence, the heating coil stops functioning.

Reason#4: Broken Temperature Switch

The air fryer temperature switch helps in setting the cooking temperature. If the temperature switch is broken then you won’t be able to set the temperature to a higher level. Hence, you will be stuck with a lower temperature and your air fryer won’t be able to heat up properly. 

Reason#5: Improper Cooking Times

Maybe you haven’t gotten proper cooking times and temperatures for your recipe as a result of which the gourmia air fryer not getting hot

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How To Fix Gourmia Air Fryer Not Heating Up? 

To fix up the gourmia air fryer, you can try the following hacks:

Replace Power cable: If the reason for the air fryer not warming the food is a broken power cable, then you can easily resolve this issue by replacing the power cable with a new one. This would prevent power leakage and ensure smooth electricity transfer to the main unit

Replace fuse: If the air fryer’s internal fuse has blown out then the only way to resolve this issue is to replace the thermal fuse with a new one. For this, you need to unscrew the air fryer and then locate the thermal fuse. You will usually find it closer to the control panel. It would be a glass body that blackened. Disconnect its wiring carefully and then replace it with a similar fuse of similar specifications. 


It’s best that instead of carrying out this task yourself, you let a professional handle it.

Switch to A functional Power socket: If the power socket is not functional, then look for any other power socket in your house to test functional and near a safe place. Not near the fireplace or gas stove. Plug in the gourmia air fryer and let it heat up. 

Replace the Heating Element: As stated earlier, the heating element is what heats up the main unit. If the heating element has gone bad, then the unit won’t warm up. If thehetaingelmentfunctioing is clogged due to debris and grease, then you need to clean the unit. 

For cleaning, you need to use a brush dipped in soapy water and gently scrub the heating coils to remove food crumbs. Gently scrub all the heating coils to resume their functioning. Ensure that you dry the coil later to prevent corrosion.

If the heating element is damaged, then you need to replace it with a new one. 

  • You will have to open the unit
  • Take all the food accessories
  • Put the unit upside down. 
  • Unscrew the heating coil and then replace it with a new one, of similar specifications. 
  • Reassemble the air fryer

It’s tricky, therefore, it’s best that you leave it to professionals. 

Properly Secured Fryer Basket: If the fryer basket isn’t properly placed, the air fryer won’t turn on. Therefore, you need to properly place the fryer basket inside the main unit. You will hear a click sound when the air fryer basket is in its place. Ensure that you close the fryer door as well. 

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Replace the Temperature Switch: The air fryer temperature switch needs to be replaced if it’s broken. This could be the reason air fryer stopped heating. To replace the air fryer switch, 

  • Unplug the air fryer unit
  • Unscrew the air fryer from its back
  • Then remove the control panel plate, beneath it you will find the temperature switch. 
  • Disconnect its wiring and then replace it with another temperature switch of similar specifications
  • Reassemble the unit
  • Turn on gourmia air fryer

Reset Gourmia Air Fryer: Sometimes, the gourmia air Fryer system glitches due to which it stops heating the unit. To deal with minor software bugs and glitches, you can simply factory reset the air fryer. 

  • To reset the air fryer, unplug the unit
  • At the bottom of the air fryer, you will find a small pea-sized reset button. With a toothpick or needle, press and hold the button for 5 seconds until you hear a beep sound
  • Then replug the unit and power it on
  • Go through the system settings to check if it has defaulted. 

DIY Gourmia Air Fryer Repair

DIY Gourmia Air Fryer Repair - Will Not Power On - Thermal Fuse Replacement

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 The Gourmia air fryer not heating up could be due to multiple factors which include, a malfunctioning temperature switch or heating coil, debris or dust clogged internal components, an improperly secured fryer basket or insufficient power supply to the main unit. After you have found the exact cause, the fix is just a few steps away. 

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