Cosori Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

Written By Anum Abid ✓ Reviewed By Irfan Hussain

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Cosori air fryer has always lived up to its reputation by providing delicious and mouth-watering meals. However, like many other electrical devices, the machine is bound to face some issues that need fixing. 

One of the most common problems that it faces is Cosori air fryer won’t turn on or it will stop working midway. This could be due to plenty of reasons like loose wiring, power issue, internal factors etc. Our blog will highlight the top reasons and effective solutions in detail.

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Cosori Air Fryer Won’t Turn On:

The cosori air fryer not turning on could be due to multiple external and internal factors. Maybe the internals of air freyr is exposed to high temperatures or couture leading to corrosion and internal components malfunctioning. Overheating of the unit, improperly placed basket and faulty heating coil, fan, circuit board, buttons, Wifi buttons and control panel may contribute to the air freyr not working. Similarly, power issues and programming issues can cause similar problems.

Cosori Air Fryer Won't Turn On

Cosori Air Fryer Stopped Working: 

There could be multiple reasons for any air fryer not working. For instance:

Electrical issue: Sometimes, the power supply to the cosori air fryer is insufficient. As a result, the air fryer model isn’t able to properly activate and start working. This electrical power issue could be due to the following reasons:

  • Faulty power socket
  • Damaged power cord
  • Blown out fuse
  • Tripped Breaker


Following is the detailed guide to resolving the above issues:

Inspect the power socket for functionalityReplace the faulty power socket
Check the breakerTurn the breaker ON
Check power cableReplace the power cord if it’s damaged
Check the fuse If it’s blown out, replace it with one having similar specifications
Consult the manual for accurate power, wattage and voltage.The power should meet the cosori air fryer’s average power requirements

Overheating Issue: Some cosori air fryers stop working due to overheating issues.  The air fryer models are programmed to automatically shut off or deactivate if the air fryer starts getting overheated. This could be due to overcrowding and overfilling of the air fryer basket. This results in poor air circulation and hence the air fryer starts getting overheated. Moreover, irregular clean-ups can result in accumulation of the food crumbs over the heating coil. They start decomposing and block the heating element. Hence, the heating coil starts to overheat. This triggers the auto-shut-off function.

Apart from the debris clogging the coil and overcrowding of the fryer, the two top reasons for overheating coil be 


Check the heating element. Look for any corrosion or damage.Replace the heating element if it’s not working
Check the fan. Look for damagesReplace the fan
Check if there is debris accumulation on the fan or heating coilClean the food debris with a toothbrush and a damp cloth. Let it air dry to prevent corrosion.

Programming Issues: The modern cosori air fryers are programmed and work through the controller. While cleaning the air fryer circuitry, if it’s exposed to certain conditions, it may stop working. The programmer controller may start acting out. 

Solution: The only way is to reprogram the controller by resetting the cosori air fryer. 

To reset the cosori air fryer; follow the steps below:

  1. Unplug and then replug the air fryer; however, don’t power on the fryer
  2. Press the bacon and fish buttons simultaneously for about 3 seconds
  3. Use the +/- buttons on the control panel and reduce the temperature to negative and then to 0F
  4. Press the power button
  5. Unplug the air fryer
  6. Then replug after a few seconds. Your air fryer is now factory reset.

Cosori Air Fryer Troubleshooting: 

Although it’s common for air fryers and other electronic devices to face some issues, the problem mentioned below is only cosori air fryer specific. Let’s discuss them in detail

Power Issue: Many consumers have reported their cosori air fryer not turning on. Even if the air fryer turns on, it shuts off halfway. This could be due to an interrupted power supply. 

Solution: If your new cosori air fryer is facing this issue, then it means that it’s still under warranty, immediately send it to the manufacturer for fixing. 

If your cosori air fryer is old and has stopped working; then check the following things:

  • Check if the power cord is damaged. Look for loose wiring, wear, tear or melting of the outer covering. If the power cord is damaged, then replace it with a new one. Ensure that you purchase the cord with the same power specifications. 
  • Check For Damaged Thermal Fuse: The cosori air fryers come with an internal thermal fuse that regulates the electricity flow. It is highly sensitive to power spikes and protects the main power circuitry from power spike damage. 

