Cosori Air Fryer Not Heating Up

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Cosori Air Fryers are certainly game-changers. They have transformed the culinary world with their smart technology. However, just like other appliances, these units are also prone to issues. Sometimes, your cosori air freyr starts acting out. It’s unable to reach the set internal temperature for cooking; resulting in food not cooking properly. 

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In our blog, we will target the reasons and possible fixes for the cosori air fryer not heating up. Let’s dive into it!

Cosori Air Fryer Not Heating Up:

The cosori air fryer won’t heat up due to multiple reasons. It could be due to insufficient power supply, problems with the receptacle, malfunctioning heating coil, broken temperature button, clogging of air vents or simply the accumulation of debris. To fix the issue, you need to replace the malfunctioning components of the air fryer. Additionally, give regular cleaning to the fryer for smooth running.

Cosori Air Fryer Not Heating Up

Why Is My Cosori Air Fryer Not Heating Up?

There could be multiple reasons for the cosori air fryer not warming food. These include:

Power Loss: Sometimes, there is insufficient power supply to the air fryer. This hinders the unit to be fully functional. For instance, your power cord is damaged. This damage may occur to due excessive wrapping and unwrapping of the cord during its storage. 

Moreover, it may have gotten pinched or squeezed at various angles. The excessive heat generated from the air fryer could also be the main culprit in melting the power cord’s outer layer.

These factors collectively damage the power cord and hence, the power starts leaking. Insufficient power gets supplied to the air fryer and it’s unable to become fully functional. 

Faulty Receptacle: Sometimes, the power supply isn’t the issue. The receptacle simply goes bad. Hence, it’s unable to supply the accurate power supply, resulting in the air FryEr heating coil not turning on. 

Faulty Temperature Button: The cosori air fryer temperature switch is of great importance. With its help, you can regulate the temperature inside the air fryer cooking chamber. If the switch is broken, then you won’t be able to increase the temperature and hence the heating coil won’t heat the appliance to a higher level. This results in undercooked food. 

Faulty Heating Coil: The air fryer heating element is of prime importance. The cooking cycle solely depends on the heating coil and the fan. It’s the heating element that produces great heat and then the fan just circulates the heat for even cooking. If the heating coil gets faulty or starts to malfunction, then the air fryer won’t be able to heat up. 

Basket Not Placed Properly: The air fryer from cosori is designed to activate only when the air fryer basket is properly secured inside the unit. If you have skipped the fryer basket, then the air fryer won’t turn on and start heating the unit. Similarly, to turn on the unit, the door should be properly closed.

 How To Fix Cosori Air Fryer Not Heating Up? 

To fix the air fryer cosori heating issues, you can adopt the following tricks:

Replace the Power Cord: If the heating issue is resulting from a damaged power cord; then you need to first replace the power cord with a new one. You can easily purchase it from any online store.

Replace The Recepatcel: First check if the receptacle is bad. For this, plug another device like a lamp or charger into the outlet and check whether the device works or not. If not, then it means that the receptacle has gone bad. For this, use another receptacle that’s in your house. However, ensure that you don’t plug the unit near the gas stove or fireplace. 

Faulty Heating Element: Sometimes, the heating level gets corroded due to exposure to moisture. Moreover, accumulation of debris can clog the coils and hence make them non-functional. To only way out, is to replace the heating element with a new one. 


Replacing the heating element is a challenging process. Therefore, contact a professional for help.

Reset The Air  Fryer: Sometimes, the software glitches make the control panel buttons freeze. Hence, the temperature button won’t work. By unplugging the unit and then replugging it, you can get rid of the bugs and resume the fryer function. 

Replace the Broken Temperature Button: If the cosori air fryer has a broken temperature button, then contact a professional to replace it. 

Clean the Unit: Almost 90% of your fryer heating problems will be resolved by regularly cleaning the unit.


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Cosori Air Fryer Heating Element:

The cosori air fryer heating element is crucial for the proper cooking of meals. The heating coil reives power and then starts warming the unit to the set temperature. However, sometime,s this usual process gets hindered due to power loss issues, damaged power cords, faulty outlets, or accumulation of debris. 

You can resolve these issues by giving your unit regular clean-ups and replacing the malfunctioned parts.  

How To Check Heating Element In Air Fryer?

To check the heating element; follow the steps below:

  • Remove the fryer basket
  • Turn the unit upside down
  • With a multimeter, touch one end of the multimeter with the heating coil and the other to the opposite end. If the multimeter reads high resistance, then it means that the heating coil is highly resistant to electricity and no electricity is following through the unit. 
  • If the tool reads low resistance, then it means power is flowing through it and it’s working properly. 

How To Clean Cosori Air Fryer Heating Element?

To clean the cosori air fryer, follow the steps below:

  • Unplug the cosori air fryer and allow the unit to cool down
  • After the unit has cool down, remove the fryer accessories and soak them in a soapy warm water
  • Furthermore, bring a toothbrush and start to lightly scrub off the hetaing coils to get rid of the food crumbs and grains
  • After cleaning through the toothbrush, use a damp microfibre cloth and then gently wipe the heating coil. 
  • Let the coil air dry. 
  • Manually clean the accessories. After air drying them, you can place them inside the fryer.

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The cosori air fryer not heating up could be due to power loss, interruption in the usual electric circuit, power cord issue, or maybe its internal components are faulty. Once, you have identified the issue, the fix is easy. You just need to replace the faulty components with new ones. Try resetting the unit once, to flush out the system bugs. Furthermore, ensure that you regularly clean the unit to avoid food debris build-up. 

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