Gourmia Air Fryer Crisper Tray Not Fitting

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The gourmia air fryer crisper tray is an effective accessory that ensures the cooking and crispiness of the food.Thanks to this additional accessory, you get to enjoy tender and crisp meals with reduced oils and calories. However, for this tray to be effective, it needs to effectively fit inside the fryer basket. Plenty of users have complained about gourmia air fryer crisper tray not fitting.This could be due to plenty of reasons. In our blog, we will discuss all possible reasons for it and solutions that you can use to deal with this issue.

Let’s get into it 

Gourmia Air Fryer Crisper Tray Not Fitting:

Gourmia air fryer crisper tray may not fit inside the cooking fryer basket due to excessive accumulation of food debris, faulty clip, incorrect tray size or due to some other technical issues. To resolve the issue, you first need to identify the root cause. For that, we are here to help you.

Gourmia Air Fryer Crisper Tray Not Fitting

Why Gourmia Air Fryer Crisper Tray Not Fitting?

A crisper tray is essential for good cooking results. If you are trying to fit your crisper tray inside the fryer basket, and it’s not fitting correctly, then it can be due to plenty of reasons.For instance;

Debris Accumulation: Not regularly cleaning the air fryer after every cooking session, can result in oil and grease accumulating. This can clog the clip. Moreover, this could hinder the proper fitting of the crisper tray inside the fryer basket.

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Fix: Give your air fryer crisper plate and basket a good clean. Soak them in soapy warm water and scrub the debris. 


You can use lemon juice or baking soda paste as well to degrease the accessories.

Faulty Clip: The clip is the crucial feature that ensures that the crisper tray is correctly fitted in its place. If the clip clicks then it means that the fryer basket and the crisper tray have become one. If you have recently dropped the air fryer, or you have excessively used the fryer, this can cause the clip to either melt or bend over. They can break as well. This can pose an issue.


replace the fryer plate with a new one. You can easily purchase online through amazon. 

Replacement for crisper plate; check out at Amazon

Arrow Issue: To correctly place the crisper tray inside the fryer basket, the arrow that comes with the crisper tray should be in the downward position. If the arrow is in the upward position, then the tray won’t fit.

Size Issue: Sometimes, due to manufacturer fault, the crisper tray that comes with the fryer basket is either too small or too big to fit. The size of the tray doesn’t align with that of the air fryer basket. 


Purchase a new crisper tray of accurate specifications for proper fitting.

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How To Put A Crisper Tray In An Air Fryer Gourmia? 

The crisper tray is a wire rack that fits correctly inside the fryer basket. Its main role is to hold the food up so that there is even circulation of hot air to cook food. This ensures even browning and cooking of food.However, to obtain good results, you should know how to put a crisper tray inside the fryer basket. For this, follow the steps below:

Clean the crisper tray: Before putting the crisper tray inside the fryer basket, it’s best that you give both the accessories along the air fryer- a thorough cleanup.

  • Soak the fryer basket and crisper tray inside warm soapy water and then scrub the corners and edges, to get rid of excessive stuck debris. 
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe the cooking chamber and the air fryer exterior.
  • Once, both the accessories have air-dried, move to the next step.

Get rid of Clip Issues: To fit the crisper tray inside the fryer basket, the clips should work properly. They should not be damaged or bent. If they are, then the crisper tray won’t fit. Therefore, you need to ensure that the clips are without any issues.

Follow The Arrow: The crisper tray comes with an arrow to help you correctly place the crisper tray inside the fryer basket.You will find the arrow on the backside of the tray. Place the crisper tray as such that the arrow is downward. The crisper tray will fit without any trouble.

Contact Technical Support: If after following the guide, you are still not able to accurately place the crisper tray inside the fryer basket, then contact the technical support for help to provide you with further guidelines.If the unit has a warranty, then replace the product to save you money.

How To Use Crisper Tray In Gourmia Air Fryer? 

  • Place the gourmia crisper tray inside the air fryer basket,
  • Ensure that the tray arrow is in the downward position. When you place the tray inside the basket, you will hear a clicking sound indicating that the fryer basket and crisper tray have become one.
  • Now, place the fryer basket inside the air fryer. 
  • Plug the air fryer unit and preheat the unit.
  • Prepare food to be cooked. Ensure that you cut small slices of the food and evenly season them for good taste. 
  • Place the food slices in layers with sufficient space between them inside the fryer basket. 
  • Select the desired cooking function and let it cook.

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How To Remove Crisper Tray From Gourmia Air Fryer? 

To safely remove the crisper tray from the fryer basket,

  • Plug off the air fryer basket
  • Wear oven mittens or gloves
  • Take out the fryer basket by pulling its handle and then sliding it out
  • Locate the crisper tray inside the fryer basket
  • Use gloves or mittens and try to grasp the handle or edges of the crisper plate. Lift the crisper plate up and straight out of the fryer basket. Be cautious as it may still be very hot.
  • Place the hot crisper tray on a heat-resistant surface to cool it down for further handling.

Can You Use The Gourmia Air Fryer Without The Crisper Tray?

Yes, you can use the gourmia air fryer without a crisper tray. The crisper tray is an optional accessory to ensure even cooking. If you don’t want to use it it’s okay. You can directly place the food ingredients inside the fryer basket. However, you need to place them at equal distances so that there is proper heat circulation. 

Insert the Gourmia 7 quart digital air fryer crisper tray into the basket.

Insert the Gourmia 7 quart digital air fryer crisper tray into the basket.

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We have discussed in detail why gourmia air fryer crisper tray not fit inside the fryer basket. It could be due to a faulty clip, improper placement of the crisper tray, some technical issue or dirt and debris blocking its correct fitting.To fix it, give regularly clean-ups and replace the clip. If size is the issue then replace the size of the crisper tray.

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