Cosori Air Fryer Temperature

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To get optimal air frying results, you must know the exact cooking temperature and time for your recipe. However, when it comes to cosori air fryer, it’s always a challenging task. After countless trials and errors, and struggling to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa, you can get the results. 

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To free you from this guesswork, our blog is a cosori air fryer temperature guide; that will help you cook delicious and mouthwatering dishes effortlessly. We will also discuss how to tackle the temperature scales. 

Cosori Air Fryer Temperature:

The cosori air fryer has a wider temperature spectrum ranging from 160F to 400F. The appliance lets you adjust the temperature with its +/- buttons. Moreover, to change the temperature scales, just press the temp tab to switch from Fahrenheit to celsius and vice versa!

Cosori Air Fryer Temperature

Cosori Air Fryer Temperature Settings:

The cosori air fryer temperature settings are easy. The control panel has all the relevant tabs to assist the users in navigating the unit. For temperature, the Cososri air fryer has the temp/time button; pressing it will assist the users in adjusting the cooking time and temperature via the +/- buttons. 

The cosori air fryer temperature range is 170F to 400F. The lowest temperatures assist in dehydrating fruits, or veggies to create snacks, or you can use it to gently cook delicate foods. The high temperatures help cook tough foods and assist in crisping and browning the foods.Varying the temperatures between 170 to 400F, you get to cook a variety of different recipes with optimal perfection.

How To Change Temperature On Cosori Air Fryer? 

The cosori air fryer comes with a user-friendly digital display. The control panel has all the go-to buttons from the power button to roast/bake/air fry and temp/time tabs- all adjusted onto that sleek panel at the fryer front. For temperature change, you need to first press the temp/time button. If you want to change the temperature scale from F to C or vice versa; then press it for 3 seconds. The temperature scale would shift. Now, adjust the temperature by pressing the +/- button. This lets you increase or decrease the temperature as per your recipe requirement. 

Once the temperature is set, you can hit the start button to initiate the cooking process!


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Cosori Air Fryer Temperature Range: 

The cosori air fryer offers its users a wide temperature spectrum that ranges from 170F to 400F. This flexible temperature range allows the users to dehydrate, air fry, grill and roast the foods. You can alter the temperature between this range according to your dish requirement. This flexible temperature range surely provides you with good control and precision while cooking. It helps you in optimzing cooking results.

Essential Cosori Air Fryer Temperatures: 

The cosori air fryer provides essential temperature settings to help users in polishing their skills. Its temperature range of 170F to 400F opens doors for a variety of opportunities. For instance; By setting the temperature to 170F, you can dehydrate the fruits, and veggies and easily make homemade jerky. By setting the temperatures to 300F to 400F, you can bake and roast the foods like cake, cupcakes, brownies, pizza. You can get that superior exterior crunch and crisp.

For air frying, temperatures between 375F to 400F are the best. The high heat will properly cook the exterior of foods like chicken wings, breasts, and chicken tenders.

Cosori Air Fryer Max Temperature: 

The cosori air fryer boasts a maximum temperature of 400F. This high temperature is essentially useful in air frying your food. The heat will absorb all of your food moisture and will crisp the exterior providing a golden finish. It lets you cook a variety of foods with perfection. 

Cosori Air Fryer Temperature Chart: 

Meat Loaf325°F35-45 minutes
Meatballs400°F7-10 minutes
Pork Chops375°F12-15 minutes
Chicken breast380°F20-25 minutes
Tilapia400°F6-8 minutes
Salmon400°F5-7 minutes
Shrimp375°F8 minutes
Carrots375°F15-25 minutes
Green Beans375°F16-20 minutes
Carrots375°F15-25 minutes
Cauliflower400°F10-12 minutes
Green Beans375°F16-20 minutes
Zucchini400°F12 minutes
Baked Potatoes400°F35-45 minutes
Fries400°F10-20 minutes
Mozzarella Sticks400°F6-8 minutes
Corn Dogs400°F8 minutes
Tater Tots400°F12-15 minutes
Cookies325°F8-10 minutes
Brownies325°F40-45 minutes

How To Change Cosori Air Fryer From Celsius To Fahrenheit? 

To change the cosori air fryer Celsius to Fahrenheit; you need to follow the steps below

  • Plug in the cosori air fryer; press the power button to turn on the appliance
  • Now, on the control panel, you will find a temp tab. Hold it for about 3 seconds, until you hear fryer beep
  • The temperature on the display will switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit. You can now, use the +/- buttons to increase/decrease the temperature. 

To change from Fahrenheit to celsius, repeat the same process. 

But, what if the temperature display went blank?

There could be multiple reasons for the display to not show the temperature switching;

These include:

Power connections: Sometimes, your appliance is plugged into a malfunctioning power socket, or there is a power leakage due to a broken or bent power cord. These factors result in an inadequate supply of power to the appliance. Hence, the display won’t light up and hence it won’t change the temperature settings.

Broken Temp/Time button: If the temp/ time button is broken, then you may need to replace it.

Overheating: Sometimes, due to overheating, the unit fails to operate and is automatically turned off. Let the unit lose some heat and then retry. 


Sometimes, dirt and debris clog the vents and cause the unit to overheat!

Cosori – How To Use Your Air Fryer

Cosori | How To Use Your Air Fryer


We have discussed in detail regarding the cosori air fryer temperatures. Its temperature range is 170F to 400F. The low temperatures are good for dehydrating whereas high temperatures are great for roasting and air frying. We hope, our temperature guide is of some help!

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