Gourmia Air Fryer Basket Stuck

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Do you try to use the air fryer effortlessly only to find the gourmia air fryer basket stuck every time? 

Who doesn’t like crispy fried chicken wings, fries, fish fillets and even hamburgers? The Gourmia air fryers are quite famous among both children and adults, mainly because of their ability to provide deep-fried texture foods. With their fry-force 360 Technology, you get to achieve brilliant crispy-outside-juicy-inside consistency. They work more like conventional ovens, providing superheated air and even circulation to promote proper and even cooking of food. However, just like other appliances, this unit is bound to face some issues. We understand how frustrating a gourmia air fryer basket jam can be; if you solely rely on your air fryer to cook crunchy meals.We are here to help you identify the possible errors and fixes for this issue!

Gourmia Air Fryer Basket Stuck:

The stuck gourmia air fryer basket could be due to misalignment, food debris accumulation, broken basket, temperature issues, wear and tear, or corrosion. To unstuck the air fryer basket, you can use a little force to realign the basket, clean the air fryer thoroughly to get rid of the food debris or seek professional help if none of the strategies work!

Gourmia Air Fryer Basket Stuck

Why Gourmia Air Fryer Basket Get Stuck?

There can be multiple reasons for the gourmia air fryer basket to get stuck. This could be due to;

Debris Accumulation: As stated in the gourmia user manual, it’s essential to clean the unit after every cooking session. During cooking, the seasoning, grease and oils from the food splatter over the internal components. Over time, if no proper cleaning is done, the debris and oils start to accumulate and jam the internal components. In this case, the debris accumulation may start to clog the basket latch or switch; hence halting the drawer insertion process. 

Misalignment: The fryer basket may be incorrectly aligned with the fryer tracks or guidelines. This could occur if a great force is used to insert the drawer inside the main unit. This misalignment causes the fryer drawer to get stuck.

Heat Expansion & Contraction: The metal components may contract and expand depending on their exposure to heat. Since the gourmia air fryer operates at high temperatures, it can cause temperature-related size changes. This can cause the air fryer basket to get stuck. 

Rust and Corrosion: Over time, exposure to moisture can cause the air fryer basket or its internal components to get rusty. Rust and corrosion patches may form causing irregularities and hence making the fryer basket get stuck.

Wear & Tear: Extended usage, can cause the fryer’s moving components like the basket or cooking chamber to get worn out. This wear and tear can decrease the smooth insertion of the fryer basket and hence it can get stuck. 

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How To Release The Stuck Fryer Basket?

To resolve the stuck basket issue; first, plug off the air fryer unit and assess the root cause of the issue. It could be due to food debris, misalignment or any other issue. 

Use Force: Sometimes, the stuck basket just needs a little force to unstuck it. Therefore, firmly hold the fryer basket handle and then gently wiggle and pull the basket upward. Don’t apply too much force as it may damage the basket.

Lubricate With Oil: You can use the cooking spray that is used to prevent food from sticking to the surface. Lubricate the edges of the basket from where it’s stuck. The oil will grease the area. Use a little force and then the fryer basket will get detached.

Seek Professional Help: If none of the strategies work, then seek help from a professional. 

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 Why Does Gourmia Air Fryer Not Close? 

There can be multiple reasons for an air fryer not closing. This could be due: 

Broken Basket: Sometimes, mishandling the appliance, can result in the basket getting damaged. Its clips or latches can get bent or broken. Therefore, when you try to insert or gently try to remove the fryer basket from the main unit, it gets stuck. 

Overfilled Basket: If the Air fryer basket is overfilled with food, then it can the unit to overheat. Moreover, they can hinder the smooth insertion of the air fryer basket. Hence, the unit won’t close. 

Malfunctioning design: There could have been a flaw from the manufacturer’s side. The fryer basket shape may not match with the fryer design. Hence, the fryer basket isn’t able to properly fit inside the air fryer; hindering the closing of the unit.


If your air fryer has a warranty and is facing issues, then contact the manufacturer and have the unit switched to prevent further issues

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 How To Fix A Gourmia Air Fryer That Won’t Close? 

To fix the gourmia air fryer, not closing issue, you can opt for the following tricks:

Clean the Air Fryer: If the fryer basket is getting stuck due to food debris, then properly clean the air fryer and the drawer.You can use a damp cloth to clean the food residue. If it’s stuck, then use a toothbrush or scrub off the food debris excess. 

Heat The Fryer: Sometimes, temperature changes can unstuck the air fryer basket. For this, close the fryer and then heat it at 100F. The heat will expand the metal and hence the basket can be easily removed from the unit. 

Adjust The Alignment: If there is a gourmia air fryer insert issue, then you should gently push the air fryer basket to realign it in its place. 

 Gourmia Air Fryer Says Open:

When the gourmia air fryer says open, then it could be due to misalignment of the metal pot in the basket, defective sensor or broken latches. To resolve this issue, you need to realign the fryer basket with a little force, If the latch star broken, you need to replace it. The sensor can get defective due to debris, clean the unit or replace the sensor for proper functioning. 

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DIY Gourmia Air Fryer Repair

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We have discussed regarding the top reasons for the gourmia air fryer basket stuck issue and possible fixes to troubleshoot the problem. The misalignment, broken basket, food debris, and corrosion. If your air fryer is facing these issues, you can resolve it by identifying the root cause. Hope you now know how to resolve the stuck basket issue. 

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