Gourmia Air Fryer Fan Not Working

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Gourmia air fryers are known to provide tremendous cooking performance. Disability to provide healthy and crispy fried food without the need for deep frying is commendable. However, like other appliances, the gourmi air fryer may also start to act out due to malfunctioning of its internal components. It could be the fan, heating coil, PCB, or thermal fuse. 

In our blog, we will particularly target the gourmia air fryer fan not working issue, and find out effective troubleshooting tips for it. 

Gourmia Air Fryer Fan Not Working:

Sometimes, gourmia air fryer fan stop working due to excessive oils or debris clogging the fan base, faulty motor, damaged thermal fuse, faulty circuitry or insufficient power supply. To resolve the issue, you may need to replace the faulty components with new ones. If the fryer fan motor is causing trouble, then the only effective solution is to replace it. 

Gourmia Air Fryer Fan Not Working

Why Is My Gourmia Air Fryer Fan Not Working?

Before jumping to conclusions, first clear the confusion, that if your gourmia air fryer fan stop working, then it isn’t a software glitch, it’s a hardware-related issue. An air fryer fan is an essential component to circulate hot air throughout the cooking chamber. The fan is just a blade that is connected to a motor shaft. The motor shaft needs high voltage to operate which is provided by the transformer connected through wires. The voltage first passes through the thermal fuse and then is transferred to the fan motor, which energises its blades. Any faults in the motor, thermal fuse, connecting wires or transfer can make the fan non-functional. 

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Reasons Why My Gourmia Air Fryer Randomly Stops Working:

The following could be the possible causes of faulty air fryer fan.

Blown-out Thermal Fuse: The thermal fuse regulates the voltage spikes and transfers a controlled and secure voltage connection to the transformer which in turn will supply power to the fan motor to rotate the blades. Now, sometimes, due to electricity sudden spikes, or due to the appliance overheating, the thermal fuse gets blown out. This disconnects the normal circuitry and no power is transferred to the fan motor to rotate the fan blades. Hence, the fan motor stops working

To deal with this issue, you need to open up the air fryer and then replace the blown-out thermal fuse with a new one of similar specifications. 

Damaged Motor: Gourmia air fryer overheating due to poor ventilation or accumulation of excessive food debris or food crumbs over the fan motor base and blades can clog its functionality. Additionally, if the fan motor has been exposed to liquid, it can get short-circuit. For this, you need to replace the fan motor, because it’s the main unit that powers the fan blades to rotate. 

Insufficient Voltage: The Gourmiaair fryer requires 1700 watts of voltage to power up its high-volume consuming elements. Although, this wattage is higher than the average air fryer models, still no matter the wattage, the gourmia air fryer should have proper voltage delivery for proper consumption. 

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Torn Wiring: Since all the components that energise the fan blades are connected through wires, the wires mustn’t burn or break at some ends. If the wires are old or burnt, then the normal electricity transfer flow will be disrupted. The power will be leaked and insufficient voltage will reach the fan motor; hence it won’t be able to properly rotate the fan blades. 

Faulty PCB: The printed circuit board is the boss that controls every electrical component inside the fryer. When you register your commands through the buttons on the control panel, the PCB is the one that interlinks all the components to provide you with an output. If the PCB becomes faulty, then no command or message for operation will be sent to the fan motor. Hence, the fan motor won’t work and turn on fan blades. 

To deal with this issue, you ended up replacing the damaged PCB with a new one with similar specifications. 

Precaution Tips:

  • Regularly clean the air fryer to prevent debris accumulation
  • Avoid the main unit from contact with water
  • Regularly maintain the unit to prevent long-term issues

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How to Fix a Not Working Fan Of Gourmia Air Fryer?

It requires a great deal of expertise to replace or repair any hardware-related issue in the air fryer, as a single mistake can cost you a fortune. However, following our simple guidelines, you can probably do a lot of work by yourself. 

For this, you would need the following materials

  • A screwdriver
  • A multimeter
  • Gloves


  • Firstly unplug the air fryer and wear gloves for safety
  • Using a screwdriver, firstly unscrew the air fryer top cover. Then unscrew the main body and remove the air fryer side cover
  • Now, you have disassembled the main unit and have access to every electrical component of the air fryer
  • First, check for the blown-out thermal fuse, look if there is a black glass body connected to wires. You can also use a multimeter. Set the multimeter at continuity and then connect its probes with the wires. If there is no measurement shown on the tool, then it means that the thermal fuse is damaged and needs to be replaced. For this, disconnect the thermal issue and then replace it with a new one. 
  • If the thermal fuse is working properly, then check if the wires connecting to the fan are not broken or burnt. If damaged, then use a soldering tool to connect the wires.
  • If the wires are fine, then check the PCB. Look for burnt or damaged marks over the board, IF present then replace them. 
  • Lastly, if nothing is wrong, check the fan motor. If it’s damaged, then replace it. 


This requires great professional help, therefore if you can afford one, then do use it.

Gourmia Air Fryer Not working Best Customer  Service

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We have discussed in detail the reasons and effective troubleshooting tips for the gourmia air fryer not working. The fan blades may not work due to a faulty motor, damaged wiring, insufficient power or due to faulty PCB. The only effective solution is to replace the faulty and malfunctioning components with new ones to resume the fan working. Finding out the root cause can make the fix easy. 

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