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The cosori is a fascinating enterprise that has launched multiple kitchenware for your ease. Whether you are a master chef or a novice, its easy-to-use gadgets make cooking a piece of cake. The air fryers are its hot product, that makes cooking effortless. You get to enjoy delicious, air-fried foods having reduced calories. 

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However, there is one concerning question that scares its consumers and that’s Cosori air fryer teflon. It’s rumoured that the cosori air fryers are Teflon coated. In our blog, we will go into its detail and discover whether cosori air fryers are toxic or non-toxic air fryers. 

Cosori Air Fryer Teflon:

Most of the cosori air fryers have Teflon coating to prevent food from sticking to the accessories. This results in burned food. However, the non-stick Teflon coating is PFOA/BPA free which indicates that this appliance has minimal health risks. It’s a cancer-free appliance that can be used for your culinary creations with ease. 

Cosori Air Fryer Teflon

Does Cosori Air Fryer Have Teflon?  

Teflon is a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), having non-stick properties. Teflon is usually used for coating kitchen utensils like baking sheets, cooking pans etc to prevent the food from getting stuck to the bottom. Teflon is sometimes used with BPA and PFOA to create a toxic non-stick film in the accessories. The coating melts at high temperatures, or due breaks down due to abrasive cleaning. This results in the chemical components getting mixed up in the food resulting in cancer risk.However, the cosori enterprise claims that it provides BPA/PFOA-free non-sticks. Although, it can’t be said with a 100% guarantee that the enterprise provides Teflon-free cosori air fryers. 

However, it does provide a few models having porcelain and stainless steel coating. Such Teflon-free air fryers rea usually more expensive compared to the Teflon cosori air fryers. Some of the Cosori Teflon-free air fryers include;

  • COSORI Air Fryer Oven Combo
  • COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven
  • COSORI Pro II Air Fryer Oven Combo

These non-toxic air fryers have either stainless steel or aluminium coating- making the healthy for use. Now, you won’t have to worry about the coating particles entering the food and increasing cancer risk.Cosori is trying its best to evolve its Teflon air fryers to teflon-free models to protect its consumers. 


Don’t use abrasive sponge or metal utensils in the Teflon-coated baskets. It can damage the layer.

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 What Is Cosori Air Fryer Made Of? 

Cosori is an innovative kitchen appliance with a sleek design. It has a compact structure that lets you fit the model anywhere in the kitchen. The cosori air fryers mostly feature a matte brushed plastic finish. The interior is either stainless steel coated or ceramic-coated basket, boils, rotisserie and trays

The cosori also feature air fryer oven combos that have porcelain .coating.These surfaces are easy to clean and use. They are BPA, PTFO and Teflon-free. They don’t contain any harmful composites and are neither carcinogenic. For instance; COSORI Premium Plus Smart Air Fryer 5.8QT.

 Is Cosori Air Fryer Bpa Free?

Yes, generally cosori air fryers are BPA-free. This is a harmful chemical and is among the composite materials for creating Teflon. BPA substance is toxic to human health. Therefore, considering its potential health risks, the cosori now provides BPA-free cosori air fryer models. The Teflon coating is BPA-free and has not been found to cause harm. Its reduced health risks make it more famous compared to the BPA models. 

 Is Cosori Air Fryer Toxic? 

The cosori is not a toxic air fryer as it has a BPA-free Teflon coating. It doesn’t provide increased human health risk. Moreover, the appliance may also feature porcelain or stainless steel coatings. These non-stick layers are heat-resistant, and won’t melt or scratch off. They won’t mix into your food to cause you health risks. 

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 Is Cosori Air Fryer Non-Toxic? 

Yes, the cosori air freyrs are non-toxic. This is mainly because it has a BPA-free Teflon coating. BPA is a harmful substance that increases the health risk. It causes great damage to the fetus, prostate glands, kidneys and stomach. Moreover, it acts as a carcinogen. The BPA-free coating is non-toxic and won’t cause you any health concerns. Similarly, the stainless steel and porcelain coatings are also non-toxic. 

 Does Cosori Air Fryer Cause Cancer? 

No, the cosori air fryers don’t cause cancer. The appliance uses hot air to cook food and uses very little oil for cooking. Its appliance has a BPA-free coating which reduces the cancer risk. However, there has been research that indicates that the air fryers produce acrylamide production which increases cancer risk in animals. No evidence for humans has been found yet. cosori air fryer cancer-free properties make it safe for use.

 Is Cosori A Good Air Fryer? 

Cosori is an infamous and reputable air fryer enterprise that has created very strong and powerful kitchen appliances. It’s a certainly good air fryer brand as it provides the following characteristics in its air fryers

More power:

The cosori air fryers have an average 1700 wattage- greater than its competitors. This power lets the air Freyr cook food more quickly and efficiently with perfect texture and crispiness. 

Easy To Use:

The cosori air fryers models feature see-through windows; and provide easy navigation features. Moreover, their aluminium or stainless interior makes cleaning the appliance effortless.

Multiple sizes:

The cosori air fryers feature multiple-size fryer baskets. You can choose any size according to your family’s needs.

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Are Teflon Air Fryers Safe?

Teflon air fryers are generally considered safe for daily use. However, heating the Teflon appliance at high temperatures can melt the non-stick layer. It can also cause release of some toxic fumes.Similarly, using metal utensils while cooking can scratch the Teflon coating, and result in the Teflon chunks getting mixed with food- which could be dangerous. It’s recommended not to heat the Teflon appliance at high temperatures and non-metal and non-abrasive utensils while cooking.

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BEST Air Fryer Without Teflon


The Cosori Air fryer Teflon Bpa-free models make it the top non-tox air fryer. The air fryer provides great functionality. They are easy to use and clean. The stainless steel, ceramic or porcelain coating makes it a non-cancerous air fryer. You can use these products frequently without any health concerns. For Teflon-coated appliances, ensure you don’t use high temperatures and avoid using abrasive cleaning methods. 

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