Cosori Air Fryer Buttons

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The cosori air fryer features tons of buttons. Does the variety confuse you? Fret not! We are here to help you. The cosori air fryer is an innovative air fryer brand that features plenty of cooking buttons to help users create delicious and healthy meals effortlessly. However, the presence of multiple cooking presets, often confuses the users and they are unable to utilize the functions fully due to their lack of knowledge. In our blog, we will discuss in detail the cosori air fryer buttons, and learn about the air fryer buttons meaning and how you can use them.So let’s dive in!

Cosori Air Fryer Buttons:

The cosori air freyer buttons include the power buttons, temperature and timer buttons, start and pause buttons, preheat, and keep warm buttons. 
Apart from that, according to the specific model, the cosori air fryer contains some specific cooking preset buttons. Pressing any one of them will automatically set the temperature and time for the food. Some common presets include steak, chicken, dessert, roast, fries, bacon etc.

Cosori Air Fryer Buttons


Cosori Air Fryer Reset Button: 

The cosori air fryer reset button lets you reboot the appliance. This is particularly necessary if your air fryer is facing some issues.The resetting is an effective solution for problems like mute/ stuck buttons, software glitches, a fan not working, a heating element not working, a display screen stopped working, Wi-Fi not connecting, temperature or timer not working or the air fryer stopping working. Your appliance system is set to factory default settings using the reset button. 

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Where Is The Reset Button On A Cosori Air Fryer? 

On most cosori air fryers, you won’t find a reset button. Unlike its predecessors, the cosori air fryer brand doesn’t provide a reset button at the bottom of the air fryer. The old and new air fryer models feature the Vesync app. The app lets you reset or reboot the system. All the features are controlled via the app. This makes resetting an effortless task for cosori air fryer users.

How To Reset Cosori Air Fryer? 

To reset cosori air fryer, you can opt for two ways:

Use Power Button:

  1. Press the cosori power button for about 5 seconds until you hear the beep sound. Release the button.
  2. Plug the appliance into the power socket and turn the appliance. 
  3. Go through the control panel settings to see if the system has been set to factory default.

Use VeSync App:

  1. Firstly start the appliance and refresh the Vesync application
  2. On the app, you will option reset
  3. Press the reset button for about 5 seconds; until the unit screen blinks. This is an indicator that the appliance has been factory reset
  4. Now, configure the appliance settings using the app.

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Cosori Shake Button: 

The cosori air fryer features plenty of cooking presets. However, its most interesting and innovative feature is the cosori shake function. Pressing this button activates the shake reminder feature in the air fryer. With this, the air fryer will alert you when the cooking process has reached halfway through, and you need to shake the basket for even heat circulation. This feature promotes even cooking of healthy foods and saves you from all the guesswork.

Cosori Air Fryer Shake Feature How To Shake Cosori Air Fryer: 

To shake the cosori air fryer, you can use the cosori air fryer button. Using the cosori air fryer button will activate the shake reminder feature. When the cooking cycle reaches its intermission, the unit will beep five times alerting the user to shake the fryer basket. The user can then open the fryer basket and flip the food ingredients for even hot air circulation. When the cooking cycle is complete, the unit will beep 3 times to alert the user that the cooking process is complete. If the user doesn’t feel like eating, he can press the keep warm food button- to keep the food hot and delicious.

Cosori Air Fryer Dehydrate Button:

The cosori air fryer has a dehydrate button that lets you extract moisture and water from the food ingredients to create delicious and preservative-free snacks like BBQ JERKY, Cinnamon Apple Rings, strawberry rollups, banana chips etc.  This dehydrate function lets you enjoy calorie-free and nutrient-rich snacks that are much better than those offered at the convenience store.

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Does Cosori Air Fryer Dehydrate? 

Yes, most of the latest cosori air fryer models now come with the dehydrate button. Pressing this button will activate the air fryer dehydrate function. It will extract all the moisture from the food items to preserve and create long-shelf-life snacks. This dehydration process takes place at low temperatures for long hours. 