Therefore during an electrical surge, the thermal fuse protects the main system by blowing out. This cuts off the electrical supply and shuts off the unit Look for a broken glass body and then replace it with a thermal fuse having a new one having similar specifications.

Cosori Air Fryer Smoking: Some users have reported that their cosori air fryer gives off white smoke during cooking. This scared off some users as they thought this could be due to some potential electrical issue resulting in a fire hazard. However, the main reason why air freyr starts emitting smoke is due to us of excessive oil. The oil build-up results in smoke production. 

Solution: Reduce the oil using the foods. Moreover, clean the air fryer after every use to reduce the oil build-up. This will reduce the smoke.

Uneven Cooking: Some cosori users have reported uneven food cooking and even burning while using the air fryer. This could be due to the overfilling and overcrowding of the fryer basket. There is no heat circulation and hence hot spots develop and food starts to get burned. 

Solution: Place the food pieces with some distance between them. Don’t overcrowd or overlap the ingredients. Moreover, cook in single layers.

Cosori Air Fryer Fan Not Working:

The cosori air freyr fan may stop working due 

Dirt accumulation: During the cooking cycle, the oils and grease may splatter and reach the inside of the air fryer where the heating coil and the air fryer fan are located. The grease and oil over time can build up and clog the fan blades from rotating. This can cause the fan to malfunction. 

To deal with this, you need to monthly clean up the fan blades and fan base with a toothbrush and damp water to prevent oil buildup. Moreover, avoid using oil and grease or too much season on the food to reduce sauce splatter.

faulty motor: Loose internal wiring on insufficient power can cause the air fryer fan motor to stop working. The fan is driven by an electric motor. It powers its blades to rotate and provide vene heta distribution inside the great chamber. If the motor gets faulty, then you need to replace it with a new one. 

Obstruction of fan blades: If the fan blades are obstructed by food particles, or they have been bent, this can cause the fan to stop operating. You need to clean the fan blades and replace them if they have been corroded or damaged. 

Cosori Air fryer fan not working

Cosori Air fryer fan not working

Cosori Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working: 

Sometimes the cosori air fryer display not working. This could be due to the following reasons:

Dead batteries: if the cosori air fryer touch screen becomes unresponsive, then this could be due to dead batteries. Therefore, immediately check whether the batteries are dead or not, and if the batteries are fine, ensure that they have been placed in the correct position. If the batteries are found dead, then replace them with new ones. 

Software Glitches: Sometimes, minor software glitches cause the touchscreen display to freeze. Hence, the display doesn’t register your input. To deal with the software bug and glitches, you need to reset the appliance. A simple reset can be done by unplugging the unit and then replugging it after 15 minutes. This will wash away all the bugs from the system. 

Damaged Touch screen: If the touch screen is unresponsive, it could be that the touch display is broken and hence it can’t function properly. The best solution is to replace the touchscreen display.

Electrical Problems: Maybe the touch screen has not been able to receive sufficient power supply for it to power on. Ensure that you have inserted the unit in a functional power outlet. 

Cosori Air Fryer Control Panel Not Working: 

The cosori air fryer control panel may stop working due to

Power supply problem: The cosori air fryer needs sufficient electricity to rum\n. Insufficient power won’t be able to quickie power on the unit, especially its control panel. Hence, the air fryer won’t work. To deal with this issue, ensure that your cosori air fryer power cord isn’t damaged and leaks the electrical power. Moreover, their fryer should be plugged into a functional power outlet. 

Firmware update: Due to software/ firmware glitches, the control panel won’t register your inputs and provide you with functionality. To deal wt the glitches, look for the available software and firmware updates and update the system to resolve the issue. 

Power circuit issue: The circuit board controls all the programs and overall functionality of the air fryer. The control panel is soldered to the circuit board. If the circuit board is faulty due to power spikes then the control panel won’t work. You need to replace the circuit board to resume the cosori air fryer operation

Factory Reset: You can try rebooting the cosori air fryer by unplugging and replugging it. 

Cosori Air Fryer Buttons Not Working: 

The cosori air freyr buttons not working due to:

Loose internal connections: Maybe the internal wiring that connects the buttons to the circuit board is damaged or very loose. This can disrupt the usual connection and hence halt registering your inputs. To deal with this issue, you need to solder back the wires to the circuit board and repair the loose connectivity to resume button functionality.

Buttons Stuck Due To Dirt: The air fryer buttons have tiny spaces around them. Sometimes, in a hurry, we use our oily and greasy hands to operate the buttons. These food particles get stuck in the spaces between the buttons. Over time, they accumulate and cause the button to get stuck. To deal with this issue, you need to use a toothbrush to remove the food debris from every nook and cranny of the buttons and use a clean damp cloth to wipe off the debris. 

Broken Button: Maybe you accidentally dropped the air Freyr and now its buttons are broken. You must resolve the issue by replacing the broken button with a new one.

Cosori Air Fryer Wifi Not Working: 

The cosori air fryer wifi button not working due to the following reasons:

Weak WIFI signal: Maybe the air fryer is too far away from the router hence it’s unable to catch the Wifi signals or maybe there is too much signal interference leading to an unstable wifi connection. To deal with this issue, move closer to the router for a stable wifi connection. 

Incorrect WIfi credentials: While trying to establish a WIFI connection, you need to enter the correct Wifi network name and password to develop a connection. Incorrect Wi-Fi credentials won’t connect your air fryer to Wifi. Therefore, ensure that you enter the correct credentials. 

Software/ Firmware issue: Maybe there is some sort of glitch or bug in the air freyr software system due to which it’s not compatible with eth Wifi. Check if there are any software/firmware updates available to deal with the issue.

Reset The Unit: A simple reset can resolve network issues. Just unplug the unit and then replug it. Power o the appliance and try connecting again. 

Cosori Air Fryer Problems:

There are plenty of problems that a cosori air fryer may face. These include:

New Cosoiri air fryer Not Turning On: Sometimes, your newly purchased air fryer fails to turn on. This could be due to defective manufacturing. Since your gadget is under warranty, you should immediately show it to the manufacturer and replace it. 

Old Cosori Air fryer Stored/Unused For Too Long: Sometimes, you haven’t sued their fryer for a long period. Hence, you try to turn it on, but after a long time, it won’t start. For this, you need to show it, to an expert. He will open up the gadget, air blow it’s inside and check the circuitry to make it work. 

Cosori Air Fryer Not Working Suddenly: This is the most common. Your air fryer model is old, you have been using it frequently, however, it starts acting out and stops working. This could be due to numerous reasons:

  • Electrical Issues: Your air fryer power cord might be broken, the power outlet may be malfunctioning or the internal thermal fuse might have blown out resulting in halting your cosori air fryer turn-on process. The easiest way t solve the issue is to replace the power outlet, power cord and thermal fuse. 
  • Faulty Heating Coil: The heating coil either produces too much heat or doesn’t produce any heat at all. This malfunction could be due to insufficient power voltage or dirt decomposition, that clogs the coil. You must replace the coil with a new one to resolve the issue.
  • MalfunctioingFan: Insufficient power supply to the fan motor can result in malfunction. Moreover, the fan blades may bend or get damaged. These factors cause the fan to malfunction and hence it can evenly circulate the hot air. For this, you ended to replace the fan 
  • Malfunctioning Buttons: The cosori air fryer buttons stop working due to damage to the membrane switch, or they get stuck as the food debris and grease clog them. Properly clean the unit display buttons and replace the membrane switch to deal with this issue
  • Faulty Display: The modern cosori air fryers feature programmable software that helps in navigating the unit. Sometimes due to software glitches, the air Fryer display stops working. For this, just reset the unit to resume functionality.
  • Improper basket placing: The cosori model is programmed such that it won’t power on unless its fryer basket is accurately positioned inside the air fryer. Properly palace the freyr basket inside the air fryer for the unit to start.
  • Overheating: The cosori air fryer has an auto-shut-off feature that activates when the unit starts to overheat. To deal with this, unplug the unit and let it cool down. Plug in the unit when it’s cool


The cosori air fryer won’t turn on due to multiple factors. This could be due to exposure to high heat or moisture, improper placement of the fryer basket, overheating, emission of white smoke, malfunctioning touch screen, control panel buttons, fan and heating coil. To deal with these issues, you need to replace the malfunctioned parts with new ones. You should give your cosori air fryer regular clean-ups to prevent dirt accumulation. These hacks can help your air fryer last long.

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