How To Cosori Air Fryer Dehydrate Fruit? 

To dehydrate fruit in cosori air fryer, follow the steps below

  1. Cut the fruits into single thin slices
  2. Place the fruit slices into the air fryer rack in single layers
  3. Press the dehydrate button on the control panel.
  4. The food will start dehydrating. The air fryer will beep when the process is complete.

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Cosori Air Fryer Snowflake Button:

 The snowflake button on the cosori air fryer has been designed for frozen foods. Pressing this button, the air fryer will first activate the eating system to defrost the food and then it will strat cooking the food. This button is very useful as you know don’t need to manually defrost the food for cooking as the air fryer does everything for you!

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Cosori Air Fryer Buttons Not Working:

The buttons on the cosori air fryer are important as they let you start, stop and set the food temperature and time as per the recipe requirement. The cosori air fryer not working issue may be due to:

  • Loose wire connection
  • Debris clogging the buttons
  • Broken buttons


  • If the button stopped working due to loose wiring then you need to rewire or solder it back in its original place to resume its connection with the circuit board
  • If dirt build-up has caused the air fryer buttons to stop functioning, then you need to clean up the buttons. Use a clean brush and brush off the debris access around the buttons. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt. This will unclog the buttons
  • If the button is broken then you need to replace it

Cleaning Tips: 

  • Most of the cosori accessories are dishwasher friendly
  • Use warm water and soap mix to clean the accessories
  • Avoid using harsh cleaning agents

Cosori Air Fryer Buttons Hard To Press: 

The cosori air fryer buttons may become hard to press due to the accumulation of food debris. During cooking, sometimes, we use our greasy and dirty hands to navigate the air fryer. The grease and oils build up and clog the buttons if regular clean-ups aren’t provided. To deal with this issue, you need to regularly clean up your appliance. Use a toothbrush to wipe off the clogged food debris from the buttons. Use a damp cloth to clean the buttons.Another reason could be a broken button. For this, you just need to replace the button to resume the air fryer’s functioning. 

Cosori Wifi Air Fryer Buttons Not Working: 

Cosori Wifi Air fryer buttons may stop working due to

  •  insufficient power supply
  • faulty power socket
  • loose internal wiring
  • damaged membrane switch
  • faulty circuit board


  • Check if the power socket into which the cosori air fryer is plugged is functional. A faulty power socket won’t be able to provide sufficient power to the unit and hence its buttons won’t be able to function properly.
  • Sometimes, the air fryer button starts acting out due to loose internal wiring. You need to rewire or solder them to the circuit board for a smooth working
  • Sometimes, the circuit board is damaged due to power fluctuations. In that case, you need to replace the circuit board. 
  • If the membrane switch is damaged, then the buttons won’t work. You need to replace the membrane switch.

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Cosori Air Fryer Power Button Not Working: 

If the air fryer power button is essential for turning on and off the appliance. If the power button stops working, then you won’t be able to operate the unit. A power button may become non-functional due to various reasons. Some of these include:

  • Malfunctional power socket
  • Poor power supply
  • Software glitches
  • Broken button


  • Try plugging the cosori air fryer into another power socket. Sometimes faulty power sockets can cause a power spike. This can blow out the thermal fuse and hence disrupt the normal electricity flow in the unit. 
  • Try resetting the appliance. You can unplug the unit and after waiting for 10-15 minutes, replug the unit. This can get rid of all the software bugs and hence resume the power button function. 
  • If the power button is broken, then replace it.


The cosori air fryer buttons let you cook meals effortlessly. These buttons allow you to create wonderful dishes with just the touch of a button. For instance, b pressing the steak button, your cooking temperature and time will be automatically set by the unit. Just put the food ingredients in and press the button. The unit will inform you when it’s ready.
This effortless cooking lets you create multiple dishes. With this tool, cooking isn’t just limited to professionals only. We have also targeted the solutions to if your air fryer buttons stop working. We hope you now know how to us ethe air fryer buttons.

